Benefits of Home Shopping Catalogues

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buy now, pay later
buy now, pay later

Home Shopping, Pay Monthly Catalogues offer a number of benefits. Catalogues have come a long way since the 80s. Back in the 1980's Catalogues were big, bulky Books delivered twice a year, orders were placed over the telephone or sent using the order form. Applying for a Catalogue could be done over the telephone often with the incentive of a free gift such as a free Iron or free Travel Delivery would often take several days and you would often have to wait in day after day until the parcel arrived.

Things are very different now. You can apply for a Pay Monthly Catalogue instantly and have your ordered items delivered the very next day.

pay-monthly-cataloguesOne thing that hasn't changed is the ability to spread the cost. As long as your application for a pay monthly catalogue is approved, you will be offered a Credit Limit. Just be sure you can afford the repayments and know the final costs.

Although buying from Catalogues is convenient, items can cost slightly more.

Other benefits of Pay Monthly Catalogues include the ability to return items that you don't like, so if you order a Dress for example and the size is perfect but you don't feel it's you, you can return the dress and owe nothing.

You can also build or rebuild your Credit rating with a Pay Monthly Catalogue.

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