Pay Monthly Catalogues with Credit

Instant Decision, Catalogues with Credit, Pay Monthly Catalogues & Catalogues for bad credit.

Pay Monthly Catalogues with Credit

Home Shopping Catalogues with Credit allow you to buy now, pay later. You can spread the cost with a Pay Monthly or Pay Weekly Catalogue. Each month you will receive a statement from your Catalogue company. If you keep up with the repayments on your Catalogue you could qualify for a Credit Limit Increase. This will allow you to increase your Spending power and could help improve your credit rating.

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Bad Credit 1 Savvy Benefit Card

Savvy Benefit Card

Enjoy a Guaranteed Acceptance with No Credit Check - You will enjoy a Catalogue credit limit of £2500 and other ...

User rating:
Bad Credit 2 Step Card Catalogue

Step Card Catalogue

A pay monthly catalogue available to visitors with poor credit! Introducing the Step Card Catalogue. Step Card pay ...

User rating:
Pay Later 3 Studio Catalogue

Studio Catalogue

Studio offers a wonderful pay monthly catalogue packed with Gift ideas, fashion, homeware, appliances and electrical ...

User rating:
Pay Monthly 4 Argos Catalogue and Catalogue Card

Argos Catalogue and Catalogue Card

Pay monthly Catalogue and Catalogue Card. Argos Catalogue offers Buy Now Pay Later Credit and Pay monthly catalogue ...

Pay Monthly 5 Next Pay Catalogue

Next Pay Catalogue

Spread the cost with a Next Pay catalogue account. Apply online for an Instant Decision, if successful you can spend ...

User rating:
Pay Later 6 Freemans  Catalogue

Freemans Catalogue

 Request a Freemans Catalogue Freemans offers you the choice of paying monthly or spreading the cost with buy now ...

User rating:
Pay Monthly 7 Look Again Catalogue

Look Again Catalogue

 Pay Monthly Catalogue You can spread thee cost with Look Again and pay monthly or choose the Buy Now Pay Later ...

User rating:
Fashion 8 Witt International Catalogue

Witt International Catalogue

 Witt International Catalogue. Packed with the latest trends and styles. Request your Witt International Catalogue ...

Fashion 9 La Redoute Catalogue

La Redoute Catalogue

French Fashion catalogue, Spread the cost with Pay Monthly credit options. The La Redoute catalogue offers French ...

Fashion 10 Swimwear 365 Catalogue

Swimwear 365 Catalogue

Swimwear and Holiday Fashion catalogue. Spread the cost of Fashion and Holiday clothing with the Swimwear365 ...

User rating:
Fashion 11 Kaleidoscope Catalogue

Kaleidoscope Catalogue

Homeware and Fashion - This pay monthly catalogue offers an Instant decision and if Successful you can spend ...

User rating:
12 Daxon Catalogue

Daxon Catalogue

The Daxon Catalogue believed Every woman deserves to feel confident in what she wears. That's why Daxon is dedicated to ...

Fashion 13 Bonprix Catalogue

Bonprix Catalogue

Fashion Catalogue for Men and Women offering you the chance to spread the cost when you apply for a BonPrix ...

User rating:
Fashion 14 Vertbaudet Catalogue

Vertbaudet Catalogue

French Fashion Pay Monthly catalogue Spread the cost with the Vertbaudet Catalogue, Apply now and pay monthly. ...

User rating:
Fashion 15 Curvissa Catalogue

Curvissa Catalogue

Fashion catalogue offering pay monthly credit terms ideal for Women sized 14-32. Find the latest Styles and Fashion ...

User rating:
16 Very Catalogue

Very Catalogue

Very is one of our personal favourite Catalogues due to the number of items available and the next day delivery.Opening ...

User rating:
Pay Later 17 Littlewoods Catalogue

Littlewoods Catalogue

If you are looking for an all rounder Catalogue offering everything from Fashion through to Electrical items, ...

User rating:
Bad Credit 18 Choice Freedom Gold – Catalogue Card

Choice Freedom Gold – Catalogue Card

With a guaranteed Unsecured credit limit of £500 for accepted customers, the Choice Freedom Catalogue has extremely ...

Pay Later 19 The Brilliant gift shop catalogue

The Brilliant gift shop catalogue

The Brilliant Gift Shop Pay Monthly Catalogue with Credit from JD Williams A great alternative is the Look again ...

20 JD Williams Catalogue

JD Williams Catalogue

The JD Williams Catalogues is a fantastic Catalogue company for those with previous credit problems looking to rebuild ...

User rating:
Bad Credit 21 Dial a TV – Rent or Rent to Own, Pay Weekly or Monthly

Dial a TV – Rent or Rent to Own, Pay Weekly or Monthly

 Apply for your Dial a TV account Spread the cost by paying weekly or monthly with Dial a TV. Bad Credit welcome, ...

User rating:
22 House of Bath Catalogue

House of Bath Catalogue

House of Bath, Quality Furniture and Decor for every room in your home. Find Unique items not readily available on the ...

23 Fifty Plus Catalogue

Fifty Plus Catalogue

Fifty plus Catalogues is a great catalogue account for the mature woman who is still very much young at heart. Clothing ...

User rating:
24 Jacamo Catalogue

Jacamo Catalogue

About the Jacamo catalogue - Jacamo customers keep their wardrobe up to date with menswear for all occasions from cool ...

25 Simply Be Catalogue

Simply Be Catalogue

The Simply Be Catalogue - As well as our own gorgeous clothing, Simply Be brings you the most fabulous fashion from big ...

User rating:
26 Fashion World Catalogue

Fashion World Catalogue

Fashion World Catalogue, As seen on TV. Fashion World specialises in offering flattering clothing and lingerie to help ...

Bad Credit 27 Yes Catalogue

Yes Catalogue

Bad Credit Catalogue - The Yes Catalogue Card is aimed at those with Poor Credit. If you have a bad Credit rating this ...

28 Julipa Catalogue

Julipa Catalogue

Julipa Catalogue provides smart fashion that is cut to fit and flatter the mature woman. We have fashion for all ...

User rating:
29 Marisota Catalogue

Marisota Catalogue

As seen on TV, The Marisota Catalogue provides the latest fashions, designed to flatter every figure. Marisota girls ...

Bad Credit 30 Deluxe Gold Card Catalogue

Deluxe Gold Card Catalogue

The Deluxe Gold card catalogue was designed to give people with bad credit the chance to rebuild their credit rating ...

User rating:
31 Premier man catalogue

Premier man catalogue

Premier Man offers you the chance to Shop for your whole wardrobe from casual wear to tailored suits in sizes up to ...


Pay Monthly Catalogue Guide

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What is a pay monthly Catalogue?

Pay monthly catalogues allow you to purchase items and spread the cost to suit your needs.

Items can be delivered to your door at a time that suits you or through one of thousands of Drop off points.

Catalogues with credit

Catalogue companies offer a number of ways to shop, Placing orders is easy and can be done on the telephone or online.

You can also enjoy a variety of payment options.

Payment options offered by Catalogue companies

  • Pay in full with Debit or Credit Card at time of order
  • Spread the cost with a Credit Account

If you choose the Credit facility you will need to complete a short Credit application, this usually only takes a few minutes and you will usually be offered an Instant decision.

Credit Catalogues

Applying for a Pay monthly Catalogue credit account is easy, it only takes a few minutes

You will need to supply the following information to open a Credit Catalogue account

  • Your full name
  • Your Full address history for the last 3 years
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Income
  • Your Residential Status

Once you have completed your application you will receive an Instant decision.

