Pay Monthly Catalogue Eligibility Checker

As a result of careful research our free eligibility checker will check if you qualify for a pay monthly catalogue.

Above all it will save you time and help you from applying for a catalogue that doesn't match your credit rating!

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Catalogue Eligibility Checker

Take the Guess work out of applying with Our pay monthly catalogue eligibility checker.

Credit 4 Everyone launched the Worlds first Eligibility Checker Pay Monthly Catalogues back in 2016, furthermore it has helped thousands of people open a Credit Catalogue.

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Our Catalogue Eligibility Checker will score your application using the details you enter. Please ensure you enter factual information only for the best results.

Marital Status
Residential Details
Residental Status

How many Years have you lived at your address?

Your Finances
How many credit repayments have you missed in the last 6 years?

How many applications for credit have you made in the last 12 months  

Applications in the last 12 months

In the past 6 years have you received a Default or County Court Judgement

Have you defaulted on any credit agreements in the past six years?
How many County Court Judgements do you have?

Have you been affected by any of the following in the past 6 years

IVA,/ Debt Relief Order or Bankruptcy
Electoral Register
Are you on the Electoral Register (Registered to vote?)

Please note, it can take up to 60 seconds to display your results. We do not conduct a Credit Search and this will not affect your credit rating. ,

We are using the information you supply against our Score Card (which should offer you a better chance of success)


Catalogue Eligibility Checker

Credit 4 Everyone launched the Worlds first Eligibility Checker Pay Monthly Catalogues back in 2016, furthermore it has helped thousands of people open a Credit Catalogue.

Pay Monthly Catalogue Eligibility Checker

Are you eligible for a pay monthly catalogue?

Use our free Catalogue Eligibility checker today and see if you qualify for a pay monthly catalogue with credit.

Catalogues most likely to accept your application

Credit4everyone has launched an Eligibility checker for Catalogues.

Answer a few questions and we will score your application in the background and try to match you to Catalogue companies most likely to accept your application.

Bad Credit Catalogues

We will score your application to see if you are likely to be accepted for a Catalogue with Credit. It doesn’t matter if you have had previous credit problems.

We also have Catalogues for Poor Credit too.

We do not access your Credit File, If you wish to view your Credit Rating  before making an application you can do so for free here.


Apply for Catalogues more likely to approve your application

The benefits of using our Catalogue checker are simple, it could help further damage your credit rating applying for Catalogues that will only decline your application for catalogue credit.

Free Credit Checks

Making too many applications in a short period of time can actually  damage your Credit Rating, Especially if you already have a Low Credit rating.

Answer just a few questions

Answer the Questions honestly, if in doubt about your Current Credit Rating, you can check your credit file totally free of charge, we offer a range of options for you (all with free trials)

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