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All of our Catalogues with Credit offer an Instant decision and if your application for a Credit catalogue is successful you can enjoy Instant Credit to spend. So relax and let us help you find the perfect home shopping catalogue from our Credit Catalogue list.

Instant Decision Catalogues with Credit

  • List of catalogues for home shopping - Instant decision catalogues with credit
Bad Credit Savvy Benefit Card

Savvy Benefit Card

 No Credit Check Shopping Catalogue Enjoy a Guaranteed Acceptance with No Credit Check - You will enjoy a Catalogue credit limit of £2500 and other benefits including a Guaranteed mobile phone contract without credit checks. Apply Now - Guaranteed ...
Bad Credit Step Card Catalogue

Step Card Catalogue

Step Card pay monthly Catalogue No Credit check pay monthly catalogue, Guaranteed Acceptance - Credit limits up to £500 with credit limit increases available. Request a Step Card CatalogueIf you have bad credit or are worried you won't pass a credit ...
Pay Monthly Argos Catalogue and Catalogue Card

Argos Catalogue and Catalogue Card

Pay monthly Catalogue and Catalogue Card. Argos Catalogue offers Buy Now Pay Later Credit and Pay monthly catalogue options. All with same day delivery, ideal for Birthdays and Last minute gift ideas. The catalogue is packed with Awesome goods, gifts and ...
Pay Monthly Look Again Catalogue

Look Again Catalogue

 Pay Monthly Catalogue You can spread thee cost with Look Again and pay monthly or choose the Buy Now Pay Later option. The Look Again Catalogues offers an Instant decision and Instant Credit if your application is successful Request a Look Again ...
Pay Monthly Next Pay Catalogue

Next Pay Catalogue

Spread the cost with a Next Pay catalogue account. Apply online for an Instant Decision, if successful you can spend online instantly. You can also apply for a Next Pay Store card allowing you to pay for items at any Next store. Request a Next Catalogue ...
Daxon Catalogue

Daxon Catalogue

The Daxon Catalogue believed Every woman deserves to feel confident in what she wears. That's why Daxon is dedicated to classic, elegant styling, superior comfort and great value. The Daxon Catalogue closed in 2016 The Daxon catalogue closed in the UK 2016, ...
Pay Later Studio Catalogue

Studio Catalogue

 Studio Catalogue The Studio Mail Order Catalogue offers a range of goods from Homeware through to Gifts, Gadgets, Toys and the latest Tech. You can apply to spread the cost and pay monthly or choose buy now pay later. You will get an Instant decision and ...
Fashion Kaleidoscope Catalogue

Kaleidoscope Catalogue

Homeware and Fashion - This pay monthly catalogue offers an Instant decision and if Successful you can spend instantly. Apply for a Kaleidoscope Catalogue About the Kaleidoscope Catalogue The Kaleidoscope Catalogue with Credit offers A layer of lace ...
Fashion Swimwear 365 Catalogue

Swimwear 365 Catalogue

Swimwear and Holiday Fashion catalogue. Spread the cost of Fashion and Holiday clothing with the Swimwear365 catalogue credit account. Offering pay monthly and buy now pay later credit options. Request a Swimwear365 Catalogue We believe that ...
Fashion La Redoute Catalogue

La Redoute Catalogue

French Fashion catalogue, Spread the cost with Pay Monthly credit options. The La Redoute catalogue offers French Fashion and Unique Styles for you and your family. Request a La Redoute Catalogue Fashion Catalogue La Redoute Looking for a pay monthly ...
Fashion Bonprix Catalogue

Bonprix Catalogue

Fashion Catalogue for Men and Women offering you the chance to spread the cost when you apply for a BonPrix catalogue credit account. Offering Pay monthly and buy now pay later options, the Bon Prix catalogue has something for everyone. This Fashion ...
Pay Monthly Ace Catalogue

Ace Catalogue

Open an Ace Catalogue account and you can choose how you repay, choose Pay Monthly or buy now pay later. The Ace Catalogue offers an Instant decision and Instant credit if your application is successful. Request a Ace CatalogueThe Ace catalogue has ...
Fashion Curvissa Catalogue

Curvissa Catalogue

Fashion catalogue offering pay monthly credit terms ideal for Women sized 14-32. Find the latest Styles and Fashion labels and spread the cost. Request a Curvissa Catalogue About the Curvissa Catalogue The Curvissa Catalogue with Credit believe Plus ...
Fashion Witt International Catalogue

