Buy Now Pay Later with a Pay Monthly Catalogue with Credit

Instant Decision Catalogues with Credit. Apply for your Instant decision Credit Catalogue and spread the cost.

Catalogues with Credit can help you build or rebuild your Credit Rating, Buy Now, Pay Later by Spreading  the cost of items such as Washing Machines, Hoovers, Fridges, Gifts and  even Christmas!

About Catalogues with Credit

Buy now pay later with a Pay Monthly Catalogue with Credit. We have a large range of Catalogues available. You can apply for your new Pay Monthly Catalogue in just a few minutes. Spread the cost with easy affordable manageable repayments.

Instant Decision Catalogues with Credit

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About Pay Monthly Catalogues with Credit

Buy now pay later with a Pay Monthly Catalogue with Credit. We have a large range of Catalogues available.

You can apply for your new Pay Monthly Catalogue in just a few minutes.

Your items can be delivered right to your door or to one of several thousand drop off points (such as shops etc).

You can spread the cost with easy affordable manageable repayments. Enjoy all of the benefits of a Pay Monthly catalogue today.

How do Pay Monthly Catalogues with Credit work?

You can shop in a number of ways on a Catalogue website. You can choose to pay with your Debit or Credit Card or apply for a Credit account.

If you choose to apply for a Credit Facility with your Catalogue company you will need to complete a short application form.

If you apply for a Credit account and are successful you will be able to use the Credit facility as and when you need it.

If you choose to apply for a Catalogue with Credit your application will go through a few checks.

Identity Checks

pay monthly catalogue creditCatalogue companies will check your identity to ensure you are who you say you are and to ensure you are not a victim of fraud.

These checks are done in the background usually in real time once the application has been applied for.

If they cannot prove your identity, you may be asked to send them a document to help them verify you.

Affordability Checks

Catalogue companies are required by law to ensure they lend responsibly.

Therefore when you apply for a Catalogue with Credit, they will carry out affordability checks.

This will just ensure you are not already financially stretched and ensures you can afford the repayments each month.

Credit Check

It’s more than likely that along with the affordability and ID checks, your Pay monthly Catalogue company will carry out a Credit Check.

This will give them a picture on how you manage credit and will help them decide on the Credit limit they offer you.

It all sounds like scary stuff, but it’s nothing to worry about. In most cases, your application will take a couple of minutes to apply for and a decision will usually take seconds.

No Credit Check Catalogues for people with bad Credit

No Credit Check Catalogues catalogues for people with bad credit or a low credit rating.

Similarly, We offer Catalogues dedicated to the latest Fashion, Catalogues for Gifts  range of Buy Now Pay Later Catalogues.

All of our pay monthly Catalogues offer Credit facilities and offer an Instant Decision, this means you should know your Catalogues Credit limit once you have completed the application.

People often search for no credit check catalogues. One thing to be aware there is no such thing as a No Credit Check Catalogue because the Law requires all companies providing credit to be lending responsibly.

This means that the Catalogue company needs to know you are at least the minimum age (18) and you are not bankrupt for example.

Once those two checks are completed, the Catalogue company still needs to know that you can afford the minimum repayments each month.

Finally, To guarantee against Fraud the Catalogue company is also required to check your Identity, this stops someone opening accounts in other peoples names.

In most cases, all of these checks are done within seconds using a Credit Check with a Licensed Credit Reference Agency. Improving your chance of getting accepted for a Pay Monthly Catalogue with Credit Being registered on the Electoral Register is going to strongly improve your chances of being accepted for a Catalogue with Credit immensely.

If you are not registered you may find your application is rejected or you may be asked to provide evidence of your residence.

So if you are looking for a No Credit Check catalogue, do check out our bad credit catalogue section for a much higher chance of approval.

Benefits of  Pay Monthly Catalogues with Credit

credit cataloguesCatalogue companies usually offer new customers a welcome offer or some kind of incentive to welcome you. Sometimes this is a free gift or a discount code.

The good news is that once you become a customer, your Pay monthly catalogue company will continue to send you special offers including money off vouchers, free birthday gifts and free delivery codes.

catalogue deliveryIf you haven’t yet done so, Applying for your Catalogue is very fast and easy. It doesn’t take long and you can get an Instant decision, allowing you to go ahead and place your order straight away.

In most cases you will be given details of your Credit limit without having talk to anyone.

You can do everything from our website once you have chosen your Catalogue.

Once you have placed your order, you could receive your order within a day or (depending on the Catalogues delivery time scale and stock).

Catalogues are a great way to shop, you can try before you buy and enjoy some Super’b deals. New customers can be offered deals such as 20% off first orders.

First orders are usually only available to your home address.  (this is done for security reasons).

Larger items may take longer to arrive as they are often sent direct from Suppliers rather than the Catalogue companies warehouse.

Personalised gifts and certain products are probably going to be restricted from being returned. Items which cannot be returned are clearly marked at the time of order.

Catalogues will accept items you order which you don’t like. Most offer free returns.

