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Easy Acceptance Catalogues

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Which Catalogue is the Easiest to get accepted for?

Easy acceptance catalogues

We are often asked which is the easiest pay monthly catalogue to get accepted for.

If you don't fancy a long read and want a quick answer check out these great easy acceptance pay monthly catalogues.

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Guaranteed Catalogue with no credit check

easy acceptance catalogues

If you have bad credit and don't want to apply for a catalogue only to be declined then a no credit check pay monthly catalogue could be ideal.

There are now 2 pay monthly catalogues in the UK offering no credit checks.

There are now 2 pay monthly catalogues in the UK offering no credit checks.If you have bad credit and don't want to apply for a catalogue only to be declined then a no credit check pay monthly catalogue could be ideal.

If you are looking for a no credit check catalogue then it's likely you have some kind of credit problems or are worried about the credit approval.

This could mean you have missed repayments or have suffered with County Court Judgements, Defaults or other credit nasties.

Sometimes it could be as a result of not having any credit or maybe making too many Credit searches in a short period of time.

Each of the above will lower a person's credit rating.

This means that an application to a Catalogue company may be affected or any other form of credit for that matter.

Catalogue Credit Scoring

credit scoreCatalogue company has a different Credit Scoring policy.

It's however true to say that Catalogue companies will and do accept customers with some negative credit history.

We have our own personal experience to prove that.

Credit scoring policies change all of the time, so it could be worth trying a mainstream catalogue before going straight for a more expensive no credit check catalogue.

We can't tell you which mainstream catalogue to try as it does change often, it depends on the current credit scoring policies of that Catalogue.

They change often otherwise people would know what to answer to guarantee acceptance.

In our own opinion Look Again and Studio catalogues are slightly more tolerant than other catalogues when it comes to approving customers with a less than perfect credit history.

So they could be worth trying first.

Bad Credit Catalogues

credit scoring how it worksThe first and most important thing is to take a look at your Credit report to see what's going to cause you some issues.

Each application that you make for credit will register a Search on your Credit report.

If your credit report is showing missed repayments then consider how old this information is, the older the information is the less impact it will have.

This goes for Defaults and County Court Judgements, however, some companies may have a policy of not even considering customers with Defaults or County Court Judgements.

The older the negative information is the less impact it will have, especially if you are keeping up with your repayments now.

Too many credit searches could make you look desperate for credit

bad credit cataloguesIf you have applied for lot's of credit in a short period of time (say in the past six months for example) This could have a negative affect on you.

Some lenders will consider that you are desperate for credit.

It's not as bad as Negative credit history like CCJ's or Defaults, but take a break from making further credit applications.

In this instance a no credit check catalogue is a good solution

Is affordability a key to why you are being declined for credit?

If you haven't missed any repayments or made too many applications for credit but are still being declined it could be due to affordability checks.

Take a look at the available/open credit accounts you have elsewhere, this includes Overdrafts, Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Car finance etc.

Compare the outstanding amounts and the available credit and then consider this against your income.

As a general rule, the more you owe and the more available credit you have the less the chance a future lender will be willing to offer you even more credit.

If your affordability is good and you don't have payment problems or too many searches, then it could be something else affecting your Credit history.

Easy acceptance catalogues

easy acceptance cataloguesIf you still cannot put your finger on the issue then you do have the right to ask for an appeal on any Catalogue company that has rejected your application, it could be something very innocent that's stopping you get approved.

If you have had payment issues (including Defaults) or maybe too many searches against your name, you could try a Catalogue application with Look Again, they can accept customers with a less than perfect credit history.

The pay monthly catalogues who accept customers with poor credit

JD Williams can also offer customers with a less than perfect credit history a catalogue, but they are more expensive and can charge as much as 59.9% interest.

JD Williams approved our application for a Catalogue when we had both defaults and more than the average searches against us.

Although each circumstance is different, the starting credit limit was low, but within 6-12 months our limit was several thousand.

Another option is to get the items you need via a company like Dial-a-Tv, they don't just offer TV's, they offer a wide range of computers, electrical products, gadgets and more and they offer people with previous credit problems the credit they need. You can even pay weekly or monthly.

In fact with Defaults we managed to get accepted for a Look Again Catalogue and a JD Williams catalogue.

We did find Freemans, Very and Littlewoods refused our application until our Defaults had fallen off.

That being said, Freemans have taken on customers with previous credit problems too.

Again, this will vary for each application as income levels, age and even Marital status will affect the Credit score.

Feel free to share your experience below.

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