How to choose the right catalogue for you

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Pay Monthly Catalogue Guide – How to choose the right catalogue for you

Pay monthly catalogue Guide
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How do you choose the right pay monthly catalogue?

You want to open a Catalogue, but which one?

So you want a pay monthly catalogue but with so many options you are a little lost and need a little help understanding the differences between the Catalogues.

There are plenty of Pay monthly catalogues to choose from.

You can choose a pay monthly catalogue dedicated to Fashion or a Pay monthly catalogue that offers a little of everything.

Think about the type of things you want to buy…

If you are planning to open a pay monthly catalogue solely for the intention of buying Fashion then a catalogue dedicated to Fashion is for you.

You won't receive offers or books filled with items you have no interest in.

You will also find that Promotions and Deals are dedicated to clothing and the latest styles which will be perfect for you.

All round Catalogues

An all round catalogue offers a little of everything, from Clothing and Toys through to High end electrical products and white goods. These catalogues are pretty popular for those who want to be able to spread the cost as and when they need.


All of our Pay monthly catalogues offer regular promotions, so the key is knowing what you want to buy and find a catalogue that suits your need.

If you plan to buy a little of everything you wont want a catalogue dedicated to mens fashion for example.

The Best

One of our favourite pay monthly catalogues is Freemans, it offers a wide range of everything and pricing is also competitive. Very and Littlewoods are also brilliant catalogues if you like to indulge now and again.

For Fashion, We highly recommend Swimwear365 for Holiday Wear and Look Again or La Redoute for Fashion.

In fact if you want unique looks, make sure you do checkout Laredoute, it's a Catalogue full of Unique one off looks and French styles. Great if you love to look unique

Find your perfect catalogue

To find your perfect pay monthly catalogue click here

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    2nd August 2018

    I wish to order a Studio catalogue but do not want to pay monthly instalments.I want a Studio catalogue where i can pay for items in full upon arrival by post.Do you still operate this type of payment.

    Many Thanks
    K Harman

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