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No Credit Check, Food Shopping credit, Buy now pay later

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Get up to £100 Instant credit

No Credit Check

Absolutely no credit checks, Apply today and get Instant acceptance

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Shop today and pay later

No Fees

No fees or extra charges


Simple flexible payments

Huge range

Huge range of products to choose from

Delivery direct to your door

Get delivery straight to your door

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No Credit check food shopping credit – buy now pay later

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New customers get £40 Instant credit without any credit checks!

Easy Repayments

Choose the date that suits you for repayments

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Credit Limit Increases

Regular Credit limit increases

Exclusive Discounts

Customer only exclusive discounts and deals

apply now* New customers get an Instant £40 credit

Apply now - GUARANTEED approval

No Credit checks – Instant approval subject to t&c

Apply Now - Instant Approval

Rate and fee information

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  • About Flava

  • No Credit Check

    Guaranteed acceptance, up to £100 credit, new customers get up to £40

  • No Fees.

    There is no hidden fees or charges for using your Flava account.

  • Credit Limit Increases

    Customers can be offered higher credit limits

  • Discounts for customers
    • Customers receive special offers and discounts
    • Delivery to your door

    What is guaranteed acceptance?

  • Acceptance is not subject to credit status.

    Applications will not be rejected due to poor credit ratings. You should ensure payments are made on time to qualify for further use of your Flava account.

  • Minimum Interest Charge