How do Catalogue Credit Limits work

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All About Catalogue Credit Limits

pay-monthly-catalogueOnce you Submit your application for a new Catalogue Credit account you will informed if you application is successful or not.

Once your application is accepted you will be informed about your Catalogues Credit Limit.

If your application is accepted you will be offered a Credit Limit

What is a Credit Limit

It's the amount of money that a Catalogue company is willing to lend you. You can place orders up to the Credit Limit in one transaction or a number of transaction whichever suits you.

You can't exceed your Catalogues Credit Limit

If you exceed your Catalogue credit limit you may damage your Credit rating or be charged £12. It's worth ensuring you stay within your Credit Limit at all times.

Catalogue Credit Limit increases

Once you have operated your Catalogue and maintained payments for a period of time (Usually 3-6 months) You may qualify for a Catalogue credit limit increase.

You can Reduce your Credit Limit

If you prefer to lower your Catalogues credit limit, simply call them on the Catalogue Customer Service number and request a reduction to your Credit limit.

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