If your application for a Pay monthly Catalogue credit account is successful, you will be asked to sign the Credit Agreement and you will be offered a Credit Limit.


Pay Monthly Catalogues

Our Exclusive Pay monthly Catalogue directory has a range of Pay Monthly  Catalogues including Catalogues for bad credit.

We have Catalogues dedicated to the latest Fashion and Designer Wear, Catalogues for Gifts and a range of Buy Now Pay Later Catalogues.

Instant Decision Catalogues

All of our pay monthly Catalogues offer Credit facilities and offer an Instant Decision, this means you should know your Catalogues Credit limit once you have completed the application.

Pay Monthly Catalogues

pay-monthly-catalogueSpread the cost of purchases with a Pay Monthly Catalogue.

  • Instant Decision Buy Now Pay Later Catalogues
  • Bad Credit Catalogues with credit
  • Pay Monthly Catalogues
  • Pay Monthly Catalogue Cards

Catalogues with Credit for people with bad credit

All Catalogue companies are willing to accept customer who have had previous credit problems.

Bad Credit Pay Monthly Catalogue Credit

Some more than others, but you don’t need a perfect credit history to be approved for a pay Monthly catalogue with credit.

As soon as your application is approved, the Catalogue companies will report your account conduct back to the Credit Reference agencies.

Catalogues that accept bad credit

The step Card- Guaranteed acceptance bad credit catalogue – Apply today and start rebuilding your credit rating.

Savvy Benefit Catalogue – Guaranteed Acceptance, No Credit Check,

When you become a Savvy Benefits member, you get access to some amazing products available at our store. A £2,500 credit line* Apply Here

The Yes Catalogue – Very High Approvals and do accept customers with CCJ’s and Defaults Apply here

Deluxe Gold Card Catalogue – Again, very high approvals and accepts CCJ’s Defaults and even customers with a discharged bankruptcy Apply here

Choice Freedom Catalogue – Guaranteed £500 Credit Limit for those accepted, accepts customers with very poor credit ratings – Easy Application Apply here.

catalogues for bad credit

Catalogues with Credit – Your Application for a Catalogue…

Once you have selected the Catalogue you want and an item or two, it’s time to make the application for the Catalogue. This is going to take a couple of minutes. You will be asked some basic information, like your Name, Your address history (usually for the past 3 years), your date of birth and your telephone number.

pay monthly catalogue logos

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About Pay Monthly Catalogues with Credit

choosing a pay monthly catalogueBuy now pay later with a Pay Monthly Catalogue with Credit. We have a large range of Catalogues available.

You can apply for your new Pay Monthly Catalogue in just a few minutes.

Your items can be delivered right to your door or to one of several thousand drop off points (such as shops etc).

You can spread the cost with easy affordable manageable repayments. Enjoy all of the benefits of a Pay Monthly catalogue today.

How do Pay Monthly Catalogues with Credit work?

You can shop in a number of ways on a Catalogue website. You can choose to pay with your Debit or Credit Card or apply for a Credit account.

If you choose to apply for a Credit Facility with your Catalogue company you will need to complete a short application form.

If you apply for a Credit account and are successful you will be able to use the Credit facility as and when you need it.

If you choose to apply for a Catalogue with Credit your application will go through a few checks.

Identity Checks

pay monthly catalogues - how they workCatalogue companies will check your identity to ensure you are who you say you are and to ensure you are not a victim of fraud.

These checks are done in the background usually in real time once the application has been applied for.

If they cannot prove your identity, you may be asked to send them a document to help them verify you.

Affordability Checks

Catalogue companies are required by law to ensure they lend responsibly.

Therefore when you apply for a Catalogue with Credit, they will carry out affordability checks.

This will just ensure you are not already financially stretched and ensures you can afford the repayments each month.

Credit Check

It’s more than likely that along with the affordability and ID checks, your Pay monthly Catalogue company will carry out a Credit Check.

This will give them a picture on how you manage credit and will help them decide on the Credit limit they offer you.

It all sounds like scary stuff, but it’s nothing to worry about. In most cases, your application will take a couple of minutes to apply for and a decision will usually take seconds.

No Credit Check Catalogues for people with bad Credit

Bad Credit Catalogues for people with a bad credit ratingNo Credit Check Catalogues catalogues for people with bad credit or a low credit rating. People often search for no credit check catalogues.

One thing to be aware there is no such thing as a No Credit Check Catalogue because the Law requires all companies providing credit to be lending responsibly.

This means that the Catalogue company needs to know you are at least the minimum age (18) and you are not bankrupt for example.

Once those two checks are completed, the Catalogue company still needs to know that you can afford the minimum repayments each month.

Finally, To guarantee against Fraud the Catalogue company is also required to check your Identity, this stops someone opening accounts in other peoples names.

Real Time Checks offer you a Quick decision

In most cases, all of these checks are done within seconds using a Credit Check with a Licensed Credit Reference Agency. Improving your chance of getting accepted for a Pay Monthly Catalogue with Credit Being registered on the Electoral Register is going to strongly improve your chances of being accepted for a Catalogue with Credit immensely.

If you are not registered you may find your application is rejected or you may be asked to provide evidence of your residence.

So if you are looking for a No Credit Check catalogue, do check out our bad credit catalogue section for a much higher chance of approval.

credit cataloguesThe Good news is opening and running a Pay monthly catalogue well can help improve your credit rating. Just like any other form of credit, it’s important that you stay within the Catalogues Credit limit and make your payments on time each month.

If you have had previous credit problems like County Court Judgements, Defaults or Several missed payments, we recommend that you consider a Catalogue from our Bad Credit section here.

That’s not to say that your application for the Catalogue you want will be rejected (more on this a little later down the page).

Once you have selected the Catalogue you want you can place your order. If your application is approved you just need to be sure to make the repayments on time each month.

Doing this will help improve your credit rating.

However, missing the minimum repayments could damage your credit rating, so always be sure to know when the minimum payment needs to be reached by is.

Catalogue Companies do accept bad credit

It’s very true, all Catalogue companies are willing to accept customer who have had previous credit problems. Some more than others, but you don’t need a perfect credit history to be approved for a pay Monthly catalogue with credit.

As soon as your application is approved, the Catalogue companies will report your account conduct back to the Credit Reference agencies.

Catalogue Credit Scoring

pay monthly catalogues with credit

Catalogue companies will credit score your applications when you apply.

Credit Scoring is a formula only known by the Lenders themselves and they will score hundreds of pieces of information from your application.

Credit Scoring is used in lot’s of products and services not just Catalogues.

When you enter information on the application form they will use this as well as information they  receive back from the Credit Reference Agency to produce a score.

Credit Scoring varies from Catalogue to Catalogue, for example, some are easier to be accepted than others if you have a Checkered Credit History.

The main purpose for Credit Scoring is to help them make a decision on how you will run a Catalogue account, it’s designed to protect them from losses and risks.

Getting Accepted for a Pay Monthly Catalogue with Credit when you have a poor credit rating

We have helped thousands of people get accepted for a Catalogue through our website.

This includes customers with Defaults, CCJ’s, those with a history of missed payments and even those with a discharged bankruptcy showing on their credit file.

Understanding what a Catalogue company requires will help you make the right decision before applying.

We also help those who are trying to build their Credit History from scratch.

Starting a Credit Journey can be just as hard as it is for those looking at rebuilding one.

This is because you won’t have any past borrowing history, therefore it’s hard to show any lender how you will run your affairs and prove that you can keep up the repayments.

