There’s no need to pay for your Credit report

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If you are paying a monthly fee to access your credit report stop!

You can access all 3 of your credit reports totally free of charge. This includes your credit rating score. Free, forever, no credit card required.

Access your Credit Report and Credit Score free

Noddle – Save £15.99 per month compared to Credit Compass

You can access your Call Credit report totally free from Noddle, updated once a month, the site also boasts a great feature allowing you to match credit cards and loans to your Credit rating.

Noddle website is clear and easy to understand, you can also benefit from a free Credit rating score, check your credit report totally free of charge today and join Noddle without the need of a credit card!

Clear Score – Save £15.99 compared to Equifax and enjoy fast access

You can access your Equifax credit report totally free from Clear Score. The report is updated monthly but now, Clear Score has gone one step further and will report any major changes weekly. Plus, the site has a great feel, cool tips and videos to help you improve your credit rating and more importantly a way to find out if you could be approved for Credit Cards and Loans Plus if you have ever used the Equifax website you will be more than aware it can take upwards of 20 minutes to update your report, this isn't the case with Clear Score.

Money Saving Expert – Save £15.99 compared to Credit Expert

Now, for the first time, you can access your Experian Credit Report totally free of charge. Simply visit Money Saving Expert and join the free Credit club

This one is one of our favourites, it offers unique tools and assessments of your overall credit health.

Lot's of useful features and lot's of work has gone into this one to make it unique and offers more than just a run down of your credit report.

So if you are paying a monthly fee to access your credit reports, stop. These three sites offer everything you need (apart from daily updates).

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