Current Accounts for people with Bad Credit

A poor credit rating sometimes known as Adverse Credit or Bad Credit can stop you in your tracks when you apply for financial products and services including Bank accounts.

Current Accounts and Business Current Accounts

We work with companies who will approve you for Personal or Business current accounts even if you have a history of missed repayments, arrears, CCJ's, Defaults, IVA or even bankruptcy.

High street bank accounts

Their are a number of solutions. Most high street banks offer a Basic banking facility, these are not subject to the same checks, customers with a bad credit rating can be offered Basic bank accounts if the Bank is unable to open a full current account.

Another solution is one of our Partners No Credit Check Current accounts or  No Credit Check Business bank accounts.

All of our accounts come with the full banking facilities you would expect such as Online Banking, Debit Card and Direct Debit payments.

Full Banking Facilities

Our partners offer fully banking facilities including a handy banking APP  which allows you to keep track of your finances.

  • Direct Debits & Standing Orders
  • Transfer Money to and from your account
  • Access your money 24/7 with a handy banking APP.
  • Wages/Benefits can be paid into your account direct
  • NO fees for Unpaid Direct Debits
  • Bad Credit Welcome (Subject to I.D checks)

Looking for a bad Credit Business Account?

We can even help people with Poor Credit get a Business Account with all of the facilities you will need to take your Business to the next level

Wages & Benefits…

Your new account has all the facilities a standard current account offers, You can have your Salary or Benefits paid directly into your account, set up Payments like Standing Orders and Direct Debits and access your account 24/7.

We offer a range of NO Credit check current accounts.

Card One Personal Bank Account

No Credit check current account

All the features of a bank account without actually being a bank account. Have your wages paid in, benefits paid in, withdraw money, pay for items with your Debit card and even earn cash back rewards! Guaranteed acceptance, no Credit checks, just pass Standard ID checks for approval.

Card One Business Bank Account

No Credit check Business account

All the features your Business needs to succeed. Open a Guaranteed Bank account for your business today. No Credit Checks, just standard ID checks. Your account comes with a Full debit card facility.

Cashplus Personal Bank Account

Current Account to help build credit history?

The first of it's kind in the UK. Add it onto your current account and it could help build your credit rating at no extra cost. You could even qualify for an Overdraft facility which can help you out from time to time.


No Credit Checks

Guaranteed Acceptance as long as you pass identity checks.


No Hidden Charges

No Hidden Charges or Unpaid Direct Debit Charges


Debit Card

Full Visa debit card to use online or instore


Earn Cash Back

Earn Cash Back at selected retailers with Card One Money!


business current accounts

Open your Guaranteed acceptance account today – No Credit Checks!

Visa Debit Card, Internet Banking & No Failed Payment Fee's

High Street banks now offer Basic banking facilities to customers who don’t pass their credit checks for full current accounts,

However, Some of these accounts are still subject to credit scoring and other requirements.

Full Banking facilities

Your new Guaranteed Current account has otter benefits compared to traditional bank accounts.

You will not be declined because of your Credit History, Customers with Defaults, CCJ’s and missed payments are Guaranteed Acceptance.

With the handy banking APP it’s easy to keep track of your finances, you can pay bills, set up direct debits and standing orders  and there are no charges for failed payments.

Monzo & Sterling Bank offer Current Accounts to people with less than perfect Credit History

Monzo and Sterling both open Current accounts to customers with less than perfect credit history. You will need to have proof of ID such as a Passport or Driving License and Pass ID and Fraud checks.
business current accounts

No Credit Check Business Current Account

We offer Guaranteed, No Credit Check current accounts and Business Current accounts for those who have been declined elsewhere.

You will also benefit from Friendly Uk Call Centre Staff and a handy mobile APP to help you keep track of your finances.

Most current accounts have terms and conditions which restrict running a business account from a current account. There is a Solution.

You could apply for a Business bank account with your High Street bank. Remember to take in a range of documents like Business Plans and Forecasts and don’t forget the Credit checks and credit scoring.

Looking for an easier solution? How about a Guaranteed Business bank account with No Credit Checks, No Credit Scoring and a Handy Debit card and Pay In and Pay Out facility.

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