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Mail Order Home Shopping catalogues with credit

Home Shopping (Catalogues) allow you to spread the cost of goods on a weekly or monthly basis. Each month you will receive a statement from your Catalogue company which will include all of your spending and details about your credit limit and monthly repayment.

If you maintain your catalogues monthly repayments on time, you could qualify for a credit limit increase allowing you to increase your spending, this could also help improve your credit rating.

Our Exclusive Catalogue Directory allows you to compare the choices available and helps you make  your decision based on Style, such as Clothing Catalogues, Electrical items etc. All of the Catalogues on our Website offer an Instant Decision

Apply and Open a Mail order home shopping catalogue credit account

Open a Catalogues with Credit

To open a catalogue with credit facility, first you need to choose a Catalogue from our list below, click through, add items to your basket and when you are at the checkout select Apply for a personal account, enter your details and if your application is successful your brand new mail order home shopping catalogue account will be opened.

To read more about Catalogues and how they work, please click here.

Ace Catalogue

The Ace pay monthly Catalogue offers a diverse product range features seasonal fashion from famous brands including Converse, adidas, Nike, Firetrap, Henleys, Voi Jeans, Everlast and more.

Plus the Ace Catalogue a huge choice of Electrical, toys, and garden items too.

Best of all, many of Ace’s lines can be personalised free of charge, creating truly unique gifts for Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions.

Credit Limits vary, We recommend that you keep your first order below £200

Dial a Tv - HP (Rent or Rent to own) credit

Low Cost Weekly or Monthly Rentals with Dial a TV mean you have no worries if items breakdown.

You can enjoy the latest Smart Televisions, Dishwashers, Washing Machines and much more. Dial a TV accept weekly or monthly payments to suit your needs. They also offer Rentals and Rent to buy. This means you can get the items you need now and spread the cost to suit your needs. All items are delivered straight to your door. Dial a TV is perfect for those on Benefits or Low Incomes or those who have been rejected elsewhere.

Find out more today Pay Weekly or Monthly .

Next Catalogue (Next Pay Credit Catalogue)

Apply for a Credit account with the Next Catalogue (Next Pay Account). Enjoy 3 months interest free for new customers only.

Enjoy special sale events in store and online (only available for Next Pay customers).

Apply for your Next Pay account today.

La Redoute - Fashion Catalogue

As France’s No. 1 fashion collection, everything you see at La Redoute will have that touch of chic French style about it. A couple of clicks is all it takes to find what you’re looking for!

Credit Limits usually start from £150 , So what are you waiting for? Apply for a La Redoute’s ‘style’ credit account today, Credit limits usually start from £150+

Apply for your La Redoute Personal account today.

Freemans Catalogue

By shopping with Freemans, you’re getting the best. That’s the best choice when it comes to the items you love with over 35,000 items for you and your home, the best service with items delivered FREE* direct to your door, and the best quality when it comes to the products we sell. But more than that, at Freemans we’re offering you the best way to pay – by spreading the cost so you can buy everything you want now and pay later. *Free delivery excludes American style fridge freezers Representative 34.9% APR variable

Argos Catalogue - Catalogue Store Card

Buy Now, Pay Later with the Argos Catalogue Card. You can now spread the cost of Gifts and Home Improvements, Simply select the items you want, at the checkout choose the Buy Now Pay Later Option. If successful, you will receive an Argos Card and can spread the cost of your repayments just like a Catalogue. The application can be approved online and the items delivered to your door! Once your card has been approved, you can use it online or in-store. Easy Application – Credit Limits vary depending on personal circumstances

Vertbaudet Catalogue (French Fashion catalogue)

Catalogue with Credit Vertbaudet specialises in unique children’s wear which cannot be found on the High Street and provides the latest high quality styles for mums-to-be, babies and children aged up to 12 years. This catalogue is aimed at Children and is a must for Unique French style fashion. Open a Credit Account and spread the cost. Apply for a Vertbaudet credit account, Credit limits start from £100+

Look Again Catalogue

Look Again is crammed with fashionable wardrobe items and inspirational items for the home. is a fresh new site from the Freemans Grattan Group. It’s ultra-stylish and users can easily navigate the online store. Look Again offer gorgeous clothing, footwear and interior items, plus there is a host of useful interactive tools designed to make shopping a dream. Look Again Credit Limits vary but can start from £70+ Representative 34.9% APR variable

Studio Pay monthly Catalogue

The Studio Catalogue prides itself on it’s incredible range of great value products. The Catalogue is packed with a huge range of goods including Home Accessories, Toys Clothing and much much more. You can also buy Personalised gifts for that extra special occasion. One of our Personal favourites is the Studio Christmas section, it’s updated throughout the year and allows you to plan in advance and buy Christmas Cards, Christmas Trees and Christmas Decorations. So if you are looking for an all over Catalogue packed with Top Brand names like Firetrap, Apple etc, then look no further – Studio has you covered! Increase your chance of Success by keeping your first order below £200 .

Curvissa Pay Monthly Catalogue with credit

Pay Monthly Catalogue with Credit – The Curvissa Catalogue with Credit believe Plus size fashion shouldn’t be about compromise, it should be about choice. offers a selection of over 3,000 quality fashion items in sizes 14 – 32, giving you a comprehensive collection of plus size clothing that includes everything from trousers and tops, to jackets and jeans. Apply today for an instant decision and spread the cost with easy monthly repayments. Representative 34.9% APR variable

Kaleidoscope Catalogue – Catalogue with Credit

Kaleidoscope Catalogue offers A layer of lace here, a splash of colour to catch the eye. At Kaleidoscope they know detail makes all the difference. So if you prefer fashion with flavour, you’ll love the detail on show in the Kaleidoscope collection. You will discover the delicious distinctive detail that makes Kaleidoscope stand out from anything you will find on the high street – for all the right reasons. . This catalogue offers Credit limits from £100 – £1000 for first time orders. Representative 34.9% APR variable

Swimwear 365 Catalogue with Credit

Fashion Catalogue with Credit – We believe that swimwear should be an extension of your own personal style. offers swimwear from top brands such as Adidas, French Connection, LASCANA and many more. All with competitive prices and the latest must have Styles. Search the site for specific items by size, cup size, category, colour, figure shape and style, and find perfect fitting swimwear for your body type. Credit Limits start from £70 – You can use your Credit account on other websites within the brand. Representative 34.9% APR variable

No Credit Check Catalogue, Guaranteed Approval with Credit limit of £2500 - SavvyBenefitCard Catalogue

Britains only no credit check catalogue with guaranteed approval and a credit limit of £2500.

Apply today and enjoy a range of other benefits including a Guaranteed no credit check mobile phone contract and money saving offers.

No Credit Check Catalogue .- Guaranteed Acceptance

Mail Order Catalogues

Catalogues are sometimes referred to as Catalogues with Credit, Pay Monthly Catalogues, Home Shopping Catalogues, Mail Order Catalogues or Credit Catalogues.

Whatever you refer them to, they all offer the chance to spread the cost on items you purchase and spread the cost with easy affordably monthly repayments.

All of our  pay monthly catalogues come with an Instant decision and Instant spending power!

Keep up with the repayments and you could qualify for a credit limit increase, giving you more spending power – This could help improve your credit rating.

Bad Credit Catalogues

Bad Credit pay monthly catalogues for people with a bad credit rating. Instant decision bad credit catalogues and no ocredit check pay monthly catalogues with credit.

Bad Credit Catalogue - No Credit Check

Bad Credit Catalogue with Guaranteed approval, this no credit check catalogue with offer you a credit limit of up to £2500 instant spending power.

Bad Credit Welcome - Dial a TV

If you have a bad credit rating you could still get Electrical items, White Goods, Kitchen appliances and more with Dial a TV,.

Argos Pay monthly catalogue

Argos sometimes accept customers with a less than perfect credit history. Argos will carry out a soft search before carrying out a full credit search so if you have a bad credit rating you could still be accepted for the Argos pay monthly catalogue

Christmas 2018 Pay monthly Catalogues with Credit

It’s never too early to start planning for Christmas, Open a pay monthly catalogue with credit now and build up your Credit Limit in time for the Festive period.

Spread the cost of Christmas with Studio

Studio offers a range of Christmas Inspiration all year around, with Christmas Lights, Personalised gift ideas and a Christmas department open and updated throughout the year.

Look Again - Christmas Catalogue

Look Again offers everything you need including Toys, Christmas Party Wear and a range of luxury Christmas gift ideas.

