Understanding Your Catalogue Statement

Understanding Your Catalogue Statement

Your Pay Monthly Catalogue Statement

your pay monthly catalogue statementEach month your Catalogue company will send you your pay monthly catalogue Statement.

Your Catalogue statement may be posted or emailed to you, depending on your preference.

Your Catalogue statement will list all of your orders and any payments you have made since your last statement

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The Catalogues Credit limit information and relevant interests and charges will also be displayed along with any buy now pay later period.

Pay close attention to your Catalogue repayment date.

This is the date your Catalogue must receive at least the minimum repayment from you.

Paying your Catalogue late or forgetting to make the repayment will incur a charge of at least £12 and it may damage your credit rating.

Paying by Direct Debit will ensure you don’t forget your repayment date

You can pay your Catalogue using a debit or credit card or make payment using a Giro slip found at the bottom of your Catalogue. Some Catalogues allow you to pay by Bank transfer, our favourite method is paying by direct debit as it ensures your payment is made on time and comes with the Direct Debit guarantee.

Some Pay monthly catalogues will allow you to spread the cost interest free over a set period, whilst others will act a little like a Credit card in requiring you to pay a set percentage back each month (usually around 5%).

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