What happens if I lie when making a credit application?

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Fraud & Other Checks when you make an application for Credit…

When you apply for a Catalogue or any kind of Credit, the company you are applying to may run additional checks. One of those checks it can run is checks with a company called National Hunter.

National Hunter store information you provide in applications.


So if you applied for a Credit Card last week and told them your income was £50,000 but today when you applied for a Catalogue you entered your income to be £20,000, National Hunter could Flag up a discrepancy and your application for a Catalogue will be referred for further checks.

Consistent information is the key to acceptance

So never lie about Salary, Outstanding Debts, Employment Status, Marital status, Age etc. Just be honest, if you are not accepted for the Catalogue you want, look at ways of improving your Credit Rating or select a Catalogue from our Bad Credit Catalogue section.

If you are thinking about applying for a Catalogue with Credit but are not too sure because of previous credit problems, rest assured, Catalogues do approve applicants with less than perfect credit.

It’s sometimes common for our visitors to have a better credit file with a certain Credit Reference Agency, if this is the case, we are delighted to provide you details here to see which Credit reference agency a Catalogue will check should you apply.

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