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Catalogues with credit

Home Shopping Catalogues with Credit – Credit Catalogues, Catalogue Credit, Catalogues.

Catalogues with Credit allow you to buy now and pay later. You can spread the cost with a Pay Monthly or Pay Weekly Catalogue. All of our Shopping Catalogues offer an Instant decision. Each month you will receive a statement from your Catalogue company.
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Catalogues with Credit

Shopping Catalogues with Credit

Learn about Home Shopping Catalogues with Credit 

Submitting an application for a Shopping catalogue is easy.

First of all, you need to be aware that your first order is subject to Identity and Credit Checks.

As a result, this will help the Catalogue make a decision almost immediately rather than making you wait for the outcome.

You can get a Catalogue without a Credit Check!

Outcomes will vary, depending on your circumstance, your application maybe accepted, declined or referred.  (Unless you Choose a No Credit Check Catalogue).

Improve your chances of being accepted

Electoral registers contain information about Uk residents registered to vote, Being registered on the Electoral Register will  certainly help improve your chances getting approved for a Catalogue

Poor Credit? A Bad Credit Catalogue can help

Previous credit problems shouldn't stop you considering a Shopping catalogue with credit, almost everyone can be accepted for a Catalogue with Us.

No Credit Check Catalogues are available and  Furthermore the good news is that opening and running a Catalogue  with credit will demonstrate you can handle credit well, thus helping you improve your credit rating.

For that reason, Always ensure you keep up with your repayments and stay within your Catalogues credit limit.

Checking Your Credit Report

Mail order Shopping Catalogue companies will credit score your application when you apply for credit, For the reason that Catalogue companies do suffer from people who are unable to manage their repayments, by using Credit Scoring and Credit Checking your application this in turn helps your Catalogue company predict if you can manage the repayments,

Getting accepted for a home shopping catalogue

So people with Poor Credit can certainly still be accepted for Catalogue credit, Therefore it's also worth nothing that it's often an easy form of Credit to be accepted for.

As long as you are confident that you can afford the repayments you probably should consider applying today.

New to Credit?  Try a Home Shopping Catalogue with Credit

Likewise customers who are new to credit can also be approved for a catalogue. Starting on the Credit Ladder can be rather hard, It seems hard to get approved for Credit if you don't have any previous credit history.

That being said, If you are looking at getting on the Credit Ladder Catalogues are more often than not easier to get accepted for.

Shopping for the first time with your Home shopping catalogue

First of all, before you place your first order, We need to explain about your first order.

First orders have more chance of Success if they are low in value.

Rather than attempting to order hundreds of pounds in goods for your first order, order one item, it certainly increases your chance of success.

Consequences that could see Big purchases fail 

Consequently, Should you go ahead and place a large order, it may be rejected, Shopping Catalogues sometimes suffer from Fraud, for that reason they are rather cautious in releasing large orders on a first order.

You wouldn’t want to be declined just because they were worried about ID fraud for example.

Credit Limit Increases

Evidence shows that Catalogue companies are more happy to dispatch larger items once they have seen payments, Probably the best advice we can give you at this stage to Qualify for Credit Limit Increases with your Catalogue is  to keep up the repayments on your Catalogue and ensure you make at least the minimum repayment on time.

Obligations elsewhere can affect your Credit limit

Payment history, Applications and Debt Levels are all available to Credit Reference Agencies, As a result, if your Catalogue company receives a feed from them, they will be aware of your Circumstances.

Due to this, they will be aware of any changes that happen, By running Credit elsewhere well and not making too many applications for credit you should be in good stead to qualify for Credit Limit increases.

Some Catalogue Companies increase Credit limits after just 1 Statement!

Spread the cost with a Catalogue with Credit – above all it may improve your credit rating*… 

Did you know that Catalogues are handy and great for Birthday gifts, Christmas, treats for yourself and at those unexpected times when things like Washing Machines break down?

Catalogues can improve your credit rating

Maybe you are not aware  of the fact that they are also a powerful tool in rebuilding or building your Credit rating, this is especially true if you keep up with the repayments,

Should you miss repayments however, then they may have a negative affect on your Credit rating.

Spread the cost with a Credit Catalogue

Items you can buy will vary from each Catalogue, Use your Credit to buy Clothing, Electrical Goods and even personalised goods.

All delivered direct to your door and payable in nice affordable monthly repayments..

Placing your first Catalogue order

Take note that your first order is subject to acceptance, Terms and Conditions apply, Criteria for a Catalogue includes, Passing Credit Checks, Affordability Checks and agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions of a Credit agreement.

