Fancy delivering parcels in your spare time? Amazon Flex is a new way to earn between £12 and £15 per hour.

We joined Amazon Flex to see what it is really about!

Joining was easy,  a quick application, watching a few videos and allowing Amazon to carry out a few checks in the background.

As long as you hold Insurance, a Driving License and have a Clean Criminal record you too could earn up to £15 an hour before fuel costs.

The job itself is both enjoyable and a I would say a little challenging.

Once accepted as a Flex Driver, you use the APP to find available shifts (Called blocks).

These range from 3 hours to 4 hours and pay between £39 and £52 (Although sometimes can pay a lot more).

You visit your Local Amazon Warehouse, pickup your Parcels and using the App and it's inbuilt Sat Nav deliver parcels in and around your area.

On average you usually get around 12/13 parcels to deliver per hour, usually you can finish a block earlier than the time allocated, my first block which was for 4 hours completed in just over and hour and 20 minutes.

Not all blocks finish ahead of time. To date I have completed 3 blocks and 1 finished on time, one a lot earlier and the other slightly later.

You are paid the agreed block price even if you finish earlier.

The job requires driving, a fair amount of walking to and from your car to deliver each parcels and a mobile phone to use the APP.

I'd recommend a mobile phone power bank too, the APP can drain your battery quickly.

I would say that this job offers a great additional income for those thinking of earning a little extra (Paid Weekly) You will be paid weekly!

Find out more here.

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