Bad Credit Personal Loans

Our Bad Credit loans are suited to people who have need a loan with same day payout with lenders who will do everything they can to say yes.

Bad Credit Loans with Instant decision and same day payout

Our bad credit loan lenders will consider customers with poor credit – Apply today for an Instant decision Unsecured bad credit personal loan.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

Apply now for a Instant decision bad credit loan

We offer a range of options for people looking for a bad credit loan. We offer Unsecured bad credit loans, Bad Credit Consolidation loans, Guarantor loans. Apply now for an Instant decision bad credit loan, Simply select the amount you need and the term that suits your need.

Canary Cash
Canary Cash

Short Term Personal LoansAll Credit ratings can apply for a quick decision and loans up to £1000, a quick, single page application.

Representative Example: Borrow £300 for 30 days. One total repayment of £372.00. Interest: £72.00. Interest rate: 292% pa (fixed).1270% APR Representative.

Morses Club - Personal loans
Morses Club - Personal loans

Cash Loans delivered to your door. Apply today for a decision - New customers can borrow up to £400. Existing customers could borrow up to £1000 subject to approval. Actual loan offer will depend on your personal circumstances.

Representative Example:
£200 loan repayable over 20 weeks at £15.00 per week, Rate of interest 130% p.a fixed; Representative 756.5% APR, Total Amount Payable is £300.

Everyday Loans
Everyday Loans

Unsecured Personal Loans . We offer unsecured personal loans from £500 to £10,000 for any purpose*. You do not have to be a homeowner, we offer loans to tenants too. We won't charge you a fee to consider your application. We'll give you a conditional decision in minutes. We are a lender, not a broker - we lend you the money.

Representative Example:

Representative Example: Borrowing £3,000 over 2 years at an interest rate of 59.9% p.a. (fixed), you will repay £217.24 per month. Total amount payable £5,213.68. Rates from 24.2% to 299.9% max APR.

Representative APR 79.4%

Trusttwo Guarantor Loan
Trusttwo Guarantor Loan

A low cost Guarantor Loan with no late fees. You must be able to afford loan repayments & have a guarantor with good credit. Loan amounts from £1000 to £7500 APPLICANTS MUST BE 18 TO 75 Homeowner and Tenant guarantors are accepted. BOTH APPLICANT AND GUARANTOR MUST BE ABLE TO AFFORD THE LOAN REPAYMENTS AMOUNT

Representative Example:
Borrowing £4,000 over 3 years at an interest rate of 36.9% p.a. (fixed), you will repay 36 monthly payments of £185.27. Interest payable £2,669.72. Total repayable £6,669.72. Representative 43.8% APR.

Bad Credit Unsecured Loans, Same Day Bad Credit Loans, Easy Acceptance Bad Credit Loans

bad credit loan

Sometimes we all need a little extra money. It could be for an Unexpected Bill such as a Car Repair, Vet Bill or higher than expected Energy bill.

All of our Personal Loan Companies and Lenders will consider applications from customers with a poor credit rating. You can look forward to an Instant Decision and could have the money in your bank account the same day.

Bad Credit Loans

A bad credit rating doesn’t mean you can’t get a personal loan.

We offer personal loans to people with bad credit every day. Our panel of lenders are more interested in affordability than your previous credit history.

Unsecured bad credit loans for Self Employed, Customers on Benefits and more

Our panel of personal loan Lenders will consider people who are Self Employed, People working Part Time, Home Makers as well as customer with a bad credit rating.

So you can apply today knowing that you could still be approved.

Instant Decision and Same day payout

Our bad credit personal loans offer a quick decision, in most cases you will get an instant decision and if approved some of our lenders will even offer same day payout.

This is really handy if you need the money for an urgent car repair, vet bill or any other unexpected emergency.

Same Day Loans We offer

Guarantor Loans


Guarantor Loans

With a Guarantor Loan you could borrow up to £5000 for anything between 1 and  5 years.

As long as you can afford the repayments and you know someone who has a good credit rating who is willing to Guarantor the loan for you this option could be one to consider.

Remember, if you don’t keep up the repayments on the loan, your Guarantor would have to.

Personal Loans


Personal Loans

Unlike a Guarantor loans, you don’t need a friend with a Good Credit History or a friend who is a homeowner.

You could borrow up to £2000 and repay between 1 and 24 months.

