Applying for a Catalogue using False details

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When you are making your application for a Catalogue please ensure you are not tempted to lie about anything.

Even if you have had previous credit issues you could still be accepted, just make the application using your correct details.

Do not change your date of birth, Surname, Length of time at your address or failing to mention a pervious address for example.

It may seem like a small admission but if the Catalogue company discover, they could report your application to one of the Uk’s leading Fraud Prevention agencies.

Lying on your application is not going to improve your chances of success, Sophisticated software and manual checks with certain fraud agencies will highlight any inconsistencies in your application.

Bending the truth or Lying on applications for any type of credit is fraud. At very minimum you could be reported to fraud agencies. They will record this and any further applications you make for Insurance or Credit will be able to access this information.

This information can also be accessed by Law Officials.

We have seen horror stories of people who have seen bank accounts and credit cards closed because of being reported to Fraud prevention agencies. So please don’t consider it.

It’s a myth that doing so will help you open a new Catalogue account. All of the information you provide can be screened at National Hunter along with other agencies. So don’t lie about Salary, Outstanding Debts, Employment Status, Marital status, Age or anything.

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