Catalogue Interest

Interest is chargeable on all balances owed unless you choose an Interest free period or Buy Now Pay Later period.

We want to make sure your application has the best possible chance of success,  therefore it’s important that you follow these key points.

  • When you Apply use correct details, do not lie about the time at your address or your date of birth (at very least your application will be declined and at worst, you could find a fraud marker is applied to your credit file (CIFAS) more info here.
  • Keep your first order low, this is very important. It’s very rare for a catalogue company to offer thousands of pounds on new accounts, in fact, it’s very likely that your credit limit will start anywhere between £70 and £150.
  • Approved? It's time to order something, make the repayments on time (try to use Direct Debit) to be sure payments are made on time, with just a few months, you will likely see a nice credit limit increase.

Positive or Negative? Do Catalogues Improve or Damage Credit Ratings?

Questions we always get include “Do ShoppingCatalogues with credit affect your Credit Rating?”

Simple answer is that it depends on how you run your Catalogue account.

Mail Order Home Shopping Catalogues offer a great service, especially to those wanting to spread the cost, Expensive items can be spread into low affordable repayments, Used in the right way, Catalogue accounts can have a positive affect on your Credit Rating.

Missing payments or constantly only making the minimum repayments can have a negative affect and Interest can make Catalogues an expensive form of Credit.

Criteria to open a Catalogue Credit Account

  • You must be Resident in the UK aged 18_
  • Not be Bankrupt.
  • Confident you have the ability to afford the repayments

The law requires you to be over 18 and a UK resident. Do Not Apply for Credit if you know you cannot afford the repayments

In event that your application for a Catalogue is declined, You can still purchase using a debit or credit card!

Most noteworthy – it takes years to build a credit rating and just a mistake or two to spoil it. So if you are not sure about the repayments, consider buying your gifts without credit.

Accepted / Approved

approved catalogueSeems like it's time to say Congratulations!  As soon as you are approved it's time to remember the importance of keeping up the repayments, staying within your credit limit.

We'd like to remind you that Catalogues can help you rebuild your credit rating.

Showing you can keep up the repayments will help you in the future.

Keep up your repayments and you are also likely to see regular credit limit increases.

This means you will have more available credit, even if you don’t use this, it will help your credit rating.

Wondered how Catalogue credit limits work?

Finally, Catalogue Credit limits vary from person to person and are dependent on your circumstances, your credit rating and the current climate.

Companies like Look Again for example can start at around £70, where as JD Williams and the group usually start from £100, Next limits are usually around £150 upwards, but there is no way to tell you in advance.

About Catalogues Home Shopping….


Another point to make is how easy it is to apply for a Catalogue, You can apply online and get an instant decision with an instant credit limit.

Never lie when making applications for credit

Lying on applications is illegal and you  could find your details being added to a fraud database  such as CIFAS, Which will make getting credit in the future almost impossible and could cause bank accounts  you hold to be closed without notice.

Never be tempted, it's not worth the risk.

Credit Checks and Home Shopping Catalogues

When your ready to make your application you will need to be aware of how the information you provide along with information from the Credit Reference agencies will help the Catalogue make its decision.

 Information such as your Post Code, Credit Status, Employment Status will be awarded points,

Credit Scoring Catalogues

Together with information that the Credit reference agency supplier, an overall score will be calculated.

This will determine if your application is Successful or not. Basically, this is all done to hep the Catalogue determine if you will be able to afford to make the repayments on time each month.

Adverse Credit History?

Missing repayments or Making too many applications may have a negative affect on your Credit History, Because of that you may be considered as a Credit Risk or Sometimes known as someone with a Poor or Bad Credit History.

Poor credit home shopping catalogues

That said, A bad Credit history should not stop you considering making an application for a Home Shopping Credit Catalogue.

Problems that have happened up to 6 years ago may still affect your Credit History.

My Application has been referred, what does this mean?

Consequently, Sometimes an application for Credit cannot be processed in real time, A number of reasons can cause this, Occasions like A Credit reference agency times out or

Your application is a Borderline pass. Underwriters will then look at your application and will contact you with the outcome.

How long will it take for my catalogue credit decision

Most Catalogue companies will provide an Instant Decision and others may offer a decision in principle.

JD Williams, Very, Littlewoods, Freemans and Look Again s Catalogues offer an Instant decision when they can, Occasionally you made need to wait up to 24 hours for an email indicating whether or not you have been successful.

Referred – What happens now?

Referred Applications are not very common, Should it happen Just be patient.