Christmas pay monthly and buy now pay later catalogue - Argos Store Card

A handy Store card allowing you to buy in store or online, a brilliant Catalogue for Christmas with same day delivery available.

Ace - Christmas Catalogue

It's Christmas all year around with Ace. They have a special Christmas section that gets updated all year around, from Christmas Lights through to Novelty gift ideas.

Buy Now Pay later catalogues

Buy now pay later catalogues allows you to buy now with no upfront payment and no monthly repayments for a fixed period. Just ensure you clear the entire balance before the buy now pay later period finishes to avoid deferred interest (Interest back dated to the time of the order)

Look Again Buy Now Pay Later Catalogue

Looking to spread the cost with no upfront payments and no monthly instalments? The Look again buy now pay later catalogue requires you to be a customer for 9 months or more. Representative 34.9% APR Variable

Buy now pay later catalogue - Argos

Buy now and pay later - up to 12 months later! Argos offers a range of buy now pay later options, apply for your buy now pay later catalogue Buy now pay later catalogue

Freemans offer a buy now pay later facility once you have operated a pay monthly catalogue for 9 months or more. Apply now and you could spread the cost

Your Guide to Pay monthly Catalogues

cataloguesOur pay monthly catalogue guide helps you understand everything you to need to know about Mail order, home shopping catalogues with credit and how they work.

We have split our guide into easy to. understand sections allow you to find the information you need quickly.

Home shopping mail order  Catalogues with credit

Read all about pay monthly catalogues from the leading Uk catalogue brands.


What is a pay monthly catalogue?choosing a pay monthlyPay monthly catalogues explained

Pay monthly catalogues have been around for years, in fact, history shows the Freemans catalogue has roots all the way back to 1905.

Catalogues are a credit facility that allows you to order items from your Catalogue or it’s website and spread the cost.

You must be 18 or over and a Uk resident to apply for a pay monthly catalogue.

Pay monthly catalogues come in all sorts of sizes. For this reason, choosing the right pay monthly catalogue is pretty important.

Our pay monthly catalogue directory lists all of the pay monthly catalogues with credit available in the UK.

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Choosing a pay monthly cataloguechoosing a pay monthly catalogueHow to choose a pay monthly catalogue

Pay monthly catalogues come in all sorts of sizes. For this reason, choosing the right pay monthly catalogue is pretty important.

The first thing to consider is what kind of things are you likely to order from your Catalogue.

If for example you are wanting the latest styles and fashion then a Fashion catalogue is likely to be great for you.

If price is important and you are hoping to spread the cost with buy now pay later then a buy now pay later catalogue is best for you.

if you can’t decide then an all rounder catalogue like the Freemans, very or Studio catalogue is going to be best for you.

Take a full look at the Catalogues available and when you are happy go ahead and apply.

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Spread the cost with a pay monthly catalogue and pay nothing upfrontspreading the cost with a pay monthly catalogueAdvantages to having a pay monthly catalogue

If you go ahead and decide a pay monthly catalogue is for you the good news is you won’t need to pay anything upfront.

If your application is successful your order will be delivered to your home and you will be able to spread the cost with easy and affordable monthly repayments.

This is just one advantage of a pay monthly catalogue with credit.

Another advantage to apy monthly catalogues include being able to place orders with your catalogue as and hwnr you need to .

As long as you remaining with your Catalogues credit limit you can place orders anytime you choose. 

This coupled with the ability to spread the cost of the items you order it’s reallyno wonder that pay monthly catalogues with credit are so popular.

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Pay monthly catalogue credit checksyour application for a pay monthly cataloguewill my application for a catalogue be credit checked?

Your application will require a few checks when you submit an application for credit.

These checks usually include  a credit check and an affordability check.

Other checks will include identity check and possibly a check against fraud registers. 

All of these checks will be done automatically when you apply and take seconds to complete.

If your application for a Credit Catalogue is successful, the Catalogue company will inform you about your Credit Limit and the APR (The Interest rate) on your account.

You will be asked to set a password so you can login and manage your account online.

You can then checkout using the Pay monthly catalogue credit facility.

If you would like to see which Catalogue checks which Credit Reference agency, please click here.

