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Instant Decision, Home Shopping Pay monthly catalogues with credit accounts.



Spread the cost with a Home shopping catalogue credit account, Pay monthly by instalments. Pay Monthly Catalogues personal accounts have been a big part of Uk Households since 1905.

Catalogues offer a convenient way of spreading the cost on items that you order with affordable monthly repayments.

Yes Catalogue

Yes Catalogue

£500 Unregulated Credit Limit, Pay Monthly Catalogue

Yes Catalogue

Credit Limit of up to £500

Over 60,000 Products

All Credit Types Considered

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Please note that Yes Catalogue Limited’s pay in 12 weeks credit agreement is not regulated by the FCA. Please use these products responsibly and ensure you can make repayments on time. Finance is subject to status.
NEW Savultra Card Catalogue

NO CREDIT CHECK pay monthly catalogue with guaranteed credit approval

Savultra Card

  • NO credit checks
  • £450 Catalogue Credit Spending limit
  • + Loans and other Credit for people with Bad Credit

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Freemans offers you the choice of paying monthly or spreading the cost with buy now pay later. You can buy pretty much everything from this all rounder catalogue site.

Freemans Pay Monthly Catalogue

About this Catalogue

  • Pay Monthly Catalogue with Instant Decision
  • Pay nothing for 5 weeks!
  • Pay Monthly & Buy Now Pay Later

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vertbaudet pay monthly catalogue
Vertbaudet Catalogue

Spread the cost with the Vertbaudet Catalogue, Apply now and pay monthly. Packed with the latest Children's French Fashion ideal for Children, Toddlers and Babies.

Vertbaudet Pay monthly catalogue with credit

About this Catalogue

  • Pay Monthly Catalogue
  • Clothing Pay monthly Catalogue
  • Spread the cost

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There are no Credit Checks, No Hidden fees or extra charges to worry about, Open your Guaranteed Food Shopping Credit account today with Flava.

About this Catalogue

  • Guaranteed Approval
  • Up to £100 Instant Credit
  • No Credit Checks

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Witt Pay Monthly Catalogue

Witt International Catalogue offers customers the chance to spread the cost. Apply for your Witt Credit Catalogue

About this Catalogue

  • Pay Monthly Catalogue
  • Clothing Pay monthly Catalogue
  • Spread the cost

Representative 34.9% APR variable

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La Redoute Catalogue

French Fashion catalogue, Spread the cost with Pay Monthly credit options. The La Redoute catalogue offers French Fashion and Unique Styles for you and your family.

About this Catalogue

  • French Fashion Pay Monthly Catalogue
  • Instant Decision
  • Spread the cost

Apply for a La Redoute's ‘style' credit account, 

Request a Look Again Catalogue
Look Again - Pay Monthly Catalogue

The Look Again catalogue is crammed with Fashionable wardrobe items and inspirational items for your home.

Representative 34.9% APR variable

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Kaleidoscope Catalogue

The Kaleidoscope Catalogue with Credit offers A layer of lace here, a splash of colour to catch the eye.

Representative 34.9% APR variable

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Bonprix Pay Monthly Catalogue

BonPrix Catalogue with credit have Some 13,000 products including lingerie, womenswear, menswear and kids wear. BonPrix offer unbeatable prices.

Representative 34.9% APR variable

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Argos Pay Monthly Catalogue

Pay monthly Catalogue and Catalogue Card. Argos Catalogue offers Buy Now Pay Later Credit and Pay monthly catalogue options. All with same day delivery, ideal for Birthdays and Last minute gift ideas.


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Swimwear365 - Pay Monthly Catalogue

Swimwear and Holiday Fashion catalogue. Spread the cost of Fashion and Holiday clothing with the Swimwear365 catalogue credit account. Offering pay monthly and buy now pay later credit options.

Representative 34.9% APR variable

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Studio Catalogue

The Studio Mail Order Catalogue offers a range of goods from Homeware through to Gifts, Gadgets, Toys and the latest Tech. This Catalogue used to be Great for people looking at improving their credit rating, regretfully that's changed now.

About this Catalogue

  • Pay Monthly Catalogue
  • Regular Catalogue offers
  • Used to have a high acceptance for people with low credit ratings looking at improving, however, recently they have changed and therefore we recommend other options above.

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Pay monthly Catalogues


Catalogues with credit

Instant decision pay monthly catalogues with credit


Bad Credit and NO Credit check catalogue credit

Bad Credit and NO Credit check catalogue credit


how pay monthly catalogues with credit work.

Find out how pay monthly catalogues with credit work.

Apply for a Instant decision pay monthly catalogues

Pay Monthly Catalogues personal accounts have been a big part of Uk Households since 1905. Catalogues offer a convenient way of spreading the cost on items that you order with affordable monthly repayments.

Apply now for a NO Credit Check Catalogue

catalogues no credit check

Credit Checks Pay Monthly Catalogues


Credit Checks Pay Monthly Catalogues

Unless you choose a bad credit, no credit check catalogue, your application will probably be checked at one or more of the Credit reference agencies shown in the table below.

What you need to open a pay monthly catalogue personal account

To apply for a Pay monthly catalogue personal account you will need to supply the following information.

  • Your Name,
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Residential Status
  • Employment status
  • Income details

As soon as you Submit your application you will be given an Instant decision.

If you have some credit problems, You may wish to select a Catalogue company based upon the Credit Reference agency they will check, hence the table below will help you.

Which Credit reference agency will the Catalogue companies check?

Credit Reference Agency used for Catalogue Credit Checks

Redcats Group (LaRedoute Catalogue

& Vertbaudet Catalogue)

Credit Checks with Equifax
Findel PLC (Ace Catalogue & Studio Catalogue).


ALL Three Credit Reference Agencies
OTTO Group (Look Again, Swimwear24,

Bonprix, Kaleidoscope

& Witt International)

Both Experian & Equifax
Candid Collections (JD Williams Catalogue,

Jacamo Catalogue,

Simply Be Catalogue, Fashion World Catalogue)


TransUnion & Experian
Savvy Benefit Card Catalogue No Credit Checks,

Just ID & Affordability Checks

Step Card Catalogue, Yes Catalogue,

Savultra Card Catalogue

No Credit Checks

The above table was accurate up until Saturday 27th July 2019.

Catalogue Responsible Lending

Your Credit report will affect your Catalogues Credit Limit

As a result of responsible lending requirements, Catalogue companies are now legally required to ensure they are following Responsible lending policies.

Therefore, as long as you are managing credit well elsewhere you could qualify for credit limit increases.

While, in contrast if you are overstretched and missing repayments on other Credit you have, you may not be offered Credit Limit increases and you may be refused requests you make.

Some Catalogue companies, most noteworthy, Next PLC, will put a pause on your Credit Limit if they notice changes in your personal circumstances which may affect your ability to maintain repayments.

Credit 4 Everyone has been created to offer you, the Consumer, real knowledge of how Pay Monthly Catalogues operate.

We offer you the chance to understand every element of Catalogue shopping from Comparing Pay monthly Catalogues through to understanding about Catalogue credit limits, how to improve your chances of a Catalogue credit limit increase and how Catalogue statements work.

Our hand written guides are from years of personal experience.

We even offer second chance Catalogues for customers with poor credit or those declined.

Choosing a Pay Monthly Catalogue

You will probably be surprised at the number of different Catalogues available.

Choosing a Pay Monthly Catalogue


For example, You will find Catalogues dedicated to the latest Fashion, Catalogues for people with Bad credit as well as a range of Catalogues offering Buy Now Pay Later credit.

All of our Catalogues offer an Instant decision, Therefore, if your application is successful, you will have instant access to your Catalogue credit.

How to Apply for a Home Shopping Pay Monthly Catalogue personal account

Opening a Catalogue credit account is as easy as 1-2-3.

