Bad Credit? We have Credit Cards that could help you rebuild your Credit Rating

cardmOnce upon a time, Credit Cards were a Status Symbol, Only found in the Wallers of the Rich and Wealthy. Times have long changed and now Millions of people hold a Credit Card. One of the appeals to holding a Credit Card is the Protection on Purchases you make. A Credit Card is also required when you wish to hire a Car for example. Unfortunately if you have had Credit issues such as Defaults, County Court Judgements or suffered with Bankruptcy/IVA’s etc, Mainstream Credit Card companies may reject your application. Credit4everyone could help.

Credit Cards that can help you rebuild your Credit Rating…

Credit Card companies that try to say YES!

We work with Credit Card companies who everyday help customers with such problems. Approving applications to those customers who are trying to rebuild their Credit. Their decisions are not purely based upon your past, these companies look at ways they can say Yes to your application. A Credit Card is one of the best ways to improve your Credit Rating (As long as you stay within the Credit Limit and make your repayments on time).

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Credit Cards for bad credit


If you have had credit problems in the past such as Defaults, County Court Judgements or missed repayments you may find an applications for a Prime Credit Credit Card being rejected.

In times of austerity a lot of people missed repayments and those customers found it harder to get accepted for a Credit Card.

The Solution is a Credit Card that will not base their decision purely on your past Credit History.  By Keeping up with the repayments and staying within the Credit Card limit, you could start rebuilding your credit rating.

Not all Credit Cards are the same. A Subprime Credit Card could approve your application today, even if others have said no! They will offer a Sensible Credit Limit and if you keep up the repayments and stay within the credit limit you could soon find your Credit Rating improves you that you could qualify for a Credit Limit increase.

How Credit Cards can help improve your Credit Rating

Credit Cards are known as Revolving credit, they are a line of Credit that you can spend up to in shops and online. Used correctly, a Credit Card can help you rebuild your Credit Rating. If you are looking to improve your Credit Rating, applying for a Credit Card and keeping up with the repayments whilst staying with the Credit Limit can help.

Credit Cards for people with Bad/Poor Credit 

31881822_s A Credit Card is one of the best ways to improve your Credit rating.

Each month thousands of customers are Successful in getting a Credit Card. Prime Credit Cards are often out of the hands of people with Poor Credit Histories, but don’t worry, there are plenty of options.

Start your Credit Rebuilding with a Credit Card designed to be more flexible in helping those with Poor Credit Histories, use the card often, stay with the Credit Limit and Pay on time each month and you will could start seeing your Credit Rating improve.

You can usually use a Sub Prime / bad credit – credit card as a stepping ladder, if you can, try to pay off the full balance each month, as the interest rates on some Sub Prime cards are higher.

Bad Credit Credit Cards usually have lower credit limits, but if keep up with the repayments and stay within the credit limit you could qualify for a Credit Card Credit Limit increase.

To improve your chances of your bad credit card getting a credit limit increase try and keep up with all of your credit agreement payments elsewhere.

Also limit the number of applications you make for Credit. Making too many applications for Credit lowers your Credit rating for a short period and can make an Applicant look desperate or worse, could alarm Lenders that someone is attempting to take Credit out in your name.

Once you have your Bad Credit Credit Card, use it, even if you only make small purchases on it. Try and set up a Direct Debit to make the repayments.

Credit Cards for Bad Credit

8779621_sThere are several Credit Cards for people looking to build or rebuild their Credit Rating. So if you have had previous credit problems and are looking to start rebuilding or if you are new to credit and are looking for your first Credit Card, check out the Credit Cards available today. You can look forward to a Sensible Credit Card and although these Credit Cards that tend to have a higher APR (Annual Percentage Rate) they do have a higher approval rate than mainstream credit card.

Poor Credit – Credit Cards 

There are several Credit Cards available in the Uk for people looking to rebuild their Credit Rating, these include – Aqua Credit Card, Marbles Credit Card (Aqua), Capital One Classic Credit Card, Vanquis Credit Card, NEO Credit Card (Vanquis), Luma Card (Capital One), Ocean Credit Card (Capital One), Aquis (Vanquis), The Original Credit Card (Vanquis), Barclaycard Initial.

A Credit Card can help you rebuild your Credit Rating, this applies to customers who use the Credit Card, stay within their Credit Limit and make the repayments on time each month.

If you miss repayments, exceed or your Credit limit this could damage your Credit rating.

A Credit Card can be an expensive form of borrowing, If you are looking to make a large purchase and only make the repayments a Personal Loan could be a cheaper option.

Credit 4 Everyone