Rejected for a Catalogue?

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You are GUARANTEED Acceptance with this Catalogue

Sorry, your application has not been successful on this occasion. It's a message that people with a poor credit rating get used to hearing.

A Bad Credit Rating, or Poor Credit Rating as some people like to call it can stop you getting accepted for a range of financial products and services.

When it comes to rebuilding your Credit Rating you need to prove that you can manage your repayments.

A pay monthly catalogue is a perfect way to do this, however some Catalogue companies may still reject you.

CCJ's and Defaults are not a problem, you are Guaranteed Acceptance!

There is a Solution in terms of a Catalogue called Savvy Benefit Card. They offer a Guaranteed £2500 Credit Line and a Guaranteed Mobile phone contract if you so require one. There are also other benefits too.

Building your Credit rating is easy when you can look forward to a Guaranteed Acceptance from Benefit Savvy Card. Find out more here.

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