Shopping Pay Monthly Catalogue personal account

  1. Simply add the items you want into your basket, remember to keep your first order sensible, because, You need to pass Credit Checks.
  2. Once you have selected items it's time to go to the checkout, at this point you will be asked how you wish to pay, You can choose to pay by Credit or Debit Card or you can apply to open a Catalogue personal Account.
  3. Complete the short application and press submit.. You will almost always get an Instant decision

Shopping on your Catalogues personal account

You can shop in a number of ways on a Catalogue website. You can choose to pay with your Debit or Credit Card or apply for a Credit account.

home shopping, pay monthly, catalogue credit

Catalogue Credit

If you choose to apply for a Credit Facility with your Catalogue company you will need to complete a short application form.

You will be able to use the Credit facility as and when you need it.

First of all you need to select which pay monthly catalogue suits your needs.

This is an important step, as Some pay monthly catalogues may be dedicated to Fashion for example. Once you have chosen your Catalogue it's time to make an application

Your first Catalogue Order

As a result of Fraud, Some Catalogue companies will cancel large orders or first time orders being placed to addresses other than the Applicants home address.

pay monthly catalogue credit limitsCatalogue companies may ask for a small upfront payment or request you place a smaller order when you first become a customer..

Once your first statement has been generated and you have made your first payment (subject to having enough available credit), Your large order should certainly be accepted.


Most Home Shopping Mail Order Catalogue Companies now offer Next Day Delivery, consequently this may cost more, but it is ideal when you are in a hurry for something.

You can choose to have your Order delivered to your Home Address, A Drop off point, To your Place of work or to any address.

Please be aware, some Catalogue companies will insist that your first order is sent to your home address, this is for Security purposes.

Large and Bulky items may be sent direct from the Manufacturer, As a result, this may take several days to fulfil your order.

In contrast, Your Catalogue company will pass your telephone number to the Manufacturer so they can arrange a suitable time for delivery.

Catalogues Home Approval

While you may not know it, One of the main perks of Mail Order pay monthly catalogues is the ability to spread the cost, The other benefit is the Home Approval guarantee.

catalogues with guaranteed approval

Available on most of the items you order, You can return any items that are not as expected or are not to your liking.

Please be aware, certain items are excluded from the Home Approval guarantee, these are clearly stated on the website.

Usually this is for Hygiene or Copyright reasons.

How to return items

Inside each order will be an Advisory / Order Note, you can complete this form if you are wishing to returning an item.

Extended Warranties

Goods you purchase through Catalogue sites come with the usual Manufacturers warranties. You can also extend the Warranties your Catalogue company.

catalogue extended warranties

Extending your Warranty can help with the cost of goods that may breakdown.

Accidental damage

Some Catalogue companies may also offer Accidental damage warranties. You can usually extend warranties or add protection from just a few extra pounds a week.

Check with your Catalogue company to see if Extended Warranties and / or Accidental damage is suitable for you.

Catalogue Credit Limits

Your Pay monthly Catalogue personal account will be subject to a Credit limit.

pay monthly mail order credit catalogues

The Credit limit offered by your Catalogue company is the maximum you can owe your Catalogue at any time.

As a result, You may have to change your first order or pay something towards it – Likewise,, Catalogue credit limits are variable.

This means that your Catalogue company may increase or decrease your credit limit at any time.

If you wish to increase your catalogues credit limit we recommend that you have maintained at least the minimum repayment for six months before requesting.

Consequently initial credit limits are often offered to see how you manage your account, usually after 3 months you usually qualify for a Credit Limit increase.

Some pay monthly Catalogue companies increase credit limits frequently!

When a Catalogue company is considering a Credit Limit increase they will write to you to inform you on the date the new limit will take affect from.

Catalogue Credit Scoring

It seems important to mention that Catalogue companies will look at how have you managed credit in the past and how often have you applied for credit.

A guide to Catalogues with CreditThis will affect your application. Customers with Low levels of debt similarly those with a good history of making repayments on time will have a better chance of acceptance for a pay monthly catalogue credit account.

