Introducing the NEO Credit Card

It's a new Credit Card by Vanquis. The NEO credit card however is a welcome product to the UK as it offers something a little different. Yes it will help you rebuild your Credit Status by keeping within the credit limit and making payments on time, but it also offers a unique feature allowing you to pay bills straight from your NEO Card account.

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  1. i have apply’d for a credit card off you and it said i would hear back with in 60 seconds and i am still waiting . could you please get back to me and let me no if i am successful thank you.

  2. Hi I got an email off yous explaining the terms and conditions for a neo card does this mean I have been accepted cos haven’t received my card yet

    • I think you automatically get a copt of the terms and conditions in your email when you apply, it’s not really an indication of being accepted I regret. You should hear from them within a few days if your application has been approved.

  3. Hi I applied online then received a call to say I have been accepted, how long does it take to receive your card and when do I find out my limit

  4. What is the average credit score required for one of these cards?

    • Good Afternoon Mark,
      This card is good for someone rebuilding their credit, You could be approved for this credit card with Defaults and CCJ’s although, if you have suffered a CCJ or Default in the last 12 months I would suggest you wait.

      Depending on a number of factors, usually the best chances are to those with less than a couple of Credit Searches in the last 6 months, those showing repayments on their credit agreements (without missing more than one payment in the past 12 months) and those with a low Debt ratio. I have had emails of two customers who received the card, one telling me her Experian credit score was 666 and she was surprised.

      Every application is looked upon on it’s own merit and it’s impossible to tell you what your chances are, however, you can sign up for a free trial with Credit Expert here and then use their service to find out your Eligibility for this credit card. Sorry I cannot be more useful but every application is considered.

  5. How long does it take for them to get in contact with you after you apply?

  6. Hello. How can I know if I am eligible without to my request be registered at creditscore?

  7. I applied an it said you need more information an I will get a call any idea how long till I get this call?! An if I have been accepted or not?

    • Sacha, This usually means your application has been referred to the Underwriters and if they do require any further info they will call. I would wait a few days, those who have been successful have reported getting the call 1-3 days from application

  8. I applied today got a phone call within 10 mins saying I was accepted and I should receive my card within 10 days and the pin a few days later

  9. Hi I applied was accepted an even got a cash advance but still no card or pin? It’s been almost 2 weeks?

  10. it’s part of Vanquis, each time I apply they tell me it wont affect my credit rating, but they cant accept me as I have either applied in the last 6 months or have a card already. i had a card in 2011 which defaulted, i am not sure if that means i can not have another, they sold the debt to lowell so they got paid for it, so why cant i have another card?

    • Hi Essex,
      I would expect that as you had a card you may already appear on the System. I have read before that people who previously defaulted with certain cards like American Express may never be giving another card, however, with Vanquis, I have read that you can be lucky and get another card, but I believe it depends on the situation and your circumstances and therefore I wouldn’t be able to offer any help, you should probably contact Vanquis direct to see what’s happening.

      Sorry I can’t offer any further assistance

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