Hire Purchase, Pay Weekly, Rent & Rent to Buy

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase, Pay Weekly, Rentals and Rent to buy…

Hire Purchase (HP) allows you to Buy items you need now and pay for them on a Weekly basis. You can rent or rent to buy. You can enjoy a range of benefits by Renting such as Cover against Breakdowns. Items you can Rent or Rent to Buy on HP include Three Piece Suites, Washing Machines, Cookers, Fridge Freezers, Televisions and Entertainment Systems, Dishwashers, Game Consoles and the latest Laptops and Desktop computers. Another advantage of HP includes Free delivery. If you Rent or Rent to buy a product and it breaks down, You can look forward to FREE repairs. In the event your item cannot be repaired, you can look forward to a Like for Like replacement.

Pay Weekly Rentals

Home Shopping CataloguesThe advantages of HP and Rent to buy include being protected against Breakdowns, so if your Washing Machines stops working the HP company will arrange a repair and if a repair cannot be made, they will provide a new Like for Like appliance.

You can also spread the cost by easy to manage weekly or monthly repayments. If you like the peace of mind then Hire Purchase or Rent to Buy could be perfect for you.

Washing Machines, Three Piece Suites, Television Sets and Laptops can all be yours from just a few pound a week. If you need peace of mind against breakdowns for example then Hire Purchase, Renting or Renting to Own could be the solution.

You can now Rent and Rent to buy on a range of items. We offer Pay Weekly Sofas, Pay Weekly Television Sets, Pay Weekly Washing Machines and many more.  The benefits of renting or Hire Purchase includes the peace of mind against breakdowns. One Quick call and your product can be repaired or replaced at a time that suits you.

43065743_sPaying Weekly

You can Furnish your home and buy items like Washing Machines, Sofa’s and Smart Television sets. Pay Weekly at an affordable rate and have the peace of mind that your products are covered for breakdowns.

You can also Rent to Own, Rent to Own means that you rent the product for a set period, as long as you make all of your repayments you could enjoy full ownership*

* (Subject to the terms of the Hire Purchase). Some companies like Dial a TV offer you the chance to Rent To Buy.

Who is Pay Weekly / Hire Purchase Suitable for?

As long as you are aged 18+ and live in the UK and you are sure you can afford the weekly repayments, you could qualify for Rent or Rent to Own. Dial a Tv also accept customers with poor credit, so if you have tried to getting finance you could be accepted for a Rental/HP agreement.

Credit Checks are carried out to confirm identity and Dial a TV will carry out Affordability assessments. This is to be sure you can afford the weekly repayments.

If you do fall into arrears, please do contact the company as soon as you can, discuss the account and come to an arrangement. Unlike Catalogue accounts, Hire Purchase items can be repossessed.

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