Customers who are new to credit can find it easier to be approved for a Catalogue than other financial products such as Credit Cards or Personal Loans. If you are looking at getting on the Credit Ladder or rebuilding your credit you should apply (and keep your first order) to a low value.

Just be sure to check that  you can afford to make the repayments before you apply. A Catalogue is a great tool to building or rebuilding your Credit rating, but only if used correctly.

Your First Order

catalogues with credit

Your First Order on your new Pay Monthly Catalogue with credit is very important. You probably have an idea of the items you want to buy right now. You may have even chosen the Buy now pay later option. But it’s worth pointing out that Your first order is very important.

Let’s say you have picked out several items (in this example) you have picked a brand new pair of Designer Jeans, A top of the range Hoover, a new Shiny Washing Machine.

Before you Submit that order it’s worth noting a few important things. Mainly that most Catalogue companies will offer a small credit limit to start with. The starting Credit Limits are often too low to make several purchases at one time.

Big Orders Can fail…

The main purpose of setting such low credit limits is to see how you manage the account and how you make your repayments.

Customers who attempt to buy High End Electrical items such as 50 Inch Televisions or High End Laptops may find their orders are declined over those opting for a small item such as a Kettle.

So try and keep your first order value low. It’s actually going to increase the chances of approval.

Catalogue Credit Limits Increase

Credit Catalogues are a great way to get the items you want and need now and spread the cost. Your Credit limit is going to be reviewed often, some actually increase the credit limit as soon as your first statement is produced and they receive payment, others like to see a couple of payments first.

Credit limits on Catalogues do increase fast. The more you order along with keeping up the repayments will stand you in good steed of getting Credit Limit increases.

Remember, Catalogues are a brilliant way to build your credit rating and offer a great benefit when you need to spread the cost. Most Catalogues credit limits are increased within 2 to 6 months.

Once you have had your application approved, just be sure to make at least the minimum repayment by the due date.It’s not uncommon for Catalogue Credit Limits to increase very fast and pretty high in value when you manage your account well.

So if you have lot’s of items to order, spread them out, avoid placing them all at once in your first order,

Choose one item (and if possible, try to keep your first order below £150).

Remember when placing your First Order, Big items and Large orders can fail and can be the difference between you being accepted and you being rejected. Another reason for big orders failing include Catalogue companies suffering from fraud.  So they have to be very careful about releasing large items on a first order.

You wouldn’t want to be declined just because they were worried about ID fraud.

Remember – Credit Limits do often increase pretty fast and Catalogue companies are more than happy to dispatch larger items once they have seen good account conduct, such as regular payments made on time, This limits the risk to them.

Paying by Direct Debit

You can pay your Catalogue by Credit Card or Debit Card, or you can opt to pay by Direct Debit. Opting for Direct Debit means you are much less likely to miss repayments.

Payment Dates

buy now pay later cataloguesEnsure you know when your payment is due. Always ensure you are making at least the minimum payment and you allow enough time for the payment to be received. If you are looking to get a Credit limit increase, you should always Try to keep up with repayments on all of your other Credit Agreements such as your Mobile Phone, Credit Cards etc.

bad credit catalogues

Catalogue companies like other financial institutions report your behaviour back to Credit Reference agencies, they may also receive a feed from the Credit Reference agencies about your overall financial health, this is being used more and more these days.

It helps them reduce the risk of lending to someone who has started to experience payment difficulties.

It also helps them predict when a customer is managing credit well, allowing them to consider extending more credit to you. If you are start to miss repayments it could mean you won’t be eligible for Credit Limit increases and it could even affect future orders you make.

So by Showing them that you are managing your other Credit well is going to help with your chances of a Credit Limit increase. It’s also going to improve your Credit rating over time.

How will I know if I qualify for a Credit Limit Increase.

Catalogue companies usually notify you about Credit Limit increases on your monthly Catalogue Statement.

If your catalogue company offers a Login area, you will often see the available credit and credit limit information provided.

What if I really need a large item now?

If you really need to be place a large order, you may be asked to pay a deposit towards the item.

You can try and place the order, some Catalogue companies will contact you by telephone or email offering you the option to pay a deposit towards the item.

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Benefits of Pay monthly Catalogues with credit

Catalogue companies usually offer new customers a welcome offer or some kind of incentive to welcome you. Sometimes this is a free gift or a discount code.

The good news is that once you become a customer, your Pay monthly catalogue company will continue to send you special offers including money off vouchers, free birthday gifts and free delivery codes.

If you haven’t yet done so, Applying for your Catalogue is very fast and easy. It doesn’t take long and you can get an Instant decision, allowing you to go ahead and place your order straight away.

In most cases you will be given details of your Credit limit without having talk to anyone. You can do everything from our website once you have chosen your Catalogue.

Once you have placed your order, you could receive your order within a day or (depending on the Catalogues delivery time scale and stock).

Catalogues are a great way to shop, you can try before you buy and enjoy some Super’b deals. New customers can be offered deals such as 20% off first orders.

First orders are usually only available to your home address.  (this is done for security reasons).

Larger items may take longer to arrive as they are often sent direct from Suppliers rather than the Catalogue companies warehouse.

Personalised gifts and certain products are probably going to be restricted from being returned. Items which cannot be returned are clearly marked at the time of order.

Catalogues will accept items you order which you don’t like.

Most offer free returns. If you order an item and it’s not your style or it doesn’t fit as you hoped, you can arrange to have the item returned. This is another advantage to a Catalogue account.

Once the item is returned, this will appear on your Catalogues monthly statement and you will not be required to pay for it.

Your rights on items you order from a Catalogue

catalogue returns, catalogue refunds

All items you order from Catalogue companies are in brand new condition (unless notified at the time of order.)

This means you can expect to receive brand new, top of the range items.

All items should arrive in perfect condition and work as described.

Faulty items can be returned for a replacement, usually within the first 12 months, although do check through the terms and conditions or contact your Catalogues customer services for full details.

If an item you ordered isn’t as described or something is faulty, contact your Catalogue company, they will usually arrange to have the item collected and a replacement sent to you on the same call.

Large Items

Sometimes, specialist couriers will deliver items, items like Furniture for example.

If you are not 100% happy with something you have ordered, simply contact the Catalogue who will go through the options available to you.

Extended Warranties

Certain items you purchase may offer you the chance to extend the manufacturer’s warranty. Whilst we love Catalogues ourself and love promoting their benefits, we do advice you to consider extended warranties offered. Some times, your home insurance will cover things like Accidental damage.

You could also purchase extended warranties elsewhere on certain items. The reason we are not a fan of extended warranties with Catalogue companies is the price you pay is often a lot more than you would expect to pay. You could also end up paying interest on the Extended warranty if you don’t pay the full balance off each month.

Sometimes extended warranties are provided at a fixed price, for example, £3 per month, other times, you may be quoted a price.

Always think carefully about the Extended warranty, be sure you fully understand what’s covered and what’s not covered.

Missed Deliveries

If you place an order with a Catalogue and miss the delivery, the delivery courier company is likely to leave you a “We’re sorry we missed you card”. You should be able to contact the Courier directly to arrange re-delivery.

Catalogue Delivery – Pick Up Points delivery

Catalogue companies are now starting to offer you the chance to have items delivered to a shop or building close to your work for example. Although certain items may be excluded from this option, if you know for example you are not going to be home to accept a delivery, you can arrange for your Catalogue company to ship to a shop close to your work, which you can then pick up at a time that’s convenient for you.

