Pay Weekly Credit & Rent to own

Rent and pay weekly or rent to own on items you need like Electrical items, Furniture and White goods.

Bad Credit welcome, spread the cost with pay weekly rental or pay a little more and own the product at the end of the agreement. You may also like to consider a pay monthly catalogue with credit here.

Pay Weekly Stores and Rent to own

rent game consoles

Rent Game Consoles

Rent or Rent to own Game Consoles, Laptops, Music Players and Digital Camera

Low Weekly Rentals

Rent or Rent to Own

Rent Televisions

Rent the Latest Smart 4K Televisions, Sound Bars, Blu Ray players and Streaming devices for a low weekly price

Extended Guarantee

Rent Kitchen Appliances

Rent Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Tumble Dryers, Fridge Freezers, Electric Cookers and more. All from a low weekly rental or rent to own.

Rent Laptops

Looking to upgrade your Laptop? You could get the latest Laptop with a low weekly rental price or even rent to Own!

Pay Weekly for the items you need with Rentals and Rent to own

What happens if you need a new Washing Machine, Cooker or Fridge Freezer but you don’t have the money? You try for a pay monthly Catalogue but get rejected. You know you can afford the repayments but no one will give you a chance?

Dial a TV - Pay weekly or monthly (rent or rent to own)
Dial a TV - Pay weekly or monthly (rent or rent to own)

Bad Credit Accepted - Pay Weekly for items you need. Choose to rent or rent to buy and pay weekly if that suits. You can get items like Washing Machines, Mobile Phones, Cookers, Fridges and Freezers. Covered against breakdowns and more. Find out more

Find out about Rentals and Rent to Own here

Rent or Rent to Own

How Rentals Work

Weekly rental companies have been around for years, in fact, when Television sets were very expensive this was the way most households in the UK managed to afford one. 

Rentals have huge benefits over buying. If the item you Rent breaks down you don’t need to worry about Huge expensive call out bills or repair bills.

You can also get your hands on the latest Gadgets, Furniture, Kitchen appliances and pretty much anything else.

Repayments are made each week, meaning that items you may not be able to afford upfront are affordable.

You can upgrade items you rent as you need.

Each item you rent is on a HP contract. HP Stands for Hire Purchase.

Our Rental company even offers Rent to Own, a product that allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of rentals with the ability to buy your chosen item should you wish to do so.

Which items can I rent or Rent to own?

The wonderful news is there are so many items available for you to rent or rent to buy.

Kitchen Appliances

If you need a new Dishwasher, Electric Cooker, Washing Machine, Washer Dryer, Tumble Dryer, Fridge, Freezer or Fridge Freezer we can help.

Home Entertainment

We can also help you get your hands on the latest Television, Game Consoles, Sound bars, Blu Ray player or Streaming devices

Every Day essential Gadgets

From Laptops and Tablets through to Music Players and Cameras we can help


Bed’s, Sofas and so much more, if it’s Furniture you need, we can help

Mobile phones

Don’t miss out on the .latest mobile phones, you can even pay back weekly for your new smart phone too

How to buy

You can either rent the above items (all brand new of course) this is known as HP or you can Rent to buy, meaning you pay for the items like you are renting them and once you have fully paid for them they become yours.

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase could be the solution. It allows you have the items you need delivered to your door (brand new) of course and make the repayments weekly or monthly depending on your needs.

Rent to buy

Hire purchase is also good for people with poor credit scores as they look at ways to say Yes (after all the rules on ownership are different on HP). Hire purchase and Rent to buy allow you to get the items you want and need now and spread the cost with easy affordable repayments (weekly or monthly) depending on the company and your own circumstance.

Additional Advantages to Renting and Renting to own

As long as you make the repayments on time you can enjoy the items you need. You also get additional benefits by renting or HP, this includes break down cover and in some cases accidental cover. This means if you buy a Cooker on HP and it breaks down you can look forward to free repairs and in the event it cannot be repaired a free replacement.

Bad Credit welcome

Hire Purchase and Rent to buy accept people with bad credit, this means that as long as you can afford the repayments you should fine this a great solution to getting them items you need.

Credit 4 Everyone