Buying with Buy Now Pay Later? Watch out for the delivery and Installation costs

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Buying with Buy Now Pay Later?

It seems like it's everywhere right now, the right to buy items and pay for them later.

You can sign up for Buy now pay later credit in shops, over the telephone, online and even by using your pay monthly catalogue.

Whilst Buy now pay later can be a handy choice for some, it can also turn into a real nightmare and a headache for others who haven't fully understood the terms of the product.

You may not be aware of it, but some Catalogue companies may not include delivery and installation costs into the buy now pay later debt.

This means your next catalogue statement could include a charge for both delivery and any installation costs which will be due for payment.

This has caught a lot of customers by surprise and has even wrecked some customers credit rating.

Paying with Buy now pay later ? – Make sure you check what's included

It seems to be the payment of choice for some people but whilst the offer of paying later sounds good some people are unaware of some items not being included.

Both Littlewoods and Very Catalogues offer Buy Now Pay Later on most orders.

However, there is something to be aware of.

buy now pay later credit
buy now pay later credit

Delivery and Installation costs are not added to the buy now pay later debt

Delivery costs and Installation costs are not included and will be due on your next Catalogue statement.

Avoid paying interest by checking your Catalogue statement

To avoid interest being added and the possibility of your account falling into arrears you should always read and fully understand what the terms of your buy now pay later transaction includes.



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  • Tom

    30th July 2018

    You should always read and understand what you are signing up for

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