What happens if my order doesn’t arrive

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When you place an order with your Pay monthly catalogue you are now able to choose which day it will arrive.

9 times out of 10 your order will arrive on the day it's expected, however sometimes your order may not arrive, We look into why this happens and what you can do.

Check your Account

When you login to your Catalogue account you will be able to check on the Status of your order, usually an order on it's way will have a tracking link allowing you to find out exactly where your order is right now

If your order says Cancelled next to it you will need to call your Catalogue company to see why this has happened, it could be due to Stock levels or because the Catalogue company want to speak to you first.

If your order says it's still processing it's worth calling them, when it's in this status it's unlikely the item will arrive, usually catalogue companies process the order first to allow for tracking, give your Catalogue company a call to check

Check the Couriers Tracking to follow your order

When you click the tracking link you will be taken to an external company who handle deliveries, usually DPD or UK Mail for example.

Courier companies work to a tight schedule and can deliver up until 9pm so it may be that your order is still going to arrive.

Courier Problems

Occasionally Courier companies do fail to deliver on the day, if this happens and you have paid a Delivery premium you should call the Catalogue company and request that the delivery costs are returned.

More Couriers are now texting customers with an estimated time they will arrive, if you receive one of these messages your order should arrive timely, if your doesn't arrive after receiving this text message call your Catalogue company.

Call your Catalogue company!

Always call your Catalogue company as soon as you are aware a delivery is late.

Your Catalogue company will find out where your order is and why it hasn't arrived.

If your order is lost in transit they will be able to hunt it down or order a replacement.

You don't want to be charged for items that have not arrived.

Part Orders – Catalogues

Be aware that Catalogue companies do split orders so items you order may come at different times and with different couriers.

Furniture Deliveries and Large Items

Larger items such as Furniture may take longer to deliver and you may need to make arrangements with a Courier company to confirm a suitable date.


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    Freemans Let me down this year, no email, letter or anything to tell me that something wouldn’t arrive. TOTAL Crap Freemans

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