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No Credit Check Catalogues

no credit check catalogues UKThere is no such thing as a No Credit Check Catalogue. All Home Shopping (Catalogue companies) have a legal requirement to ensure both responsible lending and to carry out Identity checks. These are all done within a few seconds of you applying for a Catalogue account.

If you are looking for a No Credit Check Catalogue, then the chances are you have a Poor or Bad Credit Rating, or you have previously been rejected for a Catalogue.

The next best thing to a NO Credit Check Catalogue.

We could still help you get accepted for a Home Shopping, Catalogue with credit, if you have had previous credit problems, please click here for a range of Catalogues who do accept customers with CCJ’s, Defaults and other credit problems.

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Catalogues for bad credit

bad credit catalogues and no credit check cataloguesWe work with Catalogue companies willing to offer a Catalogue with Credit for those with Poor Credit, as they don’t base your application purely on your previous credit history.

This is good new for people with bad credit. Usually a Poor Credit Rating is caused by previous credit problems like missed payments, making too many applications for credit over a short period of time or more serious issues like County Court Judgements (CCJ’s) and Defaults.

By opening a Catalogue with credit and running it well, you can start to rebuild your credit rating.

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Catalogue Eligibility Checker

catalogue eligibility checker

Catalogues with Credit all have different Credit Scoring Policies. This means if you are declined by one Catalogue company, you could easily be approved by another.

It’s impossible for us to tell you which Catalogue is the best for you to personally apply for.

Credit4everyone have launched the Uk’s first Catalogue Eligibility Checker.

Simply enter your details and our clever system will score your Catalogue application. We will then search through all of the Pay Monthly Catalogues and try and match you with the most likely Home Shopping accounts based upon your Credit Score.

Using our Catalogue Eligibility Checker will not lower your Credit Rating, Applying for too much credit in a short period of time can lower your Credit Rating. For that reason, our Catalogue Eligibility Checker  could help improve your chances of success in obtaining a Catalogue.

Catalogue Eligibility Checker

home shopping catalogue eligibility checkerCredit4everyone is the first company in the World to offer a Catalogue Eligibility checker. Enter your information honestly and we will score your application to see if you Qualify for a Catalogue, we are seeing excellent results, give it a try today.

Try our Catalogue Eligibility Checker today

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£2500 Credit Line – Guaranteed Acceptance

no credit check catalogues UK
Guaranteed Acceptance, No Credit Check, When you become a Savvy Benefits member, you get access to some amazing products available at our store. A £2,500 credit line*, through which you can use to buy the latest tech, appliances and much more. We have brand names such as Apple, Sony, Toshiba and many more available. Up to £2500 Credit Line

Apply Now

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step card logoIt’s the next best thing to a NO CREDIT CHECK Catalogue – The Step Card Catalogue with Credit can approve applications from people with poor credit. The Step Card Catalogue approve more applications that any other Catalogue on our website. You can enjoy an Instant decision and a Credit limit of up to £500 to spend at your new Catalogue right away

Apply Now

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Pay Monthly Catalogues

Home Shopping Catalogues with creditEvery Catalogue has a different Credit Scoring Policy. This means that you could be accepted by one Catalogue and yet rejected by another.

As each Catalogue will have a different credit scoring policy  it’s impossible for us to tell you which company is best suited to you or the best for to apply for.

If you have had previous credit problems for example, we do strongly believe you should consider a Catalogue from our Bad Credit Catalogue section.

Pay Monthly Catalogues – Instant Decision

All of the Catalogues listed on our website will offer you an Instant decision, if an Instant decision cannot be made, for example, if your application doesn’t fail but doesn’t score enough points to be instantly approved, your application may be referred, usually, this process can take 1-2 days, you will usually be emailed once your account is up and running.

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Benefits of Home Shopping Catalogues

home shopping, mail order, catalogues, with creditThere are lot’s of benefits for Opening and shopping with a Catalogue account. These include…

  • Spread the cost of Expensive items, pay in easy to manage instalments
  • Can help Improve your Credit Rating
  • Next Day Delivery available on hundreds of items*
  • Extended Warranties available on Selected items
  • Free Gifts and Offers for Customers
  • Delivery to your Home or any address you choose**

*Selected catalogues.

** Subject to terms and conditions

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Choose Your Pay Monthly Catalogues with Credit


With so much choice available, which pay monthly Catalogue with Credit will you select?

There are lot’s of Catalogues available, some specialise in Fashion, some in gifts and some pay monthly catalogues cater for a wide range of items.

Our Catalogue directory lists a range of Catalogues from companies allowing you to choose the perfect Catalogue.

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Express Gifts Studio and Ace Catalogues.

Studio catalogueThe Studio and Ace Catalogues are packed with Personalised Gifts, Electrical Items and the Must have latest Fashion.

Both Studio and Ace catalogues offer a Credit account facility allowing you to spread the cost of items you buy.

Express Gifts (also known by some as Findel PLC)  have long been known for their Personalised Gifts, Amazing Prices and their famous Christmas section (which is updated throughout the year).

Over the years they have  gained a reputation for accepting customers with less than perfect credit.

Just like all Catalogue companies do, they will accept their fare share of customers who have had previous credit issues.

They are most likely to approve customers who can demonstrate that they are able manage their monthly repayments.

This means that they are unlikely to approve applications from people with recent Defaults or County Court Judgements.

If you had been managing your Credit well for the past 24 months plus, you could give them a try.

Express Gifts (Studio and Ace Catalogue)

The Ace and Studio Catalogues offer great value for money, Top Brands and Designer labels.

Credit Limits on the Ace and Studio Catalogues start low. So to improve your chances of Success, try to keep your first initial orders below £200.

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Apply for your Pay Monthly Catalogue with Credit

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Gratton/Freemans Group (OTTO)

freemans catalogue,. credit, buy now pay later, credit catalogue

Gratton, Freemans and Look Again sometimes offer accounts to people with a Poor Credit Rating. Credit Limits will often start pretty low, in fact, we have been aware of Catalogue Credit Limits to start from £70.

If you have a Poor Credit Rating, you could try an application for a Look Again, Gratton or Freemans Catalogue.

To improve your chances of Success, you should be registered to vote (be on the Electoral Register) and you should have some evidence of running credit well.

These Catalogues don’t offer an instant approval at all times, therefore at times, a decision will be emailed to you. Often within a few days.

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Catalogues from the Grattan/Otto Group

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Red Cats

Catalogues from RedCats are aimed at French Fashion. They have wonderful exclusive designs not available elsewhere. In the past, LaRedoute and Vertbaudet Catalogues have approved people with a less than perfect Credit History.

They are most likely to approve applications from customers without CCJ’s, and you should not really try this Catalogue if you have received a Default or County Court Judgement in the past 3 years.

This Catalogue is more aimed at those with a Fair/Good Credit Rating. That being said, some customers with a Poor Credit Rating have been successful, so it could be worth a try if you desire. Credit Limits often start from £150 upwards. You should be registered to vote (be on the Electoral Register) and have no recent payment problems.

If you have received a default or CCJ in the past 2 years, We would say don’t waste a Credit Search on these, wait for a while and build up your Credit History first.

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Apply now for your Pay Monthly Credit Catalogue

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JD Williams Catalogues

JD Williams have a number of Catalogues. You can find pretty much everything you need from one of their Catalogues, including Personalised gifts (available through the Brilliant Gift Shop Brand).