Witt International Catalogue

 Witt International Catalogue. Packed with the latest trends and styles. Request your Witt International Catalogue today. Request a WITT International CatalogueWitt International Catalogue offers customers the chance to spread the cost. Apply for your Witt ...
Fashion Vertbaudet Catalogue

Vertbaudet Catalogue

French Fashion Pay Monthly catalogue Spread the cost with the Vertbaudet Catalogue, Apply now and pay monthly. Packed with the latest Children's French Fashion ideal for Children, Toddlers and Babies. Request a Verbaudet CatalogueVertbaudet specialises ...
Pay Later Freemans  Catalogue

Freemans Catalogue

 Request a Freemans Catalogue Freemans offers you the choice of paying monthly or spreading the cost with buy now pay later. You can buy pretty much everything from this all rounder catalogue. Request a Freemans Catalogue Freemans Catalogue ...
Bad Credit Dial a TV – Rent or Rent to Own, Pay Weekly or Monthly

Dial a TV – Rent or Rent to Own, Pay Weekly or Monthly

 Apply for your Dial a TV account Spread the cost by paying weekly or monthly with Dial a TV. Bad Credit welcome, easy acceptance offering rent or rent to own. Furniture, Gadgets, Electrical Products, Mobile phones and more. Dial a TV Dial a TV is ...
JD Williams Catalogue

JD Williams Catalogue

The JD Williams Catalogues is a fantastic Catalogue company for those with previous credit problems looking to rebuild their credit rating. place and order, keep up with the repayments and your Credit limit will be reviewed after just a couple of months, Jd ...
Very Catalogue

Very Catalogue

Very Buy Now Pay Later Pay Monthly Catalogue Very is one of our personal favourite Catalogues due to the number of items available and the next day delivery. Opening an account is pretty straight forward, Very offer an Instant decision, you will just ...
Bad Credit Deluxe Gold Card Catalogue

Deluxe Gold Card Catalogue

The Deluxe Gold card catalogue was designed to give people with bad credit the chance to rebuild their credit rating using a pay monthly catalogue. The catalogue allows you to spend money and rebuild your credit rating Bad credit catalogue If you have a bad ...
Premier man catalogue

Premier man catalogue

Premier Man offers you the chance to Shop for your whole wardrobe from casual wear to tailored suits in sizes up to 5XL. The Premier man catalogues allows you to pay monthly if your application for a Personal account is successful Apply for your Premier man ...
Bad Credit Yes Catalogue

Yes Catalogue

Bad Credit Catalogue - The Yes Catalogue Card is aimed at those with Poor Credit. If you have a bad Credit rating this Catalogue account may be just for you, they approve more applications than any other Catalogue with Credit on Credit4everyone! The YesCard ...
Julipa Catalogue

Julipa Catalogue

Julipa Catalogue provides smart fashion that is cut to fit and flatter the mature woman. We have fashion for all occasions available in sizes 10-30 and stylish footwear in sizes 4-9, D to EEEE widths. Julipa always strives to provide value for money and ...
Marisota Catalogue

Marisota Catalogue

As seen on TV, The Marisota Catalogue provides the latest fashions, designed to flatter every figure. Marisota girls can be assured that they will look and feel gorgeous whatever their shape or size. Apply for your Marisota Catalogue We don't have a direct ...
Jacamo Catalogue

Jacamo Catalogue

About the Jacamo catalogue - Jacamo customers keep their wardrobe up to date with menswear for all occasions from cool casual wear to great fitting, tailored suits. The site is dedicated to providing big name brands in a big range of sizes; hassle free. A ...
Simply Be Catalogue

Simply Be Catalogue

The Simply Be Catalogue - As well as our own gorgeous clothing, Simply Be brings you the most fabulous fashion from big brands and designers all in sizes 14-32. Simply BE allows you to pay monthly. Apply for your Simply BE catalogue We don't offer a direct ...
Fashion World Catalogue

Fashion World Catalogue

Fashion World Catalogue, As seen on TV. Fashion World specialises in offering flattering clothing and lingerie to help customers keep up with the latest trends that best suit them. Fashion World Catalogue Credit Limits usually start from £100 upwards. Apply ...
House of Bath Catalogue

