Products & Services that can help build your Credit Rating 

47967245_sYou can build or rebuild your Credit rating easily by using certain Energy Companies, Broadband Suppliers and even Landline Companies. Choosing one of the suppliers will report back Green Ticks to your Credit Report each month as long as you keep up with repayments.

So if you are struggling to get accepted for Credit Cards, Mobiles and Loans, you can consider one of these products. They could help build or rebuild your Credit rating. 

Building Your Credit Rating

  • Will report payment history to your credit report
  • Can help build your Credit Rating
  • Can help rebuild a poor credit rating
  • Energy Suppliers, Broadband Suppliers and Telephone companies

Build your Credit Rating with Products Like Your Broadband, Your Energy Bills and More…

By applying and using one of the companies on this page you can help improve your Credit Rating. Just ensure you keep up your repayments on time each month and over time this can help improve your Credit Rating.

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Broadband suppliers who report back repayment history to the credit reference agencies.

By choosing one of the following Broadband suppliers and keeping up the repayments you could help improve your credit rating over time.

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Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Improve your Credit Rating by using a bad credit credit card.

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Everyone has a Credit Rating – Why you should protect it…


Some people take their Credit rating very seriously and others don’t. It’s very easy to damage your credit rating. Just miss a couple of your credit repayments or make too many applications for credit in a short period of time and things can start to slide. More serious issues like Serious arrears, Defaults, CCJ’s and your Credit rating can be seriously damaged. The good news is you can start to repair your Credit Rating. Credit Ratings can be repaired although it does take time. A good Credit Rating shows potential Lenders, Landlords and Insurance companies that you are able to manage your finances well.

Time & Careful management will help…

If you have suffered due to previous credit problems and you want to start building your Credit rating consider changing your energy supplier to one who reports your payments back to the Credit reference agencies. You could save money too! Even a small change of your Telephone or Broadband supplier and keeping up those repayments each month will start to show you are starting to keep up to date with your repayments. Missed repayments, Defaults and CCJ’s are available to see on your Credit reference reports for up to six years but as these get older and if they are backed up with good repayment history, future lenders will start to take less notice of them.

 Remember, if you are serious about becoming Credit Worthy, your journey starts once you decide to take control. There is no such thing as Credit Blacklist and any problems you have experienced won’t last forever. Just like a good credit rating can be damaged, a bad credit rating can be repaired.

It’s not instant fix, but taking control and starting to make repayments on time each month and keeping applications to an absolute minimum will help start to show future lenders you are serious. Consider applying for a Credit Card aimed at those rebuilding their credit rating, such as the Capital One Classic Cards or Vanquis Credit Card. You can check your Credit Rating at anytime now, All of the UK’s Credit Reference agencies now offer Instant Access, if you would like to see what your Credit File is reporting, click here. You can check your Credit Report and Credit Score totally free of charge with our range of totally free trials and no Credit Card required Credit Reports.

Once you have your a copy of your Credit Report, you can check it’s up to date. Make sure all of the information is correct and from this point onwards, you are going to probably be aware why you are being rejected for credit.

pay monthly cataloguesYour Credit Rating is very important, and the good news is that you can start rebuilding it anytime you choose. If you are being rejected for everything you apply for it could be a good idea to stop applying and take out products/services that will report your repayments back to the credit reference agencies.

For example, if you switch your Broadband to a supplier like Talk Talk or BT, they will report your repayments back to the Credit Reference Agencies, in 12 months you will have 0 applications for credit and 12 months of repayments made on time (if you pay on time of course). 

If you are able to apply for some revolving credit then do so, but spend wisely and try to use it to your advantage by making the full repayments each month. Doing this will result in very little if any interest.

Catalogues, Credit Cards and Mobile phone contracts can help build your Credit Rating. If you are able to apply for some sort of revolving credit and can afford to do so, do. It will help improve things further.

If you have tried to apply for a Credit Card or Catalogue but have been rejected, consider a Guaranteed no Credit check mobile phone contract or Guaranteed no credit check Catalogue or just consider switching your Broadband or Energy supplier. As long as you are starting to demonstrate a good repayment behaviour, over time, things will start to improve.

Don’t Get Caught in the Credit Rejection Circle

If you have been rejected for Credit it could be a good time to stop applying for more credit and take a look at your Credit File. It can be frustrating being rejected and each application can lower your Credit Rating slightly, at least for a few months.

