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Bad Credit

The Step Card The Step card is a pay monthly catalogue aimed at people with bad credit who may not be accepted for a Catalogue due to their credit score. No ...


A frequent email we receive from frantic customers is "I've missed my Catalogue repayment" Will it be marked on my Credit Report? Most Catalogue companies ...


What are the best mail order Home Shopping Catalogues? Ever considered opening and running a mail order catalogue? Catalogues with Credit are great for ...


If you are a Studio catalogue customer or are thinking about becoming one (Great choice if you are) then you may be interested in a brand payment option called ...

Pay Later

Express Gifts have launched Buy Now Pay Later. Ace and Studio launch buy now pay later options Both Studio and Ace customers can take advantage of new ...


Shop Direct New Warehouse Shop Direct owner of the Catalogue brands Very and Littlewoods are closing three Warehouses in Greater Manchester at the cost of ...


It's probably something you have never considered but according to the Sun newspaper it's something that's happening. Why are women paying more than men? The ...


It wasn't long ago that N Brown opened new Flagship stores for it's Catalogue brands Simply BE and Jacamo. However, N Brown is now mulling closing the ...

Bad Credit

GUARANTEED Mobile phone Contracts If you are looking for a new mobile phone the chances are you are going to either choose a Pay As You go mobile or a Pay ...


You know what it's like, you order something and then realise once it's in your hands it's not quiet to your liking. The advantages of home shopping through a ...


The FCA have today announced changes it intends to make for the Rent-To-Own and Catalogue sector, similar to those made by it against the Pay day loan ...


When you have entered all the information asked, the Catalogue company will perform a Credit Check. Usually the Credit check will only take about 30 seconds to ...


When you are making your application for a Catalogue please ensure you are not tempted to lie about anything. Even if you have had previous credit issues ...


Fraud & Other Checks when you make an application for Credit… When you apply for a Catalogue or any kind of Credit, the company you are applying to may ...


When applying for your pay monthly credit catalogue, your catalogue application will be subject to a credit check. Use the table below to check which Credit ...


Klarna Bank AB, commonly referred to as Klarna, is a Swedish bank that provides online financial services. You will see them pop up when you visit a number ...

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  1. Not Strictly true Ashley, but thanks for your suggestion

  2. Next do review Credit Limits every 3 months or so. It happened to us twice. Usually if you take out new Credit or make applications for credit they will Suspend your credit limit.

    It doesn’t mean they don’t want you as a customer and they do remove the suspension if they are happy with things.

    Next receive a feed from the Credit reference agencies and will adjust credit limits accordingly, it’s responsible lending and is not actually a bad thing, the last thing Next or you really want is to be in a position that you can’t afford the repayments.

  3. In our own experience Terry, the Brilliant Gift Shop account got closed once the balance was paid. However, that being said, you should be able to use the same login for this account on the main Jd Williams website. That’s what the Email told us. Let us know how you got on

  4. Sorry to hear that Laura. Have you managed to repay any of them ? The chances are if you are unable to keep up with the repayments, it may be that it’s best you don’t apply for another. There are many agencies who can help you if you are struggling with debts.

  5. Hi Essex,
    I would expect that as you had a card you may already appear on the System. I have read before that people who previously defaulted with certain cards like American Express may never be giving another card, however, with Vanquis, I have read that you can be lucky and get another card, but I believe it depends on the situation and your circumstances and therefore I wouldn’t be able to offer any help, you should probably contact Vanquis direct to see what’s happening.

    Sorry I can’t offer any further assistance

  6. JD Williams is a Catalogue not a Credit Card. To apply, select a product from their website, then go to the basket. At this point you will be offered two options, pay by Credit Card or Apply for a Credit Account.

    Select the Apply for a Credit Account, complete the short application and in most cases you will be given an Instant decision with a Credit limit. I hope this helps you. Good luck

  7. Sacha, This usually means your application has been referred to the Underwriters and if they do require any further info they will call. I would wait a few days, those who have been successful have reported getting the call 1-3 days from application

  8. Radu, At the moment I am not aware of the NEO or any other Vanquis Credit Card offering a quick/silent eligibility checker. Sorry 🙁

  9. Usually within 2-3 days Emma, but if they are busy it can take slightly longer.

  10. Good Afternoon Mark,
    This card is good for someone rebuilding their credit, You could be approved for this credit card with Defaults and CCJ’s although, if you have suffered a CCJ or Default in the last 12 months I would suggest you wait.

    Depending on a number of factors, usually the best chances are to those with less than a couple of Credit Searches in the last 6 months, those showing repayments on their credit agreements (without missing more than one payment in the past 12 months) and those with a low Debt ratio. I have had emails of two customers who received the card, one telling me her Experian credit score was 666 and she was surprised.

    Every application is looked upon on it’s own merit and it’s impossible to tell you what your chances are, however, you can sign up for a free trial with Credit Expert here and then use their service to find out your Eligibility for this credit card. Sorry I cannot be more useful but every application is considered.

  11. Congratulations Samantha 🙂

    Usually within 3-4 days, so fingers crossed Saturday.
    As for your Credit Limit, you will find that on the letter that your card is attached to.

  12. I think you automatically get a copt of the terms and conditions in your email when you apply, it’s not really an indication of being accepted I regret. You should hear from them within a few days if your application has been approved.

  13. Hi Kirsty, Usually you will hear within 14 days via the post if you have been accepted, you could always call them 0330 099 3000 🙂

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