Applying for a pay monthly catalogue – The Application

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Enjoying the benefits of a pay monthly catalogue is easy,  First of all you will need to Apply for a pay monthly catalogue with credit account, Don’t panic this only takes a couple of minutes.

Application for a Catalogue

You will be required to supply your name, Your address, Your date of birth and some details about your income, employment status and your living arrangements.

Once you Submit your application you will almost certainly be given an Instant decision, You’ll either be Approved, Declined or Referred.


Should your application is successful you will be asked to sign a Credit agreement, you will be informed about your Credit Limit and your Interest rate. These will depend on a number of factors, including Credit Check and Affordability.


Sometimes a Catalogue company may not be able to provide an Instant decision, This may be because of a “Time Out” error with the Credit Reference Agency, Or other reason. Consequently you will need to wait for a short period of time. You will usually be sent an email or letter with the decision.


Another outcome is the application being declined. When you apply for a Credit catalogue the Catalogue company will score the information you provide along with information it receives from the Credit Reference Agencies.

Why Catalogue applications fail Credit Checks

Consequently, if information points to someone who hasn’t managed credit well, or maybe, someone with lot’s of debt, the Catalogue company may consider the risk too high and likewise may reject your application.


If this happens, you can consider an alternative catalogue, Consider an application for a bad credit catalogue or Challenge the decision and ask for manual review

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