Bad Credit Catalogues

You may think having a bad credit rating stops you enjoying all of the benefits a pay monthly credit catalogue has to offer. That’s not the case.

There are Catalogue companies in the UK offering Home Shopping catalogues to people with a poor credit rating. You can even apply for a no Credit check catalogue for guaranteed approval.

Applying for a bad credit catalogue is quick and simple, once you have opened your Catalogue account, keep up with your repayments each month and you could help improve your credit rating and may become eligible for credit limit increases.

Bad Credit Catalogues and No Credit Check Catalogues

Bad Credit Catalogue with Guaranteed Acceptance - No Credit Check

We guarantee you will be accepted for this Pay monthly catalogue with a credit limit of up to £2500. Use it to help improve your credit rating today. All credit statuses welcome - Open your new pay monthly credit catalogue today.

Dial a TV - Rent or Rent to Own

If you have a bad credit rating, one option is to rent or rent to buy,. Dial a TV welcome customers with a bad credit rating, You can rent or rent to buy the latest Television, Game Console, White Goods or Kitchen appliances. In fact there are hundreds of products available. Apply today for an Instant decision.

Argos - Soft Credit Search Available

Although it's not obvious, Argos can and do accept some customers with a bad credit rating. You can use their Soft Search to see if you are Eligible before applying in full. This means you won't damage your credit rating checking. If approved you can shop online or in-store with their handy catalogue store card.

How do Bad credit catalogues work?

Bad credit catalogues are the perfect tool in helping you rebuild your credit rating. They are quick and easy to open and can provide the credit you need.

Bad credit catalogues are exactly the same as main stream catalogues. The only small difference will be the interest charged can be higher.

By using your pay monthly catalogue and making your repayments on time you will start to improve your credit rating. You could also qualify for credit limit increases.

A bad credit rating doesn’t mean you can be accepted for mainstream catalogues. In fact, all catalogue companies will take on some risk. If you haven’t tried a mainstream catalogue yet, you could try to apply for one first.

Some Catalogue companies like Argos, Freemans and Look Again will carry out a Soft check before they carry out a full credit check. This will give you an indication on whether or not you will be successful.

If you can’t get accepted for a main stream catalogue at this time, try one of our Guaranteed no credit check catalogues. Run this well for 6 to 12 months and then try again. Once you have some positive credit history against your name you will be in a position to start rebuild your Credit.

no credit check catalogues

How do No Credit Check Catalogues work?

No Credit Check catalogues are designed to offer everyone the chance to shop and enjoy the benefits of a pay monthly credit catalogue. They know and understand that sometimes life throws awkward situations at us and not everyone has the perfect credit history.

Rather than looking at your Credit history, they look at the positives and look at helping you build a more positive credit history.

Pay monthly Catalogues for people with bad credit

Savvy Benefit Card

Guaranteed acceptance no credit catalogue, apply today and enjoy a credit line of up to £2500, poor credit welcome, other benefits include a guaranteed mobile phone contract and a chance to save money.

Bad Credit Catalogues Credit Limits

If you are successful with a main stream Catalogue then your Credit limit is likely to start low. Placing your first order and ensuring you make your repayments on time each month will help you prove you can manage credit well.

Customers with a poor credit rating do still qualify for Catalogue credit limit increases. Of course, your personal circumstances will be considered before they offer any sort of credit limit increase.

Once the Catalogue company can see your ability to make payments on time, your Credit limit is likely to be reviewed.

It’s important to remember to only order items you can afford to repay.

A pay monthly catalogue is a great tool for building one’s credit rating, however, making your repayments late could further damage your credit rating.

Bad credit buy now pay later

We also offer bad credit Buy now Pay later catalogues and Pay Weekly or Pay Monthly rental options.

Some of our bigger Catalogue companies will also accept people with previous credit problems, each Catalogue company will vary but it’s worth remembering that Catalogue companies do take on a degree of risk when it comes to customers who may have had problems in the past.

What can you buy with a bad credit pay monthly catalogue?

Anything you choose. If you choose and are successful for a mainstream catalogue, you can order anything you choose. Our Guaranteed no credit check catalogues offer everything from Electrical goods through to Gadgets and Home Wear products.

Instant decision

Apply for your Bad credit catalogue today and get an instant decision. If your application is accepted you can place an order with your new Catalogue straight away.

Stepping Stone

Once you have run your Catalogue account well for around 6-12 months you should see your credit rating start to improve.

Once you have a record of being able to manage your repayments on time each month you will be in a good position to apply for another Catalogue and you could start to build your Credit rating for other products such as Sub Prime Credit Cards.

Catalogues for people with bad credit

If you are worried you won’t pass a Credit check for a pay monthly catalogue with credit then click here for a guaranteed acceptance credit catalogue with a credit limit of up to £2500. This catalogue promises no Credit Checks!

Catalogues for bad credit

Bad Credit catalogues are a great way of getting a Pay monthly Catalogues when you have a poor credit rating. Having a bad credit rating doesn’t have to stop you enjoying all the benefits of a buy now pay later catalogue with credit. Use your Bad credit catalogue to start building your credit rating.

Apply Now - Guaranteed Acceptance
Guaranteed Approval - No Credit Checks

Guaranteed Acceptance

Our Catalogues for bad credit offer an Instant decision and your Catalogue application will not be purely based on your previous credit history So even if you have a very bad credit rating, you could still be accepted.

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