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All of our content is hand written, from personal experience. We have been made aware that a website called Credit Catalogues now and that website owner couldn't be bothered doing any work, decided to steal everything even our layout. Of course, this kind of action is dangerous and more so could lead your personal details to be used illegally so we wouldn't recommend using this website. The site has been reported but thank you to those of you reporting this blatant theft to us. Maybe one day they will research and write their own guides. Probably not though. Going on their current IQ 🙂

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About Us

Dad of 7, including Autistic Twins, first hand experience in Credit problems following the challenges faced with having Autistic children. (Unable to work due to supporting their needs, My credit rating became what can only be described as wrecked) Using my own experience, Credit 4 Everyone was born. A website dedicated to the rebuilding of a UK credit rating.

The site was born providing the struggles in getting accepted and as things improved, the challenges one faces in maintaining a good credit rating. On this website you will find information regarding Pay monthly Credit catalogues, buy now pay later, mobile phone contracts for bad credit, current account options when your credit rating stops you getting even the most basic of services and personal loans/car finance.

I will share my own experience which shows you how I built a credit rating with an Experian credit score of 120 and Equifax of 90 to a Credit rating both rated as Good in 2 years. How you can rebuild your credit rating, the companies that will help you on the journey and how things can improve. About the website Pay Monthly Catalogues with Credit, Buy it now pay later, Guaranteed Mobile phone contracts and Guaranteed no credit check bank accounts.

Credit 4 Everyone specialise in helping people with bad credit get the credit they need. We offer Financial products and services for everyone and work hard to review products, our aim is in Helping you get accepted with our helpful hints and tips.

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