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Bad Credit Catalogue – The Yes Catalogue Card is aimed at those with Poor Credit. If you have a bad Credit rating this Catalogue account may be just for you, they approve more applications than any other Catalogue with Credit on Credit4everyone! The YesCard Catalogue offers credit limits of up to £2500

NEW YES Catalogue – No Credit Checks – Guaranteed Acceptance

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Apply for your Yes Card – Catalogue Card

Currently, the Yes Card Catalogue is closed, but we do have a Guaranteed Approval (No Credit Check Catalogue available) here.

[wpsm_promobox background=”#ffffff” border_size=”1px” border_color=”#dddddd” highligh_color=”#fb7203″ highlight_position=”left” button_link=”” button_text=”Apply Now – Guaranteed Acceptance” title=”Guaranteed Approval Catalogue” description=”Apply now and get a Guaranteed No Credit Check catalogue with up to £2500 Credit limit.” ]

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  • Karyn Moore

    20th February 2016

    A Lady who got divoriced and Ex got everything including family home and everything else in said home(Got taken to the cleaners by him) ended up having to rent and then discovered someone applied for a credit card in my name hence discovered that I wasn’t the person who applied for it,still attempting sort this problem out,the credit company,Can afford a catalogue but as I have a bad credit rating unable to get credit,So annoyed that I am unable to get credit after all this.

    • Credit 4 Everyone

      20th February 2016

      Sounds Awful Karyn, I hope you get it sorted, if you didn’t apply for the Credit Card then it’s fraud, ensure you inform the Police or Action Fraud to get a Crime reference number, this will help you with the Credit Card company and they will have to resolve the matter including removing any said bad credit information that’s on your Credit report.

      You can also add a note to the Credit reference agencies, tell them you are in dispute of this credit account and they will highlight this on your Credit report, this could help you obtain credit elsewhere.

      It can take a while, but don’t give up, Identity fraud in the UK is a grave concern for a lot of people, it can be sorted but as you have found out can take a while, drop me an email if you need any help, we may be able to give you some pointers to help the process along for you.

  • Margaret provan

    20th February 2016

    Looking for catalogue for people with bad credit

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