It can be a Vicious circle applying for Loans or Credit Cards when you have already been rejected especially if you have suffered from CCJ’s, Defaults or even late payments. You can however still build or rebuild your Credit rating, Simply by using a range of products and services that will report your repayments back to the Credit Reference agencies. This could help improve your credit rating.

Some Energy Companies and Broadband Suppliers for example will report back to Experian, Equifax and Call Credit, this means by selecting certain companies, you could actually improve your Credit Rating. Of course, you must ensure you keep up with all of the repayments at all times.

Start building your Credit Rating

Simply switching your Broadband or Energy supplier to one listed below could help towards building your Credit Rating. Just ensure you keep all of the repayments each month as not doing so could further affect your Credit Rating. Remember each payment you make on time will reflect on your Credit report and will help starting to show your ability to maintain repayments

What is your Credit Report Currently Saying?  



Everyone has a Credit Report. Your Credit report will tell potential and current lenders how you are managing your finances. If you decide to move home for example you may choose you want to Buy your next home, your Mortgage company will check your Credit Report. Even if you choose to Rent your next home, your future Landlord may Credit Check your application. Even applying for Energy Suppliers and Broadband can result in your application being Credit Checked.

The Difference between Accepted and Declined…

Keeping up with your monthly repayments is only one important factor to maintaining a good Credit rating. You should also keep Applications to an absolute minimum. Making too many applications for credit (especially in a short period of time) can show Lenders that you are desperate for Credit and your application could be rejected. Remain honest in every application you make, don’t be tempted to Lie about Income, time at your Current Addresses or anything else. As part of a Credit Check, potential lenders may also check Fraud agencies and any discrepancies you make between applications can raise a flag against your application. 

Check Your Credit Report with all 3 Credit Reference Agencies 

In the UK there are 3 main UK Credit Reference Agencies. These are Experian, Equifax and Call Credit. You should check each of these Credit Reference agencies at least once a year to ensure you are not a victim of ID fraud and to ensure your repayment history is being updated correctly. Mistakes can happen and you can resolve any potential problems by having your finger on the pulse.

Tips to help Improve your Credit Rating


Tips to rebuild your Credit rating and Credit Score. Your Credit rating is highly important, it can help save you money and help you towards future life changing purchases such as Buying your Home or a new Car. It can even affect your ability to spread the cost of Insurance repayments in monthly repayments. 

How to Improve your Credit Rating…

People who haven’t had any credit and those who haven’t been able to keep up with their monthly repayments can experience problems obtaining further credit. All potential lenders will check your Credit report as part of their decision when you apply for Credit. The good news is that you start to build or rebuild your Credit rating at any time. It doesn’t happen over night but over time, you can start to improve your Credit rating.

7 tips to rebuilding your Credit Rating

(1) Register to vote…

Lenders use the electoral register to check that you are who you say you are and live where you say you do.

(2) Check your Credit Report…

First step is to check your Credit Report, this will show you what Potential Lenders see when you apply. Sometimes a Credit rating may not be low but can be temporary lowered by making too many applications for example

(3) Spread out Applications…

When you make an application for Credit, the Lender will search your Credit Report, this will leave a footprint on your credit report. Credit Reference agencies suggest no more than 2 applications for Credit in 6 months.

(4) Check who you are connected to

If you make a Join application, you may have a financial connection with them. If one of you have a Poor Credit rating, this will lower the score of both. Make sure old partners are not connected to you for example

(5) Keep up with Repayments

Even if you have missed previous payments, try to keep up repayments from now. If your account has fallen into Default, these will show for 6 years. If you can help it, try and come to an arrangement before accounts fall into this position.

(6) Close Unwanted accounts down…

If you have Credit Cards you don’t use, close them down. This will improve your Credit rating, as sometimes having too much credit available can lead to lenders declining applications.

(7) Be Honest….

Never ever lie on applications for Credit. It’s easy for a lender to see Old Addresses and your Date of Birth. Lying is fraud and you can be registered with CIFAS for 6 years! This will stop most applications you make going through automatically and can cause your Bank accounts and Credit cards to be closed.

Free 30 Day Trial

Enjoy totally free access to your Credit Report and Credit Score for 30 days. Cancