JD Williams Catalogue

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The JD Williams Catalogues is a fantastic Catalogue company for those with previous credit problems looking to rebuild their credit rating. place and order, keep up with the repayments and your Credit limit will be reviewed after just a couple of months, Jd Williams Catalogues offer Consoles, Electrical Items, Gifts and much more.


We don't promote JDWilliams catalogue but you can click here if you wish to find out more.

[wpsm_promobox background=”#f8f8f8″ border_size=”2px” border_color=”#fb7203″ highligh_color=”#fb7203″ highlight_position=”left” button_link=”https://credit4everyone.co.uk/pay-monthly-catalogues-with-credit/look-again-catalogue/” button_text=”Apply Now” title=”Look Again Catalogue” description=”Look Again is crammed with fashionable wardrobe items and inspirational items for the home. Lookagain.co.uk is a fresh new site from the Freemans Grattan Group. It’s ultra-stylish and users can easily navigate the online store. Look Again offer gorgeous clothing, footwear and interior items, plus there is a host of useful interactive tools designed to make shopping a dream. Look Again Credit Limits vary but can start from £70+ Representative 34.9% APR variable” ]

When you open an Jd Williams Catalogue account you can look forward to a Credit limit of around £100+

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  • Unhappy Sarah

    3rd April 2016

    Horrid company with no compassion, was on payment plan, after 6 months they said I had to go back to making full payments, interest was charged and put me back to the original debt. Rubbish, stay away

  • natalie

    3rd April 2016

    crap catalogue go with very or look again or somethink, these are scammers who will fleece you for everything and lie on your credit report

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