Usually Credit Limits on JD Williams accounts can start at around £100. JD Williams and all Catalogues within this group offer an instant decision when you apply for a Credit account.

If you are successful, your Credit limit will show like the image below.

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Catalogues from Candid Collections

  • JD Williams – Apply now
  • Marisota – Apply Now
  • Jacamo – Apply Now
  • Julipa – Apply Now
  • The Brilliant Gift Shop – Apply Now
  • Simply Be – Apply Now
  • The Shoe Tailor – Sorry, this Catalogue has now closed.
  • House of Bath – Apply Now
  • Ambrose Williams – Apply Now
  • Fashion World – Apply Now

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Pay Monthly Catalogues with Credit

choosing a pay monthly catalogueOur Exclusive Catalogue directory has a big range of Pay Monthly and Pay Weekly Catalogues.

We have put all of the Catalogues with Credit into easy categories, so if you are looking for a Catalogue for Bad Credit for example, simply choose the Bad Credit Catalogues section and find a wide range of Catalogues with the highest approval rates.

We have a wide range of pay monthly catalogues. We even have Catalogues for Christmas as well as Catalogues dedicated to the latest Fashion and Designer Wear. You can even buy now and pay later with on a pay monthly Catalogue dedicated to Gifts ( including personalised gifts ).

Our range of Buy Now Pay Later Catalogues makes it easy and the best thing is, all of our pay monthly Catalogues offer Credit facilities and offer an Instant Decision, this means you should know your Catalogues Credit limit once you have completed the application.

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Application for a pay monthly Catalogue

catalogues with credit


When you are making your application for a Catalogue please ensure you are not tempted to lie about anything.

Even if you have had previous credit issues you could still be accepted, just make the application using your correct details.

Do not change your date of birth, Surname, Length of time at your address or failing to mention a pervious address for example.

It may seem like a small admission but if the Catalogue company discover, they could report your application to one of the Uk’s leading Fraud Prevention agencies.

Lying on your application is not going to improve your chances of success, Sophisticated software and manual checks with certain fraud agencies will highlight any inconsistencies in your application.

Bending the truth or Lying on applications for any type of credit is fraud. At very minimum you could be reported to fraud agencies. They will record this and any further applications you make for Insurance or Credit will be able to access this information.

This information can also be accessed by Law Officials.

We have seen horror stories of people who have seen bank accounts and credit cards closed because of being reported to Fraud prevention agencies. So please don’t consider it.

It’s a myth that doing so will help you open a new Catalogue account. All of the information you provide can be screened at National Hunter along with other agencies. So don’t lie about Salary, Outstanding Debts, Employment Status, Marital status, Age or anything.

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Check your Credit Score FREE

free Experian credit report

If you wish to check your Credit Report before you apply for a Catalogue, why not take advantage of this totally free 30 day trial. Enter your information and you can view your credit file and credit rating.

What does your Credit Rating say about you?

Your new Catalogue company is likely to request a copy of your Credit file, to ensure everything is up to date, you can check your report for free, or click here to view your Call Credit or Equifax Credit file for free.

  • Applying
  • Application Approved
  • Application Referred
  • Application declined
  • Catalogue Arrears
  • Catalogue FAQ

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Applying for a Catalogue

Applying for a pay monthly credit catalogueOnce you have selected the Catalogue you want and an item or two, it’s time to make the application for the Catalogue. This is going to take a couple of minutes. You will be asked some basic information, like your Name, Your address history (usually for the past 3 years), your date of birth and your telephone number.

Catalogue Credit Check

When you have entered all the information asked, the Catalogue company will perform a Credit Check. Usually the Credit check will only take about 30 seconds to complete and usually an instant decision will be provided to you.

How Catalogues with Credit make their decision – Credit Scoring

Catalogue companies will credit score your applications when you apply for credit with them. Credit Scoring is a formula which awards points for bits of information from the Application for you complete as well as information the Credit Reference agency provides to them.

All of these points are added together and will help the Catalogue make an instant decision. If you score enough points, your application for a Credit account with your Catalogue will be approved, if you don’t score enough points your application will usually be declined.

Credit scoring is common for all types of lending, from Credit Cards through to Personal Loans. It’s been around years and helps lenders make a fast decision.

I’ve been rejected for a Catalogue…

Credit Scoring is not based upon one piece of information. Credit Scoring does not Score your Sex or Religion.  The Catalogue company will score literally hundreds of different pieces on information it gathers and it is used to predict account conduct and risk.

Catalogue Application Rejected because of Credit Scoring

Credit Scoring will vary from Catalogue to Catalogue. So if one Catalogue Company rejects your application for a Home Shopping account (catalogue) , it does not mean that will be the same outcome with another Catalogue. So if Look again rejects your application, it doesn’t mean JD Williams would. Each Catalogue has different requirements.

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Credit Checks Pay Monthly Catalogues

Which Credit Reference Agency do Catalogues with Credit Check?

When you apply for a Catalogue with credit, the Catalogue company will search your Credit file through a Credit Reference agency. Below are the Credit Reference agencies each Catalogue company is know to use. Remember, Pay Monthly Catalogue companies may search more than one Credit Reference Agency. The table below is a Guide only.

It’s also worth remembering that your Pay Monthly Catalogue company will also report back your repayment history to the Credit reference agencies. Catalogue companies usually report back repayment information to all three Credit reference agencies.

Redcats Group(LaRedoute Catalogue & Vertbaudet Catalogue) Yes
Findel PLC (Ace Catalogue &  Studio Catalogue) Yes
OTTO Group(Look Again, Swimwear24, Bonprix, Kaleidoscope & Witt International) Yes Yes
Candid Collections(JD Williams Catalogue, The Brilliant Gift Shop Catalogue, Marisota Catalogue, Jacamo Catalogue, Juplia Catalogue, Simply be Catalogue, The Shoe Tailor Catalogue, House of Bath Catalogue, Ambrose Williams Catalogue, Fashion World Catalogue) Yes Yes

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Fraud, Affordability Checks & more

fraud when making catalogue applicationsFraud & Other Checks when you make an application for Credit…

When you apply for a Catalogue or any kind of Credit, the company you are applying to may run additional checks. One of those checks it can run is checks with a company called National Hunter.

National Hunter store information you provide in applications.


So if you applied for a Credit Card last week and told them your income was £50,000 but today when you applied for a Catalogue you entered your income to be £20,000, National Hunter could Flag up a discrepancy and your application for a Catalogue will be referred for further checks.

So never lie about Salary, Outstanding Debts, Employment Status, Marital status, Age etc. Just be honest, if you are not accepted for the Catalogue you want, look at ways of improving your Credit Rating or select a Catalogue from our Bad Credit Catalogue section.

If you are thinking about applying for a Catalogue with Credit but are not too sure because of previous credit problems, rest assured, Catalogues do approve applicants with less than perfect credit. It’s sometimes common for our visitors to have a better credit file with a certain Credit Reference Agency, if this is the case, we are delighted to provide you details with which Catalogue Search which Credit Reference Agency below.

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When you make your Application for a Catalogue with Credit…

Please do not be tempted to use any false information when you make an application for a Catalogue (or any other type of credit for that matter).

We know 99% of our visitors wouldn’t dream of it, but desperate people will try desperate measures in the hope of getting an order accepted. It’s not going to improve your chances of success. In fact, it can make matters a lot worse.

Making an application for any type of credit using a false information such as changing your date of birth or saying that you have lived at an address longer than you have is easy to spot. If the Catalogue company suspect fraud, they will report it to CIFAS. This information will be held on file for up to 6 years. According to Message forums, Some people with CIFAS warnings have found it impossible to open any lines of credit and have suffered with accounts being closed down. Even things like Basic Bank Accounts.

