Mixed Christmas for Home Shopping Catalogue Retailers

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Tough Year on the High Street.

All through 2018 we have seen Retailers on our High Street suffering.

Some blame the rise of the internet, others the cost of Town Centre parking, Whilst others point the fingers at Business rates.

Online retailers are announcing mixed results.

Catalogue companies release mixed results

Home Shopping catalogue companies do have a benefit or selling point over traditional online stores.

Companies offering Catalogues often offer Credit which helps family budget for Christmas spending.

These companies target customers with clever Television and Direct Mail campaigns on the run up to the festive period.

So how did they do over Christmas?

Was Christmas 2018 a Good year for Pay monthly Catalogue companies?

Shop Direct (The people behind Very and Littlewoods) announced record sales and a massive increase in new customers.

Next also enjoy a good festive period, helped by sales and a drop in temperatures.

However, Sales at N Brown (Jd Williams and Jacamo) catalogues were flat.

What the results show

Shop Direct Christmas adverts are now becoming a traditional point in the Calendar, Along with the likes of Coca Cola and John Lewis, People enjoy the Television commercials and look forward to this annual event.

Did We affect JD Williams Sales?

Back in 2018 Credit 4 Everyone promoted the JD Williams brand of Catalogues, however, they chose to stop working with websites like us, who offer Home Shopping Catalogues.

Now we're not being big headed but…

This could well have been a costly mistake. If JD Williams have stopped working with websites offering their services and offering deals/promotions then surely this in turn is going to cost them more than just Brand awareness.

When customers visit websites like Credit 4 Everyone to look for Pay Monthly Catalogues and the N Brown Catalogues are not Listed where as other great Catalogues like Look Again, Studio or Next are  then surely this loses them customers.

Interest may play a part

Interest rates charged by Catalogues are never cheap. However, unlike Look Again, Very and Studio, JD Williams Catalogues can be expensive and the Catalogue has been known to increase the Interest rate with little notice and no option of appeal.

What does 2019 look like?

Brexit is bringing uncertainty, this will eventually reflect in Credit Providers tightening their belt, this could mean less Catalogue Credit limit increases or a more stringent lending policy

Credit could become harder to obtain in 2019

For that reason, it may well become harder to be accepted for a Catalogue.

This in turn with Consumer debts increasing faster than ever and more people missing repayments, the scope for Catalogue companies to find suitable Credit Consumers will fall.

Some Catalogue companies will be harder hit than others.

For example, Catalogue companies that can be more open to offering customers with a poor credit rating Catalogue credit may enjoy a small increase.

Other Catalogue companies who are tougher on Credit Checks may find 2019 a tough year.

Consumers may choose 2019 to be a year when they get debts back into control and a lack of interest in Borrowing could see Spring and Summer Sales tumbling for all Catalogue companies.


Brexit is an uncertain affect which is going to cause companies up and down the Country a problem, People are worried about the affects.

Responsible lending

2019 will see more digging into the home shopping catalogue business, does it target customers who can't afford the debt? Watch this space for some new Laws that could result in Catalogue companies lending policies changing.

Google could be to blame

Late in 2018 Google made some severe changes to their Search Engine results. These changes have not favoured sites like ours. In fact we are not alone. Many people are finding results not as good as they were.

Search for Pay Monthly Catalogues and the top 10 positions are now the big pay monthly catalogues. Last year websites like ours offering all of the Catalogues were in those positions..

This means consumers will have one catalogue, compared to comparing all of the pay monthly catalogues..

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