In contrast, Should your application be accepted, You will be asked to read and agree to the terms and conditions and Sign a Credit Agreement, It's, worth printing a copy of these out and keeping the safe, it will offer information including important APR information.


Again, each catalogue company offers different terms, so make you check with them. On average, monthly repayments are around 5% of the balance owed, so a £1000 television will cost £50 per month (again, the payments and the terms will be clearly displayed when you place an order.)

Using your Catalogue account

Rebuilding your Credit rating and consequently your credit limit  you need to use your catalogue and show you are able to make the payments on time. Keep within your limit and ensure you make payments on time, your credit rating and credit limits will be increased over time.


What a feeling it is to get approved! , Especially if you have had problems in past.similarly, each credit search will be shown on your credit report. If you have been approved, it is probably a good idea to run the account well for six months before applying for another Catalogue. You shouldn’t really make more than 2 applications every 6 months, As a result, it could make you look desperate for credit.

Catalogues companies

Sometimes Catalogues may restricted to One Catalogue per household, therefore If your Partner/Spouse has a Catalogue they may not accept another Credit account.

You maybe able to open a different Catalogue from the Same group. Ensure you read the terms and conditions of the Catalogue to avoid a needless credit search being registered against you.

I've missed a repayment with my catalogue company

Missing payments or paying late can have a very detrimental effect on your credit limit and your credit rating. Please try and keep up repayments, Catalogue companies are human and if you know you are going to have problems making a payment, please call the company as early as possible to discuss with them.

Above All, Catalogue Companies are very understanding and will appreciate you taking the time to contact them rather than just not paying. If you have more than one catalogue within a group, Credit limits and orders may be held or cancelled until your payments are up to date.

Spreading repayments over long terms..

Repayments can mount up. One thing you have to be careful of, ordering items over 100 or 150 weeks, this means you are agreeing to making this payment for up to 3 years, you may be able to afford the repayments now, but will you still be able to make those payments in 3 years?

Be careful on taking out such large purchases from a catalogue!

Rejected application for Catalogues

catalogue declinedFirst thing, don’t feel deflated, it may seem like a bad thing, but often a rejection is caused due to information on your credit file.

Make sure you are on the electoral register, make sure your details are correct (get a copy of your credit file to ensure you are not a victim of fraud for example) and if all else fails, consider some of these things.

Reasons for a declined catalogue application

  • CCJ’s – These will remain on your credit report for 6 years (even if they are settled)
  • DEFAULTS – Again, these will remain on your credit file for 6 years (the older the defaults are) the less important they are to companies checking your credit report, that being said, if a company has a strict policy not to take on customers with Defaults or CCJ’s, your are unlikely to be approved.
  • Check other repayments, are they being made on time? It doesn’t matter if it’s a mobile phone, credit card or even your Electricity bill, if repayments are not being made on time and these late payments are being reported, you will find it hard to be accepted. (sometimes, keeping up repayments on your agreements for a period of 2 years) will strengthen your chances of acceptance.
  • Previous debts – Have you had previous debts with the Catalogue company you are applying for? Sounds strange, but there are examples of customers who have had previous accounts, run up debts, then open a new account, it can happen, but often, you will have to consider if the company is willing to take such a gamble.
  • FRAUD – Is there a history of fraud on your credit file (Such as CIFA warnings?) If there are, you are unlikely to be given an instant decision and more so, you are likely to find any application for credit rejected.
  • NO Credit – If you haven’t had credit before, this can be a hard one, because there is no history of how you manage credit, you are likely to find it hard to convince a Catalogue company to take the risk, but on these occasions, it’s worth appealing the decision in writing, it could help.

Leave it 6 months before you reapply

Usually, if your order has been declined for example by JD Williams, then your application to other companies in that group will likely be unsuccessful.

That’s because they often use their own Credit Criteria. If you have had an account accepted for JD Williams and then another application declined within their group, it may be, that they want to see how you run the account first.

Usually, leave it 6 months and then try again.

Criteria for a Catalogue with Credit

Another thing to be aware of is, If you are declined by JD Williams, it doesn’t mean that you will be declined by the Littlewoods group.

Each group will have their own lending criteria, just remember, spread applications out.

Don’t panic, Especially at the present time, with the tough financial climate, companies are looking to  only lend to people who can afford repayments. Check your credit report (totally free here) and see if there is a reason why companies cannot approve your application, such as CCJ’s, Defaults or late payments.

Appealing the decision

Appeal a decision you don't agree with – If you feel you can afford the repayments and you don’t agree with the declined message, you can appeal the decision.

