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A pay monthly catalogue available to visitors with poor credit! Introducing the Step Card Catalogue. No Credit check pay monthly catalogue, Guaranteed Acceptance – Credit limits up to £500 with credit limit increases available.

step card logoStep Card pay monthly Catalogue

No Credit check pay monthly catalogue, Guaranteed Acceptance – Credit limits up to £500 with credit limit increases available.

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Bad Credit doesn't have to stop you from enjoying the benefits for pay monthly home shopping.

If you have bad credit or are worried you won't pass a credit check for a pay monthly catalogue then the Step Card could be the perfect solution, it's a no credit check catalogue with Guaranteed acceptance.

no credit check catalogue – The Step Card

The Step card is a pay monthly catalogue aimed at people with bad credit who may not be accepted for a Catalogue due to their credit score.

It guarantee's acceptance by promising no credit checks.

Guaranteed Acceptance – No Credit Checks to worry about

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The fact that the Catalogue doesn't carry out a credit check means people looking for a no credit check Catalogue will find this product perfect.

a bad credit catalogue could help improve your credit ratingYou can buy a range of goods with the Step card and credit limits can start as high as £500

You are Guaranteed to be approved

Applying for the Step Card will not harm your credit rating.

You can use the Step card catalogue to start rebuilding your credit rating.

You could become eligible for Credit Limit Increases

Keep up with your repayments and you may become eligible for credit limit increases.

To apply for the Step card bad credit catalogue you must be 18+ and a resident in the UK

Apply now

You can apply for your Step Card guaranteed no credit check catalogue here.

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step card logo


Step Card

Mobile App


Credit Checked

No Credit Check Catalogue

Credit Limits

£200 – £500 (credit limit increases available)

Type of Catalogue

Catalogue designed to help people with bad credit improve their credit rating.

Instant Decision


Payment Options available

Pay Monthly

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    21st July 2018

    Thanks for this. Can’t wait

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    21st July 2018

    Wow thank you x

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