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Savvy Benefit Card

Savvy Benefit Card
Savvy Benefit Card

Guaranteed Acceptance with No Credit Checks, Guaranteed Credit line of up to £2500 and a Guaranteed Mobile phone contract

no credit check catalogues No Credit Check Shopping Catalogue

Enjoy a Guaranteed Acceptance with No Credit Check – You will enjoy a Catalogue credit limit of £2500 and other benefits including a Guaranteed mobile phone contract without credit checks.

Apply Now – Guaranteed Acceptance

No Credit Check Pay Monthly Catalogue from Savvy Benefit Card

If you are worried you wont pass a credit check for a pay monthly catalogue then one solution we have is the Benefit Savvy Card.

This Card gives you £2500 to spend and the chance to rebuild your credit.

Another no credit check credit catalogue you can apply for is the Step Card here!

No Credit Check Catalogue


no credit check catalogues

Having a bad credit rating can stop you being accepted for mainstream pay monthly catalogues.

If you have tried a mainstream catalogue and was rejected or if you feel that you wouldn't pass a credit check then a no credit check pay monthly catalogue like this one offered by the Savvy Benefit Card could be a perfect solution

Guaranteed Catalogue

Your application is guaranteed to be approved and your new catalogue account will come with a credit limit of up to £2500.

About the Savvy Benefit Card Catalogue

Savvy Benefit Card Catalogue

Savvy Benefit Card Catalogue

Catalogue Details

Bad Credit

Credit Limits

up to £2500

Credit Check


Instant Decision


Benefits of the Savvy Benefit Card

The Savvy Benefit Card comes with a host of benefits all designed to help you get the most out of it.

You can save money on day to day shopping with it's unique money saving portal filled with cash back and amazing money saving offers.

You can get yourself a brand new mobile phone contract guaranteed with no credit checks

Plus you will have up to £2500 to spend with it's shopping card.

Apply today and start rebuilding your credit rating

As the Benefit Savvy Card doesn't credit check customers, you will not harm your credit rating by applying.

You can enjoy all the benefits of a pay monthly catalogue and some with the Savvy Benefit Card.

Get yours today

Apply Now – Guaranteed Acceptance

Apply Now Guaranteed Acceptance

More About the no credit check Catalogue

When you apply, you will notice there is no mention of Credit checks, that's because everyone is guaranteed acceptance, there are no credit checks to worry about.

Credit Limit of up to £2500

home shopping catalogue with credit

A Credit limit of up to £2500 will be yours to spend on Electrical Goods, White Goods, Gadgets, Home Accessories and much more. So if you have been declined for a Pay monthly catalogue don't miss this offer.

Guaranteed Approval Catalogue – No Credit Checks – £2500 Credit Limit

This catalogue is not available, but do check below for a great alternative.

9.3 Total Score
Guaranteed Catalogue - Is it really Guaranteed?

It's a question we get asked a lot. Is this Catalogue really Guaranteed? Will they carry out a Credit Check, is there really a No Credit Check Catalogue? The answer is Yes, this is one of the only Catalogues with Guaranteed Acceptance and no credit checks available

Variety of Products Available
Pricing of items compared to High Street
Stock Availability
Customer Service
Credit Limit (Guaranteed £2500)
Credit Acceptance Rate (Guaranteed Approval)
  • Guaranteed Acceptance Catalogue
  • Guaranteed Credit Limit of up to £2500
  • No Credit Check Catalogue
  • Bad Credit Welcome
  • CCJs & Defaults welcome
  • Guaranteed Mobile Contract - Including iPhone X and Latest Samsung Mobiles
  • Limited Stock (More being added all of the time)
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