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Want to get your hands on the latest mobile phone handset but unsure if you can pass a credit check? Then you need a mobile phone eligibility checker!

Mobile phone networks that offer an eligibility check

There is no point in applying for a contract if you know you are most likely to be rejected. However, some mobile phone networks are now offering you the chance to see if you are likely to be accepted before you go ahead and apply.

Why use an mobile phone eligibility checker?

Each credit application will reduce your credit score and your overall credit rating. Applying for too much credit could be a sign you are desperate for credit.

Find out if you can get your hands on a pay monthly contract

Sky Mobile offer customers an  eligibility check before you go ahead and apply in full. This means your credit score and credit rating are not affected.

Try the mobile phone eligibility checker here

Click here to see if you will be accepted, if you find you are unable to get accepted for Sky mobile consider a Guaranteed no credit check mobile phone contract here with Sunshine Mobile or Savvy Benefit, both offer guaranteed No Credit check mobile phone contracts

Try a Sim Only product

Three, Vodafone and O2 are more likely to approve a Sim only contract, run this well for 3-6 months by keeping up with your repayments and your chances of upgrading to a handset are likely to be increased. Find out more here


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