Catalogues all have different Credit Scoring Policies.

Consequently, This means if you are declined by one Catalogue company, You can still be approved by another.

Finally, The final checks which can affect your application are Fraud checks.

Most people will have no issues passing these checks, which is why you should never Lie on applications or make fraudulent insurance claims.

You can read all about fraud checks here.

Pay Monthly Catalogue Guides

Everything you to need to know about Pay monthly catalogue credit

Catalogue Affordability Checks

If you choose to apply for a Catalogue personal account then Your application will need to be checked with the Credit Reference Agencies.

catalogues, pay monthly catalogues, catalogues with credit, pay monthly catalogues with credit

This is so the Catalogue company can be satisfied that you can comfortably afford the repayments each month.

It seems like pay monthly catalogues are a popular form of credit because Catalogue companies are more lenient in terms of approvals hence making them popular with customers who have previously suffered some bad credit.

Customers with Excellent credit ratings can be declined for credit if they don't have the means to make monthly repayments.

Affordability checks are carried out using your annual income and your current levels of debts.

Catalogues Statements

your pay monthly catalogue statementYou will receive your Catalogue statement once a month, it seems likely that you will be emailed your Statements.

The Catalogue Statement will display

  • Any Orders You have placed
  • Any items You have Returned
  • Your Balance outstanding from the last Statement
  • Payments you have made
  • The minimum payment due this month and the date it's due by

Other information Such as details about your Credit limit and the amount of available credit you have to spend at your Catalogue.

Payment Options

You can make full payment anytime by either logging into your account or by calling customer services, Or likewise, If you choose, You can make any repayment as long as it's at least the minimum repayment shown on your Catalogue statement.

Repayment date

The Catalogue statement will display how much you need to repay and the date which you need to pay it by, in contrast You can set up a Direct Debit making it easier for you never to miss payments.

Missing Catalogues Payments

If you are late paying, You may be subject to a late charge by your Catalogue company.

Missed repayments

Consequently, this may affect your Credit rating and could make it harder to obtain credit in the future.

If you are struggling to make the repayments, You should contact your Catalogue company as soon as possible.

Each Catalogue company is likely to have a specialist department who can help you find a solution.

Catalogue companies know that sometimes events may mean people cannot make repayments on time, By letting the Catalogue company know you can help preserve your Catalogue account and your Credit rating.

Catalogues for people with Poor Credit

No credit check, Bad credit pay monthly catalogues

Application for a pay monthly catalogue declined

Should Your Application For A Pay Monthly Catalogue fail, Then it is  it's more than likely because you have failed the Credit checks.

bad credit, home shopping, catalogue credit, pay monthly

All applications are subject to credit scoring. You Can Check Your Credit Report Here.

You yay not be able to Rectify Credit Problems showing on your credit Report, Such as;

If you have missed repayments


Have Defaulted on a Credit Agreement.

This information will remain on your Credit file for six years.

But you can still enjoy the benefits of a pay monthly catalogue with one of our bad credit catalogues, see below for more information.

Bad Credit pay monthly catalogues

catalogues for bad creditFirst of all, Please remember Catalogue companies are often more lenient in terms of credit approval.

Therefore, If you haven't applied for a Prime Credit Catalogue it may be worth trying.


Improve your Credit rating with a Bad Credit Catalogue

bad credit, home shopping, catalogue credit, pay monthly

Running a NO Credit Check/Bad Credit Catalogue can hep improve your Credit rating.

Improving your chances of being successful when applying for a Prime Credit Cattalogue.


Check your Eligibility for a Catalogue

catalogue eligibility checker

Use our Catalogue Eligibility checker now

Compare Pay monthly Catalogues with credit

home shopping catalogues, pay monthly, catalogue, credit

Compare & Apply Pay monthly catalogues

Guaranteed No Credit Check mobile phone contracts

guaranteed, no credit check, contract mobiles

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