Does Guaranteed Car Finance really exist?

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If you have a bad credit rating you could be considering looking for Guaranteed Car finance. It's important that before you do anything whatsoever that you consider the cost of car finance.

bad credit car loans
car hp and pcp deals for people with a bad credit rating

Car finance for bad credit

There are several lenders willing to accept customers with a bad credit rating.

After all there is not a massive risk involved.

If you don't keep up with your repayments, your car is at risk from repossession.

Is bad Car finance expensive?

The lower your credit rating the more you can honestly expect to pay for Car finance. However, if you choose a Car Finance broker they will actually go away and look around a range of lenders to try and get you the best deal.

Don't accept the first offer you get

Car finance both in terms of Car HP and Car PCP deals can be expensive, Some lenders will happily offer an APR of 30% plus. So looking around is beneficial. Sometimes customers feel they have a credit rating a lot worst than it actually is.

Paying a deposit can help get a better APR

Putting a deposit towards your car can convince a lender that you are a better risk than someone who wants Bad Credit car finance with no deposit.

Apply today and see what Lenders are offering

If you are looking for Car finance, a Company like Get Me Car Finance can do much of the work for you. Simply complete a small application for and they will look over a range of options and lenders and try to find you a great deal. Find all of our Car finance offers here.

Bad Credit Car Finance

Remember you are not the only person in the UK with bad Credit.

If you are looking for car finance you are in good hands. Our Car finance lenders are willing to consider more than just your credit history.

Car Finance made easy

Apply for your Car finance today here and see what options are available to you. You could be driving your new car in just a couple of days!

Guaranteed Car Finance really does exist, however, it may not always be the only option for you, so make sure you check around to see what's the best and most affordable deal for you.

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