Law Enforcement agencies can access information on the Fraud Databases.

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Application Accepted

catalogue credit limits

If your application for a Credit Catalogue is approved you now have the chance to go shopping. Congratulations! If you placed an order, it should be dispatched to you really soon. If you chose next day delivery, you could receive your items as soon as tomorrow!

Now you can begin to enjoy all of the benefits associated with a Home Shopping Catalogue account. Just remember to keep an eye out for the first Statement. Especially now as more Catalogue companies move online, you may not receive traditional posted Statements, so ensure you Login or check your email for details of your Catalogue Statement.

Try at home, Catalogue returns…

Your Catalogue has lot’s of benefits, including, Trying in the Comfort of your home, free returns if you don’t like the item and much more. In the old days (makes me feel old saying that) you would usually receive one of those huge Catalogue. These days, the Traditional Catalogues are much smaller, small booklets, mainly due to cost and the fact more customers prefer to shop online. The Littlewoods catalogues announced in June 2015 that they have decided to stop their Catalogue in favour of their website.

The Advantages of using the website over a Catalogue include instant Stock updates, Up to date Pricing, meaning Catalogues can be competitive and special offers can be offered to everyone at one time.  You may still receive occasional booklets with details of Stock Clearance from your Catalogue and End of Line deals and Competitions and Free Gifts that Catalogues run from time to time.

When your First Order arrives

Along with items you ordered, you will receive a short credit note. If you placed an order for more than one item, your order may come separately in different parcels

Your Catalogues Delivery note

The delivery note enclosed can be used if you need to return an item. You can return an item if it’s not suitable or doesn’t fit. You will only have a short time to decide if you are keeping or returning the items. If you do choose to return items to your Catalogue, they will ask you the reason, usually people return the item as they are the wrong size or maybe they are not as Described .Some items cannot be returned, this would be clearly marked at the time of order.

When will you receive your first Catalogue Statement?

If you keep the items you ordered, you will shortly receive your first Catalogue Statement.

All about your Catalogue Statement…

You Catalogue statement will contain a lot of information, we have listed what you can expect to see, Most Catalogue companies send Paper Statements and have an online area you can view your Statements. Below (image) is an example of the JD Williams online Statement. You can login to the Catalogue website 24/7 and make a payment, place an order or view your latest Statement.

You should keep your Catalogue Statements in a safe place. Your Catalogue statement will list your Credit Limit, Your Available Limit.

Catalogue Credit Limit

This is the amount of Credit your Catalogue is willing to offer you, this is the maximum you can order up to.

Available Limit

This is your Catalogues Credit Limit minus your Balance and any Pending Orders

Catalogue Payment Due Date

This is the date at least your minimum payment must be received by. This is not the date you should leave it until you make the payment. Please allow up to 3 working days for your payment to be cleared, especially if you choose to pay using the Giro method.

Items Ordered

Your Statement will list all of the items you have ordered. If you have ordered items from your Catalogue which have not arrived, make sure you contact your Catalogue company as soon as possible to report this

Items Returned

Your Statement will also list any items you have returned, these will be credited back to your available spend

Delivery Charges

Your Catalogue may charge a delivery fee, there are also Delivery Supplements for large items and premium delivery charges for Next Day or Selected Delivery days. Details will be presented to you at the time you place your order.

Discount Codes

If you use a Coupon or Discount Code on your order from your Catalogue, this should show on your Catalogue Statement.

Minimum Payment

This is the minimum payment you must make to your Catalogue. Failing to do so could result in a Late charge being added and your Credit rating being affected.

Interest & Fees

Your Statement will include Interest charged and will estimate the interest due next month along with any charges for Late or Missed payments.

Offers and Messages

Often with your Catalogue statement you will receive special offers and deals. You can take advantage of these of throw them in the bin, your choice.

Online Catalogue Statements

More and More Catalogues offer Statements online now, you can view and print the Statements as you choose.

Important Please Remember  

  1. Keep up your repayments each and every month
  2. Stay within your Agreed Credit Limit

Doing that will put you in good steed for a Credit Limit increase from your Catalogue company.

Remember, you don’t usually have to request a Credit Limit increase, Catalogue companies are great for increasing Credit Limits, usually placing an order can nudge them into reviewing your Credit Limit. As long as you mange the Repayments on this and your other agreements, you will stand a good chance of getting Credit limit increases.

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Rebuilding your Credit with a Pay Monthly Credit Catalogue

Catalogues can help you rebuild your credit rating. If you keep up with the repayments each month, your Credit Rating will slowly start to improve.

Opt out of Catalogue Credit Limit Increases

You can Opt Out of Credit Limit increases at anytime, you just need to Contact your Catalogue company to do this. Sometimes having a large Credit Limit can help improve your Credit Rating, however, if you are hoping to apply for a Credit Card or Mortgage, you can request your Catalogue credit limit to be reduced to lower the amount of Disposable credit you have available on your credit file.

Showing you can handle an account with a large credit limit works in your favour. It’s also good for ratio of Credit Available if you don’t spend too much.

Credit limits vary from person to person and are dependent on your circumstances, your credit rating and the current financial climate.

Your Minimum repayment

This will depend who you opened a Catalogue with. Most often a Catalogue with Credit will ask you to pay 5% or 10% of the balance owed. You will need to refer to the website or your Credit Agreement for the actual minimum percent rate you are expected to repay. Also, Catalogues can offer different payment terms, such as nothing to pay for six months or no interest options.

Always refer to your Catalogue and Statement for the minimum payments required.

If your Catalogue is going to request 5% of your balance to be paid a month, a television set costing £1000 will cost you £50 per month, plus any interest charged. Full details about the Interest (APR) will be available when you apply and when you purchase an item. Make sure you read this carefully to ensure you can afford the repayments.  Each Catalogue will offer different payment terms JD Williams for example request 10% of your current balance. So it’s always worth being sure before you buy.


If you are looking to rebuild your Credit Rating you are going to need to use your Catalogue. Opening a Catalogue with Credit and not using it is not going to help improve your credit rating. Place an order and keep up with the repayments each month.

Can I have more than one Catalogue? 

Sure. You can have as many Catalogue accounts as you want. If you are going to apply for another, we do suggest you wait a couple of months, making too many applications in a short time can damage your credit rating. (spread out applications). Making too many applications can make you look desperate for credit and at worst could look like fraud. So don’t go making too many applications.

Can I have two Catalogues from the same group?

applying for a pay monthly catalogueAlways check through the terms and conditions, at the present time there is no limit to how many Catalogues you can have within any of the Catalogue groups. Remember, each credit search will be shown on your credit report and for a short time can actually lower your Credit Rating.
The one downside to having more than One Catalogue from the same group may occur if you run into financial problems and have problems making the payments due.

You Orders may be cancelled and your Credit Limits may be withdrawn or reduced.

Just Ensure you can manage the repayments if you do wish to open a second or third catalogue.

Is it easier to open a Catalogue within the Same group ?

If you opened a Catalogue in the JD Williams group, you may find it easier to open another within their group.

You may still be credit checked, but once you have a payment history with them, it will help with further applications.

If they do reject your application for another Catalogue, it may be that they simply want  to see how you manage your Current Catalogue Credit Account before extending further credit to you. At this point, we would recommend waiting 3 months before trying again.

Buy Now Pay nothing for … months

Spreading repayments over long terms..