House of Bath Catalogue

House of Bath, Quality Furniture and Decor for every room in your home. Find Unique items not readily available on the high street, reflect your taste with stylish products in natural tones and paler shades with the House of Bath Catalogue. Credit Limits ...
Fifty Plus Catalogue

Fifty Plus Catalogue

Fifty plus Catalogues is a great catalogue account for the mature woman who is still very much young at heart. Clothing is available in sizes 12-34 and Shoes in sizes 4-9 with width fittings D to EEE. Bras are available in back sizes 34-54 with cup sizes A to ...
Pay Later The Brilliant gift shop catalogue

The Brilliant gift shop catalogue

The Brilliant Gift Shop Pay Monthly Catalogue with Credit from JD Williams A great alternative is the Look again catalogue, also packed with amazing Products for your home, Gadgets, Electrical products, Consoles and much more. Sadly the Brilliant Gift ...
Bad Credit Choice Freedom Gold – Catalogue Card

Choice Freedom Gold – Catalogue Card

With a guaranteed Unsecured credit limit of £500 for accepted customers, the Choice Freedom Catalogue has extremely high approvals and will report your payments back to the Credit Reference Agencies, helping you improve your credit rating. Apply for your ...
Pay Later Littlewoods Catalogue

Littlewoods Catalogue

If you are looking for an all rounder Catalogue offering everything from Fashion through to Electrical items, Toys, Gadgets, White Goods, Furniture and Homeware then the Littlewoods Catalogue shouldn't be missed. With Littlewoods.com you can choose ...

Home Shopping Catalogues with credit

Catalogues with Instant Credit

Catalogues with Credit

home shopping catalogue with credit

Once you open your Credit Catalogue you will be able to place orders anytime you like up to your catalogues credit limit.

Each month your catalogue company will send you a Statement, This statement will offer you the chance to pay the balance or you can spread the cost by paying in monthly instalments

Catalogue Credit Limits

If you continue to make your payments on time each month and stay within your Catalogues credit limit you could become eligible for a credit limit increase, this will offer you more spending power with your Catalogue and could have a positive affect on your credit rating.

Apply for your Instant spend, Home shopping catalogue with credit today.

Home Shopping Catalogues with credit

A quick guide to Catalogues with Credit

Shop from the comfort of your home and spread the cost when you place orders on your Credit Catalogue. Open you Credit Catalogue today and Spend instantly.

If you want to find out more about pay monthly catalogues and how they work then check out our pay monthly catalogue guide here.

Our Pay Monthly Catalogue guide offers everything you need to know about Home shopping catalogues, It covers Subjects like

Benefits of our pay monthly catalogue guide

  • Opening a Catalogue in easy steps
  • How do Catalogues with Credit work?
  • Catalogue Credit Limits, How they work
  • What are the easiest Catalogues to be accepted for
  • Everything you need to know about Catalogue Statements

We believe our Catalogue Guide has everything you could ever possibly need to open, run and manager your Catalogue account.

Do pay monthly catalogues help improve credit ratings?

A Catalogue can help improve your credit rating

A well run Catalogue could help improve your Credit rating. By keeping up with every repayment on time and staying within the Credit limit over time you should start see a positive effect on your Credit Rating

Catalogues can damage your credit rating

Missing repayments or exceeding the Credit limit can have a negative on your credit rating. So ensure you only order items you can afford to repay.

Revolving Credit

Catalogues will report back to your Credit file as “Revolving Credit”. This term means a Credit based product which is available to use as and when you need it.

Are Catalogues an Expensive way to buy things?

Catalogue pricing has become more competitive

In the past ordering items from Catalogues was indeed an expensive way to purchase items.

With the rise of the internet and more competition, Catalogues have become very competitive in terms of pricing.

Spreading the cost could increase the overall cost

If you spread the cost, interest will be applied, this may increase the cost of the item.

Spreading the cost can work out expensive, ensure you work out the final price and consider your options wisely. 

Catalogue Applicaton Requirements

You must be a UK resident aged 18+ to apply for a Catalogue.

You should also not be restricted from borrowing (For Example, Not Bankrupt).

Think carefully about the repayments a Catalogue will require. A Catalogue is an excellent way to spread the cost of items, especially those you cannot afford items outright right away. Catalogues will deliver your items to your home or any UK address you select (your first order may only be available to your home address)

Why has my Catalogue's Credit limit been reduced?

Catalogue Credit limits are reviewed from time to time.

