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Building your Credit Rating with a Pay Monthly Catalogue

If you have had a period of Missed payments or excessive Credit Applications your Credit Rating Score may take a hit for a while. With this in mind, Credit Cards and Personal Loan applications may be rejected and the more you make, the more desperate you look and the more you are likely to be further rejected. It's one of those vicious circles which you cannot control.

Find out how easy it is to apply for a pay monthly catalogue even if you have a poor credit rating

To rebuild your Credit Rating you need to be able to show you are now in control and you can manage your repayments, but how can you do this when no one will accept you?

We often find that Home Shopping Catalogue companies are more likely to approve applications from those with a few missed payments or those with too many recent credit searches. Catalogue companies pay much more attention to Affordability over concentrating directly on your Credit History.

A Home Shopping Catalogue will likely come with a low end credit limit initially but once you have placed an order or two and made the repayments on time, that Credit Limit is likely to increase. Once your Catalogues credit limit increases to £1000+, wait 3-6 months and then try for a Credit Building Credit Card, you will then be able to demonstrate that you can manage repayments and your chances of success are greatly improved.

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