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V by Pay monthly catalogue Very is a brand new designer brand launched by the Catalogue.

We decided to put it to the test with our very own Tom Boy Girl.

What we ordered

Our little one was all ready to jot off on her School residential to Devon and needed some new Nightwear, so we popped off to Very to order the Tropical PJ 6 piece set

v by very review
v by very  You can buy the item here


First was the striking colours, very vibrant and they looked amazing, but would they live up to a few washes?

After a few washes…

Well quiet impressively they have remained Vibrant, the colours are still as Bright and Colourful as they were when delivered and they have not altered in shape what so ever.

Could they deal with a Tom Boys dirt?

When our little girl returned from her School trip, a Carrier bag full of dirty clothing was presented to us. She had as we had predicted managed to get her Nightwear dirty, she has since had PJ days with our other kids and that means wearing the PJ set into the garden and of course dropping juice and food on herself.

The Challenge

V By Very really stood up to the challenge, the clothes were not only remarkable in terms of quality and value but they are also made with high quality fabrics, so comfort isn't compromised.

Would we recommend V by Very for Little Ones?


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  • Clarissa

    30th July 2018

    Great quality love v clothing

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