This is done to ensure you are not taking on too much debt elsewhere and helps them try to predict serious financial problems before they occur.

If a Catalogue company notices that you are starting to miss repayments elsewhere or starting to take on lot's of new credit they may reduce or suspend your Credit limit.

Continue making your repayments on time and acting responsibly and you should see your Credit limit being reinstated.

Are there any NO Credit Check Catalogues?

Catalogue companies will carry out Credit Checks to confirm your I.D, to ensure you can afford the repayments (Affordability Checks) and to see how you have been managing your finances in the past 6 years. If you bad credit due to a poor credit rating, you will be probably be looking for companies that don't carry out a credit check.

There are Catalogue companies who will offer Catalogues with Credit to people who have had previous problems, including those customers with CCJ's, Defaults etc.

Use our Catalogue Directory by clicking here

How do I make payments to my Catalogue company?

If you have been accepted, placed your oder and have now received your first statement you are now going to need to make your first payment.

The most common payment form is using a Debit or Credit Card. If the Debit Card or Credit Card you are going to use to make your Catalogue payment is not in your name or is not registered to your Home Address, you should contact your Catalogue company by telephone.

Paying your Catalogue by Credit or Debit Card

Usually, you can Login and make the payment online. Please ensure you remember the Due date is the date your payment is due by and not the date you should make payment on. Both Debit and Credit Card payments can take a couple of days to clear, so please ensure you pay a few days before the Catalogue Due date. If you cannot login to your Catalogue, make sure you call them. Missing the payment or making the payment late can have an affect on your Credit rating.

Other Methods of Payment

You can pay your Catalogue by Direct Debit, Telephone your Catalogue company and they will explain the process. Usually, this will require you completing a Direct Debit mandate form and returning it to them. Please ensure you continue making the repayments until they can confirm they are taking the payment by Direct Debit.

Giro Payments

Some Catalogues offer the Giro Slip at the bottom of the Statement, this means you can usually make the payment in your bank or at the post office. This payment method can incur a small handling charge, please refer to your statement for full details.

What items can I buy from a Catalogue Company?

Anything you like. Take a look at their website and you will see the items available, along with a description, pricing information etc.  Some Catalogue companies send through promotional items such as Stock Discount items .

Your monthly statements are usually posted to your home address. Even though more and more people use Websites to place orders and make payments, Catalogues rarely offer an Online Only option for statements at this time, but this may change in the future.

What happens if I cannot keep up the repayments with my Catalogue?

If you are having financial problems including not being able to make payments to your Catalogue, please ensure you call them and discuss it with them.

Missing payments on any type of Credit Agreement can have a serious effect on your Credit Rating for up to six years.  Try to come to a solution with your Catalogue company. Explain the situation to them. They have a range of ways they can help you. Jus Be honest and upfront about your Situation

Catalogue companies will usually start to telephone you if your account falls into arrears, coming to a solution with them early will help avoid these calls and letters.  If you cannot make payment your account could be affected and the following can happen

  • Credit Limits can be reduced or removed
  • Orders can be refused until arrears are clear, or cancelled if you do not come to an agreement about the arrears.
  • A full demand of the full balance being made to you (if your account is 2 or more months in arrears) and you have not come to an agreement with your Catalogue company.
  • A Late payment charge being applied to your account, usually around £12
  • A late marker being placed on your Credit files
  • Your Account being passed to Debt Collection and/or Legal action being taken which can include being issued with a Default.

Why can't I find Littlewood Catalogues here?

Littlewoods Group (The Littlewoods Group, including the Very Catalogue, K&Co Catalogue, Woolworths Catalogue are often available to those with a Good Credit Rating. They do consider some with a below average rating, but are much more likely to decline applications due to a poor credit rating.

Credit Limits vary and often range between £100 and £1000 for the first order. Credit Check is done online and an instant decision is often made at the time of application.

Instant Decisions made by Very/Littlewoods etc are then usually checked over by their Credit Department. So whilst there is some evidence of Customers who are rebuilding their Credit Rating being approved, there is also evidence of a lot also being rejected.

Thomas Aslantepe – Wiltshire Catalogue Account

I followed the instructions very carefully and after 15 months of trying to get accepted to start re-building my credit, I was approved! The information you supplied has really helped me. Now, 18 months on, I have a mobile phone and credit card and finally feel like an adult again.

Credit 4 Everyone