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Bad Credit catalogues for people with poor creditbad credit catalogues and no credit check cataloguesHow to get a Pay monthly catalogue with poor credit and no credit check catalogues…

If you are worried about passing a pay monthly catalogues credit check or you have applied and have been unsuccessful the chances are you have had some previous credit problems.

It doesn’t mean you can’t still get accepted for a pay monthly catalogue with credit.

In fact, we help hundreds of people each month get accepted for catalogues.

Mainstream catalogues do take on customers with bad credit

The first thing to note is all Catalogue companies are different in terms of what they are looking for in customers.

It’s also worth noting that people with bad credit get accepted for Catalogue accounts every day.

All of the Catalogue companies listed on our website will accept customers with a less than perfect credit history.

If you have tried a Mainstream Catalogue company and have been unsuccessful then you may like to consider our Guaranteed no credit check catalogue, offering a guaranteed credit limit of up to £2500, click here for full details.

Bad Credit can be caused for a number of reasons.

However a bad credit rating doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all of the benefits a pay monthly catalogue has to offer.

People searching  for a bad credit catalogues have usually been declined recently for a Pay monthly catalogue or they have suffered from some kind of credit problems in the past six years.  

Examples of a bad credit rating include missing repayments on Credit agreements, making credit repayments late, making too many applications for credit in a short period of time, defaulting on a credit agreement  or being issued with a County Court Judgement for non payment of a debt in the past six years.

It’s always worth trying an application for a mainstream catalogue, we suffered bad credit and managed to open a Look Again, Ace and Jd Williams catalogue, that’s how we know first hand you could still be accepted.

Only try one main stream catalogue to avoid damaging your credit rating any further, if you are unsuccessful then consider one of our bad credit catalogues available here

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Catalogue credit limitshow do catalogue credit limits workHow pay monthly catalogue credit limits work and how to get an increase

You will not be required to make any payment upfront unless your order value is higher than the Credit limit that the Catalogue company has set. 

Once you place your order, your Catalogue company will process your order and will email you to confirm when the items are dispatched.

Use your Catalogue credit facility as often as you like

Once your catalogue account with credit is open, you can place further orders as and when you like.

Your catalogues credit limit is set by the Catalogue company when you open your pay monthly catalogue account.

Your catalogues credit limit is the most you can owe your catalogue at any time.

However, Catalogue companies do review credit limits regularly

How often do Catalogue companies review credit limits?

Usually every 3-6 months. By keeping up with your repayments on time each month and staying within your credit limit you could become eligible for an increased credit limit with your catalogue company.

Increased credit limits offer more spending power and can help improve your credit rating.

Can I request a higher credit limit

Each pay monthly catalogue is different and will have different requirements.

For example, the JD Williams group do not allow requests for credit limit increases, they will notify you if you become eligible.

Freemans and Look Again do review credit limits often, usually every 3-4 months , they can also consider requests when you call them.

Very and Littlewoods both offer a link inside the management area to request a higher credit limit, usually you need to be a customer for a few months before they will consideru cn  a request.

Studio / Ace catalogue also review credit limits manually every few months, they will notify you if you become eligible for an increase.

Can I refuse a Catalogue credit limit increase?

Yes, you can request your Catalogues credit limit to be reduced or refuse an increase if you choose. You can also request that Catalogue companbies do not offer credit limit increases by contacting your Catalogue company.

Why is my Catalogue not increasing my credit limit

Some customers find their Catalogue companies are quick at increasing credit limits, sometimes to the high thousands where as some customers don’t get any increases.

Are you keeping up with your repayments elsewhere?

Some Catalogue companies like Next for example will receive a feed from the Credit reference agencies, if you are not keeping up with youre repayments elsewhere or are taking on too much credit they may suspend your credit facility.

It’s unusual for a catalogue company to redue credit limits although it can happen, often if you are struggling to maintain your repayments.

Remember, credit limits can be increased or decreased

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All of the advantages a pay monthly catalogue has to offermail order catalogues pay monthlyGetting the most from your pay monthly catalogue

Once you apply for a pay monthly catalogue you will often be rewarded with a new customer welcome offer, these change from time to time but often include free delivery or a discount on your first order.

A Pay monthly catalogue has a range of benefits including the ability to order items as and when you need them.

This coupled with the ability to spread the cost of the items you order with easy and affordable repayments, it’s no wonder that pay monthly catalogues with credit are so popular.

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Pay monthly catalogue statementsyour pay monthly catalogue statementunderstanding how catalogue statements work

Once you have placed and received your first order from your Catalogue You will be given a short period of time to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

This is called the Home Approval stage.

Inside each order you place will be an Advice slip, this slip is used to return part or all of your order if you are not happy with it.

Catalogues offer nearly all items on a Home approval basis. Some items will be excluded for Hygiene reasons or for Copyright reasons, however these will be clearly displayed at the time of your order.

If you are happy with your items you can sit back and relax.

Your first Catalogue statement will usually be produced within 28 days of you opening your Catalogue account.

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Try before you buytry before you buy with a pay monthly catalogueKeep what you love and return what you don’t like

Items you order from your Catalogue are sent to you on a “Home Approval Basis” 

This means that if you are not happy with part or all of the order you can arrange to have the items returned. There are very few items that are excluded.

Inside your Catalogue order will be a Returns Advice Slip,

Just complete this form and follow the instructions on this slip to arrange the return of your order.

There are a few exceptions that you should be aware of. Some items cannot be return because of  Copyright laws and some  items  cannot be returned for Hygiene reasons.

Those items that are excluded from Home Approval are always clearly displayed at the time of your order. 

Your statutory rights are not affected

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Need something in a hurry?catalogue deliveryPay monthly catalogues with next day delivery

Next day deliveries transformed the ways we shop online.

Catalogue companies now offer Next day delivery on a large range of the items they sell.

A small additional premium delivery charge will be applied if you choose next day delivery. 

Next day delivery is especially useful when you need an items in a hurry. 

If you use Next day delivery often or plan to use it more, you should check to see if your Catalogue company offer a Next day delivery subscription plan. 

Some Pay monthly catalogues now offer an Unlimited Next day delivery service for a fixed annual price,

Therefore if you use Next day delivery a lot, this could save you money.

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Ordering large items from your catalogueorders with cataloguesFurniture, White Goods and Electrical products from your catalogue

Whilst most goods you order from your catalogue will arrive in a day or two, larger items especially furniture and white goods such as Cookers will take longer.

You should also be aware that a Courier will usually need to arrange a time thats suitable for you.

your catalogue company will usually provide the courier company with your mobile number or they will send you an email to offer you some suitable time frames.

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Peace of mind when ordering through a catalogueextending your warrantyExtended warranties

If you want the added peace of mind you can add extended warranties to a range of items you order from your home shopping credit catalogue.

Extended warranties can cover High end electrical products, Gadgets and Furniture.

Sometimes you can even include accidental damage to the policy.

It’s always worth checking your home insurance protection too, sometimes, your home insurance policy may already protect you from accidental damage for example.

Buying an extended warranty can bring you peace if mind should an item breakdown.

Peace of mind

In the event an item is covered does develops a fault you will be covered for the repair and labour involved.

In the event the item cannot be repaired your item will be replaced on a like for like replacement.

Extended warranties usually offer unlimited call outs, parts, labour and repairs.

Just be sure to check the policy you are buying and ensure you understand what it will cover.

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Buy Now Pay Latercatalogues with buy now pay laterSpread the cost with nothing to pay for up to 12 months

More and more pay monthly catalogues are offering you the chance to spread the cost even further with buy now pay later.but what does this actually mean?

What is buy now pay later?

Buy now pay later works in a different way to normal catalogue credit. You still order the same but you select the buy now pay later option at the checkout.

For the buy now pay later period usually up to 12 months, you will not need to make any repayments whatsoever.

You can of course if you choose bring the balance down at anytime, in fact, it’s always worth doing this.


If you don’t clear the entire debt before the buy now pay later period ends the interest will be added and back dated to the date you ordered the goods.

This means your debt will a lot higher.

Buy now pay later is an interest free break from repayments and used correctly is a benefit, however, only use or apply to use buy now pay later if you know you can pay for it all in one go before the buy now pay later period ends.

Caalogues offering Buy Now pay later include





Freemans (after running a catalogue account for a period of 9 months or more)

Look Again (Again, you must have run your account well for 9 months prior to being able to apply to use buy now pay later).

Catalogues offering buy now pay later will add the order value to your account but will not request payment or add any interest through the buy now pay later period.

If deferred interest is added, the debt and interest will become due and can be paid back in monthly instalments

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Catalogues that can help build or rebuild your credit ratingeasy acceptance cataloguesLooking for an easy acceptance catalogue?

Are you looking for a catalogue with easy acceptance?

Are you wondering Which catalogue company is the easiest to get accepted for?

the truth is every Catalogue company has a different credit scoring method. So if you are declined by the JD Williams group you could still be approved for a Look Again catalogue, as an example.

There are Catalogues that are easier to get accepted for if you have bad credit, these are…

Apply for a Bad Credit Catalogue

Savvy Benefit Catalogue – Guaranteed Acceptance, No Credit Check,

When you become a Savvy Benefits member, you get access to some amazing products available at our store. A £2,500 credit line* Apply Here

The Yes Catalogue – Very High Approvals and do accept customers with CCJ’s and Defaults Apply here

Deluxe Gold Card Catalogue – Again, very high approvals and accepts CCJ’s Defaults and even customers with a discharged bankruptcy Apply here

Choice Freedom Catalogue – Guaranteed £500 Credit Limit for those accepted, accepts customers with very poor credit ratings – Easy Application Apply here.

As we say, all Catalogues will have different credit requirements, so it’s not a guarantee that you won’t be accepted for a mainstream catalogue, it’s worth a try,

The only difference with a bad credit catalogue and a mainstream catalogue is the lower credit limit and higher interest you will pay.

The best way to get approved for credit is being on the Electoral register

By being registered on the Electoral Register you will increase your chances of success when applying for a pay monthly credit catalogue.

If you are not registered on the Electoral register you may find your application is rejected or in some cases your application for a catalogue with credit may take longer to be processed.

You may be asked  asked to provide evidence of your residence or other forms of identification if a Catalogue company cannot confirm your identity.

If you would like to get registered on the Electoral register or if you wish to double check you are registered you can contact your local council.

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Catalogues from Gratton / Freemans Group (OTTO) The Look Again, Freemans and Swimwear365 pay monthly catalogue

Gratton, Freemans and Look Again sometimes offer accounts to people with a Poor Credit Rating.

Credit Limits will often start pretty low, in fact, we have been aware of Catalogue Credit Limits to start from £70.

Do Freemans accept customers with bad credit?

If you have a Poor Credit Rating, you could try an application for a Look Again, Gratton or Freemans Catalogue.

To improve your chances of Success, you should be registered to vote (be on the Electoral Register) and you should have some evidence of running credit well.

Catalogues from the Grattan/Otto Group

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Express Gifts Mail order CataloguesAce & Studio Catalogues

The Studio and Ace Catalogues are packed with Personalised Gifts, Electrical Items and the Must have latest Fashion.

Both Studio and Ace catalogues offer a Credit account facility allowing you to spread the cost of items you buy.

Express gifts

Express Gifts (also known by some as Findel PLC)  have long been known for their Personalised Gifts, Amazing Prices and their famous Christmas section (which is updated throughout the year).

Over the years they have  gained a reputation for accepting customers with less than perfect credit.

Do Ace or Studio catalogues accept bad credit?

Just as other Catalogue companies, Studio and Ace do try to accept their fare share of customers who have had previous credit issues.

They are more likely to approve customers who can demonstrate that they are able manage their monthly repayments.

This means that they are unlikely to approve applications from people with recent Defaults or County Court Judgements.

If you had been managing your Credit well for the past 24 months plus, you could give them a try.

Express Gifts (Studio and Ace Catalogue)

The Ace and Studio Catalogues offer great value for money, Top Brands and Designer labels.  

Credit Limits on the Ace and Studio Catalogues start low.

So to improve your chances of Success, try to keep your first initial orders below £200.

Apply for your Pay Monthly Catalogue with Credit fromt Express Gifts

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Catalogues from Red CatsRedCats offer two pay monthly catalogues aimed at French Fashion

One for adults and one for children. Both have wonderful exclusive designs not available elsewhere. In the past, LaRedoute and Vertbaudet Catalogues have approved people with a less than perfect Credit History.

Can I get a Catalogue with La Redoute or Vertbaudet with bad credit?

Both Catalogues are more likely to approve applications from customers who don’t have recent County Court Judgements or Defaults.

It should also be shared that La Redoute and Vertbaudet catalogues will check Equifax credit reference agency.

