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Which Catalogues offer Buy Now Pay Later?

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Buying now and Paying Later is becoming increasingly popular. The idea is simple. You can select items you want and choose the Buy Now Pay Later option. Usually this is a period like 6 or 12 months.

You receive the items and can then relax and make no payments for the entire period. However, if you exceed the Buy Now Pay Later period, interest which has been deferred will be added. This can be costly, so it's always worth trying to clear the entire balance through the Interest free period.

Which Catalogues Offer Buy Now Pay Later?

Freemans and Look again Catalogues both offer Buy Now Pay Later, however, they only offer this facility to customers who have been a Catalogue Credit customer for 9 months or more.

Very & Littlewoods also offer this facility, however, they offer this without the restriction of being a Credit customer for 9 months. So if you are looking for a Buy Now Pay Later catalogue please click here.

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