Some Catalogues offer finance terms like, Buy Now, Pay Next Year. These sound wonderful at the time of ordering, but when it comes to the time payments become due, you will be charged interest unless you can pay the balance of in one go.

Also, spreading the cost of items over 100 or 150 weeks may seem a good idea, however, consider will you still be able to afford those payments in three years time.

Work out the interest if you are going to spread the cost over 100 or 150 weeks.

Usually these items look fantastic on paper, just £2 a week etc. That is Until you work out the repayments and the time it will take to clear the debts.

You may be in a position to pay the monthly minimum repayment now, but will you still be able to make those payments in 2 or 3 years time? Interest on such deals is usually very expensive, so before making purchases on these terms, ensure you fully understand the price you will end up paying for the item

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Application Referred

Catalogues offering buy now pay later creditIn most cases, Catalogue companies will give you an instant decision. On some occasions, Catalogue companies cannot give you an instant decision. There are a number of reasons for this. Usually if your application is referred it can delay your decision by a day or two.

Reasons why my Catalogue application has been referred.

There are times when an Instant decision cannot be made. If you apply outside working hours for example, this could mean the Catalogue company cannot run a Credit Check until the next day. Other reasons an Instant decision cannot be give include

  • The Credit Reference Agency is Offline or takes too long to respond
  • You have a CIFAS warning on your Credit Report (all applications for credit have to be manually checked) in this case
  • Sometimes customers add a Notice of Correction to their Credit Report, this is also known to restrict Automatic decisions as it requires a member of staff to read the notes
  • Your details couldn’t be found or matched online and further checks are required
  • Your Credit Score is not high enough to pass the initial application, but you have scored more points than a rejection (so you are very much in the middle).

There could be other reasons, but all it really means is the Computer cannot make the decision to open a Catalogue with Credit  for you there and then. It will require a human to take a look further or to put it through the Credit Check in the morning.

You will probably receive a decision about your application for a Catalogue by email within a day or two, if you haven’t heard within a week, you could call them. Sometimes Catalogue companies may send out a letter with their decision.

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Check your Credit Score FREE

free Experian credit report

If you wish to check your Credit Report before you apply for a Catalogue, why not take advantage of this totally free 30 day trial. Enter your information and you can view your credit file and credit rating.

What does your Credit Rating say about you?

Your new Catalogue company is likely to request a copy of your Credit file, to ensure everything is up to date, you can check your report for free, or click here to view your Call Credit or Equifax Credit file for free.

If your application for a Pay Monthly Catalogue with Credit has been rejected then it’s most likely because of the information you supplied in your application or the information that the Credit Reference Agency passed to them when you made your application.

The first thing to remember is everyday hundreds if not thousands of applications are rejected, you are not alone. It’s not nice being rejected and remember there are several reasons applications for Catalogues fail. If you haven’t already done so, now is a good time to check your Credit Report to make sure you know what’s showing. You Can check your Credit Report here.

home shopping cataloguesYou may not be able to rectify credit problems on your Credit Report if you have missed repayments or have been issued Defaults or County Court Judgements.  This information will stay on your credit report for six years. You could still be Successful if you try a Catalogue from our Bad Credit Catalogues section here. 

Make Sure that you are registered on the Electoral Register. If you are not on the Electoral register the chances of being approved for any type of credit is low. You can check this with your Local Council or by obtaining a copy of your Credit File.

Top Tips to help your next Pay Monthly Catalogue Application

  • When you provide your telephone number, try to include at least one landline number (Feel free to add a mobile phone number as well).
  • Make sure all of your information at the Credit Reference Agencies is correct. Even a small mistake can lead to problems. You can view your credit reports free of charge at all of the credit reference agencies here.

You can also check you are not a victim of fraud by checking your credit reports. If you see something on your Credit Report you are not familiar with, contact the company in question direct and contact the Credit Reference Agency. They will be able to help investigate for you.

Some of the reasons you may fail a Credit Check

  • CCJ’s – These will remain on your credit report for 6 years (even if they are settled) Some Catalogues will accept customers with CCJs. The older the better (so a CCJ issued 5 years ago is a lot better than one issued 5 months ago).
  • DEFAULTS – Again, these will remain on your credit file for 6 years  and Defaults are not good news. The older a default the better. Showing it’s been a few years since your last default will provide you more chance or approval for a Catalogue account.
  • Are you currently in arrears on other Credit Agreements? Have you missed payments in the past 2 years?  It doesn’t matter if it’s a mobile phone, credit card or even your Electricity bill, if repayments are not being made on time, the chances are this is being reported to the Credit Reference agency. The longer time has past since your last missed payment – the better, this will strengthen your chances of acceptance.
  • Previous debts – Have you had previous debts with the Catalogue company you have applied to? Some Catalogue companies will take on customers who had previously had problems with keeping up the repayments. That decision is going to be down to the company and if they are willing to take the risk.
  • CIFAS/FRAUD HISTORY – If there is a CIFA warning registered in your name or at your address, you are unlikely to be given an instant decision and most likely to see your application rejected.
  • NEW TO CREDIT – If you haven’t had credit before, then it can be hard to get accepted. Mainly because there are no credit records to go on. So when you apply, the Credit Reference agency cannot provide any evidence of your payment history. You can appeal the decision if you are rejected, keep reading for more information.

The older any adverse information is, the better. A default or CCJ issued 5 years ago will be looked upon differently than one issued in the past couple of months. All Defaults, County Court Judgements and Missed Payments stay on your credit report for six years.

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Appealing a Declined Catalogue decision

Just like any other form of credit. If a Catalogue company rejects your application for credit, you can make an appeal. Most decisions are made automatically by computers with the Credit Scoring method we mentioned before. When you make an appeal, you are most likely to have a Human look into your appeal. As long as you are aware, an Appeal does not Guarantee approval When you make an appeal, enclose a short but precise letter. Enclose your Name, Address and Date of birth as well as the time/date of your application.

Ask for your Application to be looked at again and if there is a reason to your previous credit problems, such as Health or Redundancy, make sure you explain that. This will help the Catalogue company make a decision.

For example, if you have had previous credit problems caused by Health or Redundancy you could explain this.

You are can also include anything you think will help support your appeal, such as Bank Statements or a Printed copy of your Credit Report, or even a House Hold Budget.The more detail you can provide, the more chance you have in the decision being overturned

There is no Guarantee an appeal will work. For the cost of a Stamp it could be worth it. We have received several emails thanking us for this tip as it has worked for some. 

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Catalogue Arrears

catalogue credit limitMost catalogue companies can help you if you fall into problems. This can range from reducing your monthly repayment, they could even help you freeze interest payments, if you have take out insurance make sure you check to see if you are able to claim (such as redundancy or health issues).

Remember, whilst your account is arrears or a payment arrangement they will probably not release any new orders. You should try and get your account back up to date as soon as you possible can.

Also make sure you try and keep to any agreements you have made with your catalogue, as failing to do so, can result in your account being closed, you being issued with a Default notice and your account being passed to an external Debt Recovery company.

Firstly, don’t panic, by addressing the Catalogue arrears you are on the right track. Catalogue companies know that customers are human.

They also know that occasionally things don’t always go the way we expect them and that there are times when customers cannot make even the minimum repayment.

They are also aware that occasionally customers may have more long term financial problems and at these times, it’s very important that you try and come to a solution with your Catalogue company rather than ignore them and just stop paying.

Most Catalogues will have a team who are trained to help customers who are in arrears. Sometimes, this department is called Collections.

