No Credit Check, Guaranteed Acceptance Current Account

High Street banks now offer Basic banking facilities to customers who don’t pass their credit checks for full current accounts, however, if you want the full bells and Whistles and want a Current account with Debit Card, Telephone and Internet banking and without the risk of going overdrawn we have the perfect solution.

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Debit Card

Guaranteed Current Accounts for people with bad credit – No Credit Checks

Do you need a Bank current account option that comes with a full debit card as standard allowing you to pay for goods online and in-store or over the telephone? Check out these great features

  • No Credit Check
  • Guaranteed Acceptance*
  • Full Debit Card
  • Internet Banking
  • Telephone Banking
  • Wages/Benefits can be paid in
  • No hidden charges for unpaid direct debits

*Identification requirements apply.

Wages and Benefits can be paid in…

A guaranteed bank account with no Credit checks that you can have your Wages, Benefits or any other source of income paid into?

Then look no further. Credit 4 Everyone has helped hundreds of people with a brand new banking facility which can be managed online, over the telephone with Friendly UK Call centre staff or using a handy mobile app.

Guaranteed no credit check bank accounts, Guaranteed Business bank accounts

Card One (Current Account Option)
Card One (Current Account Option)

All the features of a bank account without actually being a bank account. Have your wages paid in, benefits paid in, withdraw money, pay for items with your Debit card and even earn cash back rewards! Guaranteed acceptance, no Credit checks, just pass Standard ID checks for approval.

Card One (Guaranteed Business Bank Account)
Card One (Guaranteed Business Bank Account)

All the features your Business needs to succeed. Open a Guaranteed Bank account for your business today. No Credit Checks, just standard ID checks. Your account comes with a Full debit card facility.

Guaranteed Bank Account, No Credit Check

Are you looking for a bank account with Guaranteed Acceptance and no Credit Checks?  We can offer you a bank account option that comes with a full debit card as standard, allowing you to Pay for goods and services online, in stores and over the telephone.  You can choose to have your Wages or Benefits  paid directly into your new account and manage your new bank account facility online or over the telephone with their friendly UK Call Centre.

Your new Bank Account Includes

  • Full Account Number and Sort code, Receive Wages & Benefit Payments
  • Fully Working Debt Card – Spend Online or Instore
  • Free Text Alerts
  • Online Banking – Stay in Control of your balance
  • No Fee’s for Unpaid Direct Debts

Your Guaranteed Bank Account


All of the facilities you need

Your new account will have a majority of features offered from High Street Bank accounts.

A full debit card facility through the Master Card offered with the account.

Withdraw up to £450 cash per day

You can withdraw money at any Cash Point (up to £450 a day)* Your new account can have money paid into automatically, such as your Wages or Benefits.

You can access your accounts via Telephone banking and Online banking. A Small £12.50 fee will be charged each month, however, this is offset by No Bounced Direct Debit Fees.

You can also enjoy Free Text alerts, keeping you up to date with Transactions.

Guaranteed Bank Account, No Credit Check

bad credit current account

If you are you looking for a bank account with Guaranteed Acceptance that has no credit checks you have found it with Card One.

Identity checks are the only checks you need to pass. Your account can be opened online instantly.

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Bad Credit Current Account

bad credit current account - We Guarantee Approval - No Credit Checks!

No Credit Check, Guaranteed Approval Bank Account

If you have missed any repayments on your Credit Agreements in the past 6 years, made too many applications for credit, exceeded one or more of your agreed credit limits, Suffered with a County Court Judgement or even defaulted on a credit facility  then your credit rating is likely to be affected

High Street banks will credit score any application for a Current account and if you are suffering from a bad credit rating they may decline a Current account application.

Online Banking, debt card & full banking facilities available.

You don’t need to miss out on the banking facilities you need. Sometimes customers are rejected for Current accounts because they can’t pass ID or Affordability checks or maybe due to other reasons.

What you need is an account with a great company like Card One. Someone who looks passed your Credit History. As long as you can pass ID checks then you are Guaranteed Acceptance!

You get everything you need from Card One. Basic Facilities like being able to pay in your Wages or Benefits through to paying Your bills and having a handy Debit Card that only allows you to spend what you have available.

Remember, It’s 100% Guaranteed – No Credit Checks, No Credit Scoring involved

An Guaranteed bank account that doesn’t have the unnecessary worry about borrowing and overdrafts or the worry about Overdraft charges. A Bank account that doesn’t require you to pass a Credit Score.

Even Basic bank accounts can be Credit Scored

Some High Street bank offering basic accounts have restrictions in place which can be a real nightmare for those looking for a Basic Bank facility.

A Guaranteed Bank Account with Online Banking

Manage your account on the phone, through online banking or through a hand mobile APP.

Track your Spending and the money going into your bank account and pay your bills as and when you need.

Open your Account Online Instantly

Credit Scoring means your application for a High street bank will go through an automated procedure which allocates points for the answers you made on your Application.

Your Credit check will also award and reduce those points. If your application doesn’t make a certain score the bank may decline your application.

With Card One you don’t need to worry about this. There is no Credit Check, No Credit Scoring and No Hidden worry that your Bank will be rejected, As long as you can pass ID checks you will be accepted.

Pay in your Wages or Benefits

So if Need a bank account for your Wages and or Benefits to be paid in and you want to open this account up instantly, We have the perfect Solution!

At Last – A Guaranteed Bank Account with Full Debit Card and Online Banking facilities…

Just imagine a Full Bank Account Facility which offers everything you need without any Hidden Charges for Unpaid Direct Debits…

Without the additional worry of Overdrafts and a Bank account that can be opened online instantly with GUARANTEED Approval.

Full Debit Card (Master Card Debit Card)

This Guaranteed Bank account comes with a full Master Card debit card facility. You can use your Master Card debit card online or in Shops and Restaurants. 

Apply Now

*Subject to ID checks.

Guaranteed Business Bank Account


Guaranteed, No Credit Check Business bank accounts

Trying to run a business without a bank account is seriously hard. It makes a total nightmare for your tax returns and it’s not fun trying to pay Household bills and keeping your business funds apart from your person income.

Running a Business from a Current account could be against the banks terms and conditions!

In fact, it could even be against your Current accounts terms and conditions! There is a Solution.

You could apply for a Business bank account with your High Street bank. Remember to take in a range of documents like Business Plans and Forecasts and don’t forget the Credit checks and credit scoring.

Looking for an easier solution? How about a Guaranteed Business bank account with No Credit Checks, No Credit Scoring and a Handy Debit card and Pay In and Pay Out facility.

Open your Business guaranteed account today here. 

Bad Credit Current Accounts

Contact credit4everyone

Your new Account will offer all the features you would expect from a High Street bank!. But it’s not a High Street Bank.  

Direct Debits & Standing orders with your Guaranteed bank account

You can set up Direct Debits for your bills and if there are ever times when you don’t have the funds available there will be NO Bounced payment fees to worry about!  

Your new account can be opened in just a couple of minutes.  As long as you pass initial ID checks, You will receive your Sort Code and Account number instantly.  Plus, There are no Overdrafts to worry about, so no debt….  

All this with Guaranteed Acceptance.*

No Credit Check - Open Online Instantly

All of our Current account options are available to people with bad credit. All of the current accounts and guaranteed business current accounts guarantee approval as long as your ID can be confirmed. *Subject to ID checks

Credit 4 Everyone