If you order an item and it’s not your style or it doesn’t fit as you hoped, you can arrange to have the item returned. This is another advantage to a Catalogue account.

Once the item is returned, this will appear on your Catalogues monthly statement and you will not be required to pay for it.

Your rights on items you order from a Catalogue

catalogue delivery
Faulty items can be returned for a replacement, usually within the first 12 months, although do check through the terms and conditions or contact your Catalogues customer services for full details.

All items you order from Catalogue companies are in brand new condition (unless notified at the time of order.)

This means you can expect to receive brand new, top of the range items. All items should arrive in perfect condition and work as described.

If an item you ordered isn’t as described or something is faulty, contact your Catalogue company, they will usually arrange to have the item collected and a replacement sent to you on the same call.

Large Items

Sometimes, specialist couriers will deliver items, items like Furniture for example.

If you are not 100% happy with something you have ordered, simply contact the Catalogue who will go through the options available to you.

Extended Warranties

Certain items you purchase may offer you the chance to extend the manufacturer’s warranty.

Whilst we love Catalogues ourself and love promoting their benefits, we do advice you to consider extended warranties offered. Some times, your home insurance will cover things like Accidental damage. You could also purchase extended warranties elsewhere on certain items.

The reason we are not a fan of extended warranties with Catalogue companies is the price you pay is often a lot more than you would expect to pay.

You could also end up paying interest on the Extended warranty if you don’t pay the full balance off each month.

Sometimes extended warranties are provided at a fixed price, for example, £3 per month, other times, you may be quoted a price.

Always think carefully about the Extended warranty, be sure you fully understand what’s covered and what’s not covered.

Missed Deliveries

If you place an order with a Catalogue and miss the delivery, the delivery courier company is likely to leave you a “We’re sorry we missed you card”.

You should be able to contact the Courier directly to arrange re-delivery.

Catalogue Delivery – Pick Up Points delivery

Catalogue companies are now starting to offer you the chance to have items delivered to a shop or building close to your work for example.

Although certain items may be excluded from this option, if you know for example you are not going to be home to accept a delivery, you can arrange for your Catalogue company to ship to a shop close to your work, which you can then pick up at a time that’s convenient for you.

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  • Bad Credit Catalogues with credit
  • Pay Monthly Catalogues
  • Pay Monthly Catalogue Cards


Bad Credit Catalogues for people with a Very Poor Credit Rating

catalogues for bad creditWe now have new options for those with Very poor credit ratings, if you have tried one of our main stream catalogues and have been rejected, you could consider the following Catalogues which offer a Credit Facility and are aimed at those with Very poor Credit ratings, such as those with recent Defaults and or County Court Judgments.

These Credit Catalogues will report your Credit history back to the Credit Reference agencies, so can help improve your Credit rating.

These Catalogues offer the same Buy Now Pay Later options as other pay monthly catalogues, however, the APR may be slightly higher. These Catalogues are a good stepping stone to our other Catalogues.

Apply for a Bad Credit Catalogue

The Step Card Catalogue – With No Credit checks and Guaranteed Approval, You can enjoy a credit limit of £500, Keep up with the repayments and you could qualify for a Credit Limit increase. Apply Here

Savvy Benefit Catalogue – Guaranteed Acceptance, No Credit Check, When you become a Savvy Benefits member, you get access to some amazing products available at our store. A £2,500 credit line* Apply Here

The Yes Catalogue – Very High Approvals and do accept customers with CCJ’s and Defaults

Deluxe Gold Card Catalogue – Again, very high approvals and accepts CCJ’s Defaults and even customers with a discharged bankruptcy

Choice Freedom Catalogue – Guaranteed £500 Credit Limit for those accepted, accepts customers with very poor credit ratings – Easy Application

Benefits of Catalogue Shopping

There are lot’s of benefits for Opening and shopping with a Catalogue account. These include…

  • Spread the cost of Expensive items, pay in easy to manage instalments
  • Can help Improve your Credit Rating
  • Next Day Delivery available on hundreds of items*
  • Extended Warranties available on Selected items
  • Free Gifts and Offers for Customers
  • Delivery to your Home or any address you choose**

*Selected catalogues.

When you make your Application for a Catalogue with Credit…

Please do not be tempted to use any false information when you make an application for a Catalogue (or any other type of credit for that matter).

We know 99% of our visitors wouldn’t dream of it, but desperate people will try desperate measures in the hope of getting an order accepted. It’s not going to improve your chances of success. In fact, it can make matters a lot worse.

Making an application for any type of credit using a false information such as changing your date of birth or saying that you have lived at an address longer than you have is easy to spot. If the Catalogue company suspect fraud, they will report it to CIFAS. This information will be held on file for up to 6 years. According to Message forums, Some people with CIFAS warnings have found it impossible to open any lines of credit and have suffered with accounts being closed down. Even things like Basic Bank Accounts.

Law Enforcement agencies can access information on the Fraud Databases.