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Free Credit Rating Score Get your Credit rating scores totally free of charge from all three of the Uk Credit reference agencies. No Subscriptions, No hidden charges. Find out what your Credit Score is today for free.

Check your Credit Score for FREE

You can check your credit score for free with all three of the UK Credit reference agencies. There are no sign up fee;’s or subscriptions required. If you want to find out what your Credit score is, click here

Everyone has a
Credit Score

Everyone in the UK has a credit score. We’re not talking just about the credit score a credit reference agency gives you when you login.

Your Credit rating can
go up and down

Your credit score with the credit reference agencies can differ. There are 3 credit reference agencies in the UK.

How to improve your
credit rating

As the Credit Score gets higher, you can have a warm feeling that potential lenders will start to see you in a more positive light.

Will your Credit Score actually help you get accepted for credit ?

The truthful answer is no.

Credit Reference agencies do not lend money, they simply review your details, your financial conduct, the number of Credit Searches you have made then score you against the millions of other customers they hold details on.

The Credit Score Provided is an indication to you on what your Credit Rating is…

However, the score does have some meaning.

The Credit Score is an indication to you about your own performance. If one is attempting to rebuild their credit after previous problems for example then score has some relevance.


What use does the Credit Reference agency credit score have?

When you apply for a Job, want to take out Insurance or even just want to move house, your Credit Rating Score could be used. You could end up paying more for products and services with a low credit score. You could even be stopped in your tracks in terms of getting Jobs or being able to move.

So taking the positive steps today could help you in the future

Poor Credit Score? You can still be approved


n this instance a lender willing to take some risk on will
in some cases approve someone with poor credit if they have a disposable income.


Remember, each application is actually considered on a range of information, the information you provide in your application, your age, you current debt levels, how you manage credit elsewhere, The living arrangements and even your employment status.


You can get totally free access to your credit scores 24/7. Free access applies to Noddle (for your Call Credit / TtransUnion Report) and Clear Score for your Free Equifax Credit Report. Experian offer FREE Credit Scores to Customers. All of these Credit Scores are updated once monthly

Affordability is one of the main obstacles in people getting credit.

It’s all well and good having a perfect 999 Credit score but if your income suggests you would struggle to make repayments on time a lender is not going to approve you for the credit you want.

Have you ever wondered what your Credit score actually means?

Search online and you will get a mixed response, Some people will tell you to ignore your Credit Score and others will try and improve their score.

Importantly, everyone should take some notice of their Credit Score.

It’s not a score to evaluate predictions on being accepted for credit, but more an indication of how you are doing.

There are so many theories around about your Credit Score, it’s hard to know what your Credit Score actually means.

Is it a way for Credit Reference agencies just to make extra money or will it actually help you get accepted for credit?

Check your credit rating for free

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