My Credit Journey Part 5

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Summer 2016, it's August and If you have been following my past Journey you will be aware that following years of rejections (other than Mobile phone contracts) 2016 did improve. A Credit Limit increase from Capital One from £300 to £550 felt like some kind of reward.

It's been 3 years of Green ticks, no missed repayments and many of my defaults will be removed next year (2017).

Well in July I made an application for a Credit Card, Tesco Foundation Credit Card,

I received a Text message within a couple of days from them asking me to call which I duly did. I was greeted by a friendly lady who took me through security, however, she delivered the same news as before, rejecting my application.

Whilst on Holiday I thought I would try 2 further applications, I completed the Fast No Credit Check with Marbles Credit Card, this generally tells me I have a Very Good chance, so I usually get to complete a full application only to be rejected, this time was no different, I had a very good chance, so I completed the full application, now I would just need to wait until i returned from Holiday to see my rejection letter.

I also decided that as it's been 8 months since I last tried Vanquis, I would try one of their Credit Cards, I opted for the Origins credit card.

Whilst I on holiday my Alerts arrived through the email about changes to my Credit Score, probably due to 3 Credit Searches in such a small period of time, I logged in to find 2 new Accounts added to my Credit report.

AQUA/MARBLES BRAND OF PCL and Vanquis. It looks like finally I had not one but two applications approved.

It's taken 5 years from my payment problems to get this far. I now have an increased limit of Capital One, my APS Cash Plus credit card remains at £100, so that is likely to be closed now but I have two new Credit Cards in my wallet.

The real moral of this story is if you can help it, just do what you can so Credit agreements don't fall into the Default Status. The saying is true, the older the default the less important they become, but it's going to take a very long time to start getting to the point of being accepted again.


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