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our credit report is very important and it contains lot’s of information.

  • How You run your finances
  • How much Debt you currently owe
  • How many times you have applied for Credit in the past 6 months

You can access your credit report for free online. The best bit is they are updated for free every month too!


Some companies charge a monthly Subscription for Accessing your Credit report, thankfully you can check your credit report for free with us on all three of the UK Credit reference agencies – Saving you £14.99 per month on each subscription to each credit reference agency.

Why Checking your Credit report is so important

You may not realise just how important your credit rating is – It could be the difference between you paying for your Car or Home insurance in monthly instalments rather than in one lump sum.

Your credit rating may also be used to decide whether or not you can rent a home as more and more Landlords are now carrying out credit checks on their potential tenants.

When your Credit Report may be checked


When you apply for Credit

Applying for Loans, Credit Cards, Car Finance or even a pay monthly catalogue


When Applying for a Job

More Employers are now carrying out Credit checks on potential new Employees. So make sure everything is in order and old or incorrect information isn’t going to stand in your way.


Moving Home

Your Credit Rating & Credit report may be used to access your ability to repay rent on time each month

Before you Apply for credit

If you are  thinking about applying for a Credit Card, Personal Loan or Mortgage, Then it is  important that you check your Credit report first. Lenders are more than likely going to carry out credit checks to check your ability to make repayments on time.

Financial Health

Your credit rating is a picture of your financial health and it’s important to look after it, to ensure it’s up to date you should check your Credit report monthly.

Join for FREE

By joining all three of the Credit reference agencies shown above you can access your credit report for free. It will help you understand what your financial health is showing about you.

Stop Getting Declined

If you have been declined for credit in the past 12 months it could be due to information contained within your credit report.

No Subscriptiions

Just like a premium monthly subscription your FREE credit report contains information about your financial conduct over the past six years.

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