The Brilliant Gift Shop Closed

The Brilliant Gift Shop Closed

The Brilliant Gift Shop Catalogue has closed. Owned by the JD Williams group, customers will need their account number and login via one of their other Catalogue websites, such as Jacamo, Simply Be or JD Williams.

Don't forget to do this to ensure you keep up with any outstanding repayments. Orders can still be placed from one of the other Catalogues in the group. To login to your Brilliant Gift Shop catalogue to make a payment click here.

Credit Limit

You can still use any available credit on your Brilliant Gift Shop catalogue at any of the JD Williams Catalogues.

Catalogue company closures

In the past few months we have seen a few Catalogue companies close, Daxon closed it's doors last year, The Shoe Tailor closed it's doors last year and now the Brilliant Gift Shop.

No reasons has been provided to us for the closure and they still haven't notified customers, but we must stress that you ensure you keep up with your repayments via one of their other websites.

The Account number and password (or email address and password) will allow you to login, manage your account, make a repayment or place an order.


  1. Hi i used to have an account with brillant gift shop its been many years i forgot all my passwords and now i find its closed can you please tell me if my account is still available

    • In our own experience Terry, the Brilliant Gift Shop account got closed once the balance was paid. However, that being said, you should be able to use the same login for this account on the main Jd Williams website. That’s what the Email told us. Let us know how you got on

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