All of our Unsecured Loan partners offer an Instant Decision

Car Loans


Car Loans

A Car loan offers you the chance to buy a Car from the Garage of your choice.

Your loans are Secured on your new Car so it’s important that you keep up the repayments

You can Spread the cost of your new/used car.

Personal Loans with a Personal Touch

Back in the olden day your Bank Manager would get to know their customers personally, they would know your situation and they could approve lending should you need it.

Sadly these days are now nothing more than a memory. Computers and Credit Scores have now taken over meaning customers with a bad credit rating are often declined automatically without any human even reviewing an application.  That’s why you need a panel of lenders willing to consider applications from people with credit problems

All credit problems considered

Our personal loan lenders are willing to consider applications from people with Late Payment markers, Defaults and even CCJ’s. Our lenders understand that people can’t always have a perfect credit history.

So if you have missed repayments on your Credit agreements in the past 6 years or maybe you have made too many applications for credit in a short period of time your credit rating is likely to be lower. This could mean Mainstream lenders are more likely to decline an application from you.

That’s why our lenders are more popular and can approve more applications. So if you need money urgently, make sure you apply to a lender more likely to approve your application.

Poor Credit Loans

As long as you have the ability to pay you should find it easier to get approved for a loan

What you need is a Personal loan company who won’t base the decision of your application on your Credit History, but will look at the positives and your ability to repay your loan.

No upfront broker fees

Rest assured that when you apply, We will not ask you for any upfront fee’s. Your application will go through both Affordability checks and a Credit Check.  This has to be done to ensure responsible lending,

Each lender will have different requirements, Which will be clearly listed before you apply. For example, some lenders will not accept or consider applications from people who are Self Employed, so if you are self employed it’s not worth applying to that lender. So before applying for a personal loan ensure you meet the lenders requirements.

How do bad credit loans work?

Bad credit loans are much like any other sort of personal loan.

The main difference between a bad credit personal loan and a mainstream lender is the interest rate. Usually people with a poor credit rating are charged more interest. If you repay your bad credit loan on time you will start to improve your credit rating, this means the next time you need a loan you could save money by paying a lower rate of interest. Once you start to improve your credit rating, you will notice your options to borrow money from lenders improve.

Guarantor Loans can help you build your credit rating

A Guarantor loan is a person who knows and trusts you and will be responsible for making the loan repayment if you cant. Guarantor loans are a great way of getting the money you need and for rebuilding your credit rating. If you know someone who is willing to be a Guarantor then a Guarantor loan could be a good solution.

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Bad credit unsecured loans

An unsecured personal loan is just that, a loan without the need of a Guarantor or any form of security. It’s important that you understand the repayments, by keeping up with the repayments on time each month you could start to improve a poor credit rating.

Bad credit loans will cost you more…

If you choose a Bad Credit Unsecured loan you will likely pay a higher APR. Other than that there is no real difference. If you keep up the repayments on your personal loan this could help improve your credit rating;

Improving your credit rating will have benefits the next time you need a personal loan. You could qualify for a reduced APR and have more Lenders available to you.

The Application

Our Personal Loan partners will ask you for some basic personal information, You will be required to supply your name, your address, the time at your current address, (your previous address if under 3 years),

They will ask about your employment status  and your bank details. This will be the bank account used to deposit your personal loan and collect the repayments.

Applying for your bad credit loan

Please ensure you answer all questions honestly for the best possible chance of success.

Lying on your application is illegal and could result in your details being added to a Fraud register (CIFAS). If you know you cannot afford the loan repayments then a Personal Loan is not for you.

Instead consider taking some advice on getting your finances back into shape with a Debt charity. Late payments could result in further fee’s being added and possible legal action being taken against you, this could result make it harder to obtain credit in the future.

Remember, your account conduct will be reported to Credit Reference Agencies and will be available for potential lenders to see for up to 6 years. 

Bad Credit Personal Loans

Bad Credit Unsecured Loans, Bad Credit Guarantor Loans, Bad Credit Short term Loans

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

We all need a little extra money whether it’s for an unexpected bill such as an Vet bill, Urgent Car repair or even for an higher than expected energy bill.

Loans for poor credit

We work with a large panel of Loan Companies who will consider people normally excluded from main stream lenders including,

People who are Self Employed, People with a Poor Credit rating and those working part time.

We can help you find Unsecured Personal Loans, Homeowner Loans, Guarantor Loans and Short term personal loans.

Credit 4 Everyone