You will need to write the Credit department or Underwriters.

Enclose a copy of your credit report, maybe include a budget for your household showing X amount available for the repayments a month, if you have had previous problems with credit, why not include a description, for example, if you got into financial problems due to health or redundancy, why not explain it?

Constructing and Making an appeal is easy. You have very little to lose by making an appeal and sometimes it has been known for a letter to work.

Frequently asked questions for Home shopping catalogues

Arrears – What if I can't pay back my Catalogue?

catalogues with credit limitsPeace of mind for you –  Catalogue companies are certainly aware that all customers circumstances can change and sometimes customers may have problems being able to keep up with the repayments.

Each Catalogue company will have a specialist department to help customers with arrears and furthermore they will try and find a way to help you get your account back on track

Serious Catalogue Arrears

Getting into arrears with Catalogues can have a lasting damage on your credit rating (late payments will show on your credit report for 6 years) so try and come to an arrangement with the company.

Getting help with Catalogue arrears

Help is at hand – Catalogue companies will call you if you fall into arrears, Customers should also note that if payments are not made and the account remains in arrears the following can happen

  • The Catalogue Company may suspend or reduce your Credit Limit
  • Orders may not be accepted until your account is back in good order
  • A final demand may be made (meaning your agreement to pay in instalments may end)
  • Late and Non Payment charges maybe applied.
  • Transferring your Account to a Licensed debt collector  – which can lead to further problems such as Defaults/County Court Judgements being issued against you.

Special Catalogue Repayment plans

catalogue arrearsRather than worrying, it's worth noting that Most catalogue companies can help you if you fall into problems.

This can range from reducing your monthly repayment, they could even help you freeze interest payments, if you have take out insurance make sure you check to see if you are able to claim (such as redundancy or health issues).

Repaying your Catalogue

Even though you maybe worried, Whilst you are in a payment arrangement with a Catalogue company, they will probably not release new orders. It is important to try and keep up with  payment arrangement you make with your catalogue, as failing to do so, can result in your account being closed, your Credit File being updated with the non payment and further collections from external companies (debt collectors).

Debt Collection – Catalogues

Should you not make payments on time Your Catalogue maybe left with no option but to pass your account to a debt collection partner.

They prefer not to do this, So always try and come to an affordable repayment plan if you can.

Like all Credit based products, Catalogues will report your payment behaviour back to the Credit Reference agencies, (Equifax, Experian and Call Credit. This means your conduct will seen by your current lenders and any future lenders (who you apply to).

Do everything you can to keep all repayments up and make sure payments are received on time.

If you are having trouble making payments, make sure you contact the lender as soon as you can, most are really helpful, if it’s a genuine case, they will want to help you and will appreciate your honesty.

Let's Apply for a Credit Catalogue

Easy Acceptance catalogues with credit

Below are an example of companies who have a good reputation in taking customers on with a less than perfect credit history .

Gratton/Freemans Group (OTTO) 

Grattan/Freemans Catalogues carry out a soft credit search when you apply. Credit limit start from £70  although most will start at around £250.

Express Gifts

24 Ace and 24 Studio Catalogues are available to people with Poor Credit, As a result the Catalogue has a good chance of success, therefore if you can demonstrate some history of  managing credit well, you should find your application successful.

Although Credit Limits start Lower, Usually at around £250, You do have the ability to qualify for Credit limit increases by managing your account well.

Red Cats

Another option is a Catalogue from the Red Cat Group. Several Years ago people with a Poor Credit History had some luck when applying for Catalogues from this group, Now days the applications have a slightly higher credit criteria, As such, if you are considering this Catalogue,

We recommend that you have some history of managing credit well, Registered to Vote and have no recent Defaults or County Court Judgements.

Expected Credit Limit are around £150 +, But will vary depending on your circumstances.

Littlewoods Group

Very and Littlewoods Catalogues have long dominated the Home Shopping Catalogue Market. They are great all rounder Catalogues, Furthermore they do require a Good Credit History.

Customers with previous credit problems should avoid making an application for a Very or Littlewoods Catalogue.

  • Bargain Crazy –

Rent or Rent to own with Dial a TV

Dial a TV offer a range of Electrical items that you can pay for weekly, Such as Cookers, Fridges, Game Consoles, and Laptops.

Rentals are usually a great way for people with Poor Credit to afford items they can't afford outright, hence making them a popular choice.

Affordability checks are more important than your past credit history with Dial A TV, Rent to Own and Rentals are available.

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