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JD Williams Catalogue

The JD Williams Catalogues is a fantastic Catalogue company for those with previous credit problems looking to rebuild their credit rating. place and order, keep up with the repayments and your Credit limit will be reviewed after just a couple of months, Jd Williams Catalogues offer Consoles, Electrical Items, Gifts and much more.


We don’t promote JDWilliams catalogue but you can click here if you wish to find out more.

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Look Again Catalogue

Look Again is crammed with fashionable wardrobe items and inspirational items for the home. is a fresh new site from the Freemans Grattan Group. It’s ultra-stylish and users can easily navigate the online store. Look Again offer gorgeous clothing, footwear and interior items, plus there is a host of useful interactive tools designed to make shopping a dream. Look Again Credit Limits vary but can start from £70+ Representative 34.9% APR variable

When you open an Jd Williams Catalogue account you can look forward to a Credit limit of around £100+

Dear Credit 4 Everyone Users,

Credit 4 Everyone does not promote the JD Williams Catalogue or it’s brands of Catalogues, However, We have carried out a review from our own experience as a customer. You can visit the JD Wiliams catalogue by visiting www. jdwilliams dot co dot uk.


7.8 Total Score
Our Own Review of JD Williams Catalogue

JD Williams Catalogues were once known for being the Catalogue that allowed customers to start rebuilding or building their credit rating. They were great for ordering something small and building up a credit history or improving one's credit rating. Over the years JD Williams has moved away from being that company and isn't as easy to be accepted for. The Catalogue itself is packed with pretty much everything one needs, from Fashion and Electrical through to Garden, Christmas and Unique Gifts. A lot has improved in terms of it's offering, it's pricing is pretty competitive compared to other catalogues and it has a range of Catalogues under it's umbrella. You could also in the past use your Catalogue Login to shop at it's sister brands, like Jacamo, Fashion World and Simply BE, however, JD Williams have changed that over the past months. The Brand has also closed down some of it's catalogues, most noticeably The Brilliant Gift Shop which was a great Catalogue for Personalised gifts.

Variety of Products Available
Pricing of items compared to the High Street
Score for having the Latest Fashion/Style
Score for Overall Stock Availability
Delivery Options Available IE (Next Day delivery, Deliver to Home, Work or Pick Up Points)
Standard Delivery Costs
Next Day delivery Costs
On Time delivery satisfaction
Online Customer Area
Customer Services
Mobile APP (If Available)
Score for Interest Charged (APR)
Score for Credit Limit
Score for Credit Limit Increases
Score for Offers / Promotions
  • Great range of products
  • Good on Pricing
  • Next Day delivery options available
  • Next day delivery Subscription available (Pay Once use all year) Great for customers ordering plenty through the year
  • Nice Members area with everything you need at ease
  • Can Enjoy an Interest FREE period (Check website for details)
  • No Longer approves many customers with a bad credit rating
  • HIGH Interest (APR) can exceed 50%
  • Repayments required every 28 days not monthly (A Pain for customers paid monthly)
  • Deliveries can sometime be slow (especially on larger items)
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Dad of 7, including Autistic Twins, first hand experience in Credit problems following the challenges faced with having Autistic children. (Unable to work due to supporting their needs, My credit rating became what can only be described as wrecked) Using my own experience, Credit 4 Everyone was born. A website dedicated to the rebuilding of a UK credit rating. The site was born providing the struggles in getting accepted and as things improved, the challenges one faces in maintaining a good credit rating. On this website you will find information regarding Pay monthly Credit catalogues, buy now pay later, mobile phone contracts for bad credit, current account options when your credit rating stops you getting even the most basic of services and personal loans/car finance. I will share my own experience which shows you how I built a credit rating with an Experian credit score of 120 and Equifax of 90 to a Credit rating both rated as Good in 2 years. How you can rebuild your credit rating, the companies that will help you on the journey and how things can improve. About the website Pay Monthly Catalogues with Credit, Buy it now pay later, Guaranteed Mobile phone contracts and Guaranteed no credit check bank accounts. Credit 4 Everyone specialise in helping people with bad credit get the credit they need. We offer Financial products and services for everyone and work hard to review products, our aim is in Helping you get accepted with our helpful hints and tips.

  1. Horrid company with no compassion, was on payment plan, after 6 months they said I had to go back to making full payments, interest was charged and put me back to the original debt. Rubbish, stay away

  2. crap catalogue go with very or look again or somethink, these are scammers who will fleece you for everything and lie on your credit report

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