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Both The Studio and Ace Catalogues are packed with Personalised Gifts, Electrical Items and the Must have latest Fashion.

Studio Retail Limited (also known by some as Findel PLC or Express Gifts)  have long been known for their Personalised Gifts, Amazing Prices and their famous Christmas section (which is updated throughout the year).

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Studio (also known by some as Findel PLC or Express Guftts) have been around for many years and some may remember them as the Christmas

company. They have a good reputation for selling items at amazing prices.

Over the years both Catalogues gained a reputation for accepting customers when other Catalogue companies wouldn’t. Customers with Bad Credit are limited in choice for pay monthly Catalogues. These days both Studio and Ace will still consider Customers with a less than perfect credit history, they Credit check customers using Experian but don’t offer a no credit check catalogue or a guaranteed catalogue.

Do Ace or Studio catalogues accept bad credit?
Just like other pay monthly catalogue companies, Studio and Ace will accept some customers with a history of credit problems. They will credit check you with With Experian and carry out Identity and Affordability checks as a responsible lender must.

Customer with a poor credit rating are welcome to apply, Usually customers who have demonstrated running credit well elsewhere will improve their chances of acceptance. It should also be pointed out that the first initial order value should be below £250 to improve the chances of success.

If you have suffered with Defaults or CCJ’s in the past 3 years you are unlikely to be accepted for a pay monthly catalogue, but you can still apply and use a Credit or Debit card should your application not be successful

Credit Limits from Ace and Studio Catalogues
Credit limits will vary depending on your own personal circumstances, if your application is successful your Credit limit will range from £100 – £1000 initially. Credit limits are reviewed periodically from both the Studio and Ace catalogue.

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