They want to keep you as a customer and will try to find a solution that suits you both, but it’s important not to agree to a payment plan which you know you will not be able to afford as that’s going to mean you break the promises you make and will leave you in the same problem next month.

Catalogue companies may be able to offer help in various ways, they may offer to freeze the interest charged for a limited time, lowering your monthly payments, offer to set up a custom repayment plan or if you are using a debt management company for example, they can work with them to find a suitable resolution.

If you feel things are out of control, you can also try free Charities like Step Change, they can help with other debts not just Catalogue debts.

When you come to an arrangement with your Catalogue company regarding arrears this is likely to be reported in your favour to the Credit Reference Agencies. Ignoring the problem will result in your account being reported as in arrears, eventually the account will be defaulted and this will remain on your Credit Report for six years.

Further action for an account in arrears include telephone calls and letters and your account may be sold to a Debt Collection company which may result in legal action being taken against you. By discussing your situation with the Catalogue company they may report your payments as up to date or use a marker called AP (Arrangement to Pay).

Although some people will be unhappy with this, it does reflect positively that you are addressing your current problems.

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Missing Catalogue repayments

pay monthly catalogues - how they workMissing payments or even just making your paying late can have a very detrimental effect on your credit rating. This will affect the chances of you getting a credit limit increase and could affect you getting credit in the future. Your Credit Limit could even be reduced if you miss payments. Arrears won’t automatically go away, so make sure you come to an arrangement with your Catalogue company as soon as you miss the payment.

Remember, Late payments can incur charges as outlined in your Catalogue Credit Agreement.

If it’s a first time you have missed the repayment or been late on your Catalogu, the Catalogue company may not charge the late fee and you could even ask them not to report the late/missed payment to the Credit Reference Agency. They don’t have to agree to this, but if it’s a genuine reason, they are more likely to consider it for you.

Do Catalogues affect my credit rating

Catalogues with Credit Facilities can help improve your Credit rating as long as you order, keep up with every repayment and stay within the Credit limit. You must also remember to keep up to date with all of your other Credit Agreements, Missing payments can damage a Credit Rating, so ensure you can afford the repayments before you place an order from your Catalogue.

It’s also a great way to Spread the cost over a set period of time. This can have a positive effect on your Credit Rating as it will show on your credit file as Revolving Credit.

Are Catalogues and expensive way to buy items?

You will be Surprised how things have changed. Catalogues are more competitive now than ever. We have eve seen items cheaper in Catalogues. That being said, if you do spread the cost over a long period of time, the interest will increase the overall cost of the item.

Check the Catalogue’s APR (interest) they will charge you. Spreading the cost can work out expensive, ensure you work out the final price and consider your options wisely. It’s a little like a Credit Card, if you can, try to make more than the minimum repayment each month to pay less interest.

Catalogue Application Requirements

Catalogues with Credit Facilities on our website require you to be aged 18+, a UK resident and lawfully allowed to apply for Credit. IE, you are not Bankrupt. You should think carefully about the repayments a Catalogue will require. A Catalogue is an excellent way to spread the cost of items, especially those you cannot afford outright now, Catalogues will deliver your items to your home or any UK address you select (your first order may only be available to your home address)

No Credit Check Catalogues

Catalogue companies will carry out Credit Checks to confirm your I.D, to ensure you can afford the repayments (Affordability Checks) and to see how you have been managing your finances in the past 6 years. If you bad credit due to a poor credit rating, you will be probably be looking for companies that don’t carry out a credit check.

There are Catalogue companies who will offer Catalogues with Credit to people who have had previous problems, including those customers with CCJ’s, Defaults etc.

Why has my Catalogue Credit Limit been withdrawn or reduced

Catalogues review all of their customers from time to time, this is done to ensure you are not taking on too much debt and to try and predict serious financial problems. If a Catalogue company notice missed repayments, defaults or a change in your circumstances, they may restrict or cancel future orders you make or they may reduce your credit or available credit limit.

Catalogues will reinstate a Credit Limit or increase it if you are managing your finances well. Thankfully this doesn’t happen too often.

How to make repayments to your Catalogue company

If you have been accepted, placed your oder and have now received your first statement you are now going to need to make your first payment.

The most common payment form is using a Debit or Credit Card. If the Debit Card or Credit Card you are going to use to make your Catalogue payment is not in your name or is not registered to your Home Address, you should contact your Catalogue company by telephone.

Paying your Catalogue by Credit or Debit Card

Usually, you can Login and make the payment online. Please ensure you remember the Due date is the date your payment is due by and not the date you should make payment on. Both Debit and Credit Card payments can take a couple of days to clear, so please ensure you pay a few days before the Catalogue Due date. If you cannot login to your Catalogue, make sure you call them. Missing the payment or making the payment late can have an affect on your Credit rating.

Other Methods of Payment

You can pay your Catalogue by Direct Debit, Telephone your Catalogue company and they will explain the process. Usually, this will require you completing a Direct Debit mandate form and returning it to them. Please ensure you continue making the repayments until they can confirm they are taking the payment by Direct Debit.

Giro Payments

Some Catalogues offer the Giro Slip at the bottom of the Statement, this means you can usually make the payment in your bank or at the post office. This payment method can incur a small handling charge, please refer to your statement for full details.

What can I buy from a pay monthly catalogue?

Anything you like. Take a look at their website and you will see the items available, along with a description, pricing information etc.  Some Catalogue companies send through promotional items such as Stock Discount items .

Your monthly statements are usually posted to your home address. Even though more and more people use Websites to place orders and make payments, Catalogues rarely offer an Online Only option for statements at this time, but this may change in the future.


What if Ii can't repay my Catalogue debt?

If you are having financial problems including not being able to make payments to your Catalogue, please ensure you call them and discuss it with them.

Missing payments on any type of Credit Agreement can have a serious effect on your Credit Rating for up to six years.  Try to come to a solution with your Catalogue company. Explain the situation to them. They have a range of ways they can help you. Jus Be honest and upfront about your Situation

Catalogue companies will usually start to telephone you if your account falls into arrears, coming to a solution with them early will help avoid these calls and letters.  If you cannot make payment your account could be affected and the following can happen

  • Credit Limits can be reduced or removed
  • Orders can be refused until arrears are clear, or cancelled if you do not come to an agreement about the arrears.
  • A full demand of the full balance being made to you (if your account is 2 or more months in arrears) and you have not come to an agreement with your Catalogue company.
  • A Late payment charge being applied to your account, usually around £12
  • A late marker being placed on your Credit files
  • Your Account being passed to Debt Collection and/or Legal action being taken which can include being issued with a Default.

Pay Monthly catalogue news

Catalogue companies will report your repayments, credit limit and balance to Credit Reference agencies each month.

If you run your Catalogue Credit account well this could have a positive effect on your Credit Rating. If you miss repayments or exceed the credit limit, this could have a negative effect on your credit rating. Missing repayments can incur fees.

If you are having trouble making payments, make sure you contact the Catalogue company (lender) as soon as you can, most are really helpful, if it’s a genuine case, they will want to help you and will appreciate your honesty.

 If you are struggling with debts, please do not apply for more credit, visit Step Change charity for help and free debt advice.

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I followed the instructions very carefully and after 15 months of trying to get accepted to start re-building my credit, I was approved! The information you supplied has really helped me. Now, 18 months on, I have a mobile phone and credit card and finally feel like an adult again.

Thomas Aslantepe – Wiltshire

Credit 4 Everyone