Spread the Cost of Christmas 2016

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Christmas 2016 Buy Now Pay Later

Christmas, spread the cost of Christmas 2016 with Catalogues, Credit Cards and Personal Loans
Christmas, spread the cost of Christmas 2016 with Catalogues, Credit Cards and Personal Loans

Christmas is fast approaching and that means one thing. Gifts! If you are are looking to Spread the Cost of Christmas 2016 you can choose either a Personal Loan, Credit Card or Catalogue with Credit. All offer the option of getting the goods you need for Christmas whilst helping to spread the cost over easier monthly repayments.

Personal Loan

Subject to your Credit Status, a Personal Loan can help you spread the cost with a sum of money you need to borrow. Depending on your Credit Status you may get a Low or High APR. Loans do offer one advantage, you can spend the money where you decide, so you could take advantage of great deals online and in store.

Credit Card

Depending on your Credit Status, you could qualify for a 0% purchase credit card. These offer you the chance to buy now and pay no interest (Subject to keeping within the Credit Limit, making the repayments on time and paying within the 0% Purchase rate time scale). Once again, a Credit Card allows you to spend where you decide and spread the cost without interest. If you have a poor credit rating, there are Credit Card options available but usually these have HIGH APR (interest) rates and may not be the best decision

Catalogue with Credit

Spreading the cost of Christmas 2016 with a Pay Monthly Catalogue offering Credit could be a good decision. You don't need a perfect Credit Status, but if you have very Poor Credit, you may be limited to Catalogues in our Poor Credit Section, more so, you may pay a higher APR. Catalogues do limit you to spending the Credit Limit within your Catalogue or their Catalogue Group and you also have to wait around for delivery. However, you can spread the cost with a Pay Monthly Catalogue, you can also enjoy Free Returns on items which you don't like and you can over pay each month to help towards clearing that Christmas debt

Cut Down

Do you really need to spend so much on Christmas goods? Could you try spending less and trying to enjoy Christmas 2016 without the worry of going into 2017 with debt? You could also try one of the many Charities who could even help towards Christmas presents. Finally, how about Charity shops? You can find items almost new and even brand new in Charity shops. Also check out auction websites like eBay and those Black Friday sales on Amazon for example.


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