This Catalogue is more aimed at customers with a Fair or Good Credit Rating.

That being said, Some customers with a Poor Credit Rating have been successful, So it could be worth a try if you desire.

Catalogue credit limits with La Redoute

Catalogues from both LaRedoute and Vertbaudet start from £100 upwards.

Usually this catalogue will offer a low credit limit to start with (usually £150)

You should be registered to vote (be on the Electoral Register) and have no recent payment problems.

Check out our blog pages for both catalogues as they do run lot’s of money off promotions and discounts.

Apply now for your Pay Monthly Credit Catalogue

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JD Williams CataloguesJacamo, JD Williams, Fashion World, Simply BE and House of Bath Catalogues

We don’t list JD Williams Catalogues on this website as they can offer extremely high APR’s as much as 59.9% which we don’t believe is right for a long term credit product like a pay monthly Catalogue.

For your information however, you can see the Catalogues offered by the group

Catalogues from Candid Collections 

  • JD Williams –
  • Marisota –
  • Jacamo –
  • Julipa –
  • The Brilliant Gift Shop – This Catalogue has now closed.
  • Simply Be –
  • The Shoe Tailor – Sorry, this Catalogue has now closed.
  • House of Bath –
  • Ambrose Williams –
  • Fashion World –

JD Williams catalogues once had a reputation for being a Catalogue who could help you improve your credit rating.

They would consider those with a less than perfect credit history which was reflected with the higher the APR.

They don’t appear to be as easy to open these days.

If you do open a JD Williams pay monthly catalogues always try to make a higher repayment than the minimum requested as this can be an extremely expensive catalogue to operate.

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Catalogue Eligibility CheckerCatalogue eligibility checkerpay monthly Catalogue with Instant decisions

Each pay monthly catalogue will have a different Credit Scoring policy.

This means if you are declined by one Catalogue company you can still be approved by a different catalogue.

It’s impossible for us to tell you which Catalogue is the best for you to personally apply for. That’s why Credit4everyone have launched the Uk’s first Catalogue Eligibility Checker.

how it works

Simply enter your details and our clever system will score your Catalogue application and will match the Catalogues you are more likely to be approved for.

We will search through our directory of   Pay Monthly Catalogues and try and match your credit rating to the Credit catalogues.

Using our Catalogue Eligibility Checker will not affect your Credit Rating,

Catalogue Eligibility Checker

Credit4everyone is the first company in the World to offer a Catalogue Eligibility checker.

Enter your information honestly and we will score your application to see if you Qualify for a Catalogue, we are seeing excellent results, give it a try today.

Try our Catalogue Eligibility Checker today

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What to do if your application for a pay monthly catalogue is rejectedBad Credit Catalogues for people with a bad credit ratingYou can still get a decision overturned

It might seem crazy but sometimes a short letter or email can actually overturn your decision.

We have created an entire page about appealing a declined catalogue decision, you can read it and try the appeal here.

You can even try one of our No Credit Check guaranteed catalogues

Apply Now - Guaranteed Acceptance
Guaranteed Bad Credit Catalogue - No Credit Check

If you have a bad credit rating and are looking for a Guaranteed no credit check catalogue make sure you check out this offer. £2500 credit limit - Can help improve your credit rating.

Why do Catalogues decline applications?

Catalogue companies will use a method called Credit Scoring when you apply for a Credit Catalogue account.

This means they will take all of the information you provided to them in your application and then use it with the information they receive back from Credit Reference agencies.

All of this information will be scored. This will determine if your application is approved or rejected.

Each Catalogue companies Credit scoring policy is totally secret and will vary from Catalogue to Catalogue.

Credit Scoring is designed to limit risk and to help them make a decision on how you will run and manage your Catalogue account.

Why your income and employment status are important

Your income, employment status, Your age and how many applications for credit you have made in the past year will be used to help them score your application.

Details of how you run other Credit agreements with other Credit providers now and in the past six years will be considered when making a decision.

If you have had  any past dealings with the Catalogue company this may also influence the decision.  

Credit Scoring changes on a regular basis.  It’s main aim is to predict customers behaviour, spending habits and how they are likely fail into financial problems and default on the Catalogue account.

You could apply for a Pay monthly catalogue today and be rejected only to apply again two months later with the same details and be successful.

Although Credit Scoring is popular with lenders, it’s understandable that Some people find the concept frustrating.  

Of course, Credit Scoring can occasionally make mistakes, usually when information held on a customers credit report is incorrect.

My catalogue application has been declined.

If you are declined when applying for a Catalogue account and can’t understand why, it’s always worth checking with all three of the Credit reference agencies to see what information they hold.

You can correct any mistakes with the Credit reference agencies.

Credit scoring has been used for many years on a range of financial products like Bank accounts, Credit Cards and Personal Loans.

It’s a great tool in predicting wherever a customer is going to be a good or bad risk for the Catalogue, but if you feel your decision is wrong you can appeal the decision, full details on making an appeal and the grounds for doing so are here.

No Credit Check Pay monthly catalogues

no credit check cataloguesSome people may not be aware about No Credit Check Catalogues

Although all Home Shopping (Catalogue companies) have a legal requirement to ensure both responsible lending and to confirm the identity of the person applying for credit.

There is no requirement to decline someone just because they have had previous credit problems.

In the UK there are some pay monthly catalogue companies who will look beyond your Credit history.

As long as you are not legally banned from borrowing (such as being bankrupt) you can still enjoy a Pay monthly catalogue with credit.

A no credit check catalogue can give you the spending power you deserve. Use it wisely and this could help improve your credit rating.

Catalogues with Guaranteed acceptance

Savvy Catalogue

This catalogue offers a guaranteed Credit limit of up to £2500 and a Guaranteed mobile phone contract to those who are looking to get back on the credit ladder.

The above Catalogues will consider those with very poor credit ratings, so if you have tried the mainstream Catalogues and have been rejected, be sure to check out the above Catalogues who are more likely to accept your application.

Yes Catalogue

The Yes Catalogue operates a catalogue for people with poor credit. Currently the Yes Catalogue is not available, if it reopens we will add the link here.

Deluxe Gold Card Catalogue Account

The Deluxe Gold Catalogue was another poor credit catalogue for people with credit problems, this catalogue is not currently available to new customers.

Choice Freedom Card (catalogue) account

The Choice freedom Catalogue closed in 2017. If this Catalogue does reopen we will add a link here.

Your Guide to pay monthly catalogues with credit

Choosing the right catalogue for your needs

pay monthly credit catalogues

With so much choice available, which pay monthly Catalogue with Credit will you select? There are lot’s of Catalogues available, some specialise in Fashion, some in gifts and some pay monthly catalogues cater for a wide range of items.

Our Catalogue directory lists a range of Catalogues from companies allowing you to choose the perfect Catalogue.

Applying for your pay monthly catalogue is easy…

Our Exclusive Catalogue directory has a big range of Pay Monthly and Pay Weekly Catalogues.

We have put all of the Catalogues with Credit into easy categories, so if you are looking for a Catalogue for Bad Credit for example, simply choose the Bad Credit Catalogues section and find a wide range of Catalogues with the highest approval rates.

We have a wide range of pay monthly catalogues. We even have Catalogues for Christmas as well as Catalogues dedicated to the latest Fashion and Designer Wear.

You can even buy now and pay later with on a pay monthly Catalogue dedicated to Gifts ( including personalised gifts ).

Buy Now Pay Later Catalogues

Our range of Buy Now Pay Later Catalogues makes it easy and the best thing is, all of our pay monthly Catalogues offer Credit facilities and offer an Instant Decision, this means you should know your Catalogues Credit limit once you have completed the application.

Catalogue companies will report your repayments, credit limit and balance to Credit Reference agencies each month.

If you run your Catalogue Credit account well this could have a positive effect on your Credit Rating. If you miss repayments or exceed the credit limit, this could have a negative effect on your credit rating. Missing repayments can incur fees.

If you are having trouble making payments, make sure you contact the Catalogue company (lender) as soon as you can, most are really helpful, if it’s a genuine case, they will want to help you and will appreciate your honesty.

 If you are struggling with debts, please do not apply for more credit, visit Step Change charity for help and free debt advice.

I followed the instructions very carefully and after 15 months of trying to get accepted to start re-building my credit, I was approved! The information you supplied has really helped me. Now, 18 months on, I have a mobile phone and credit card and finally feel like an adult again.
Thomas Aslantepe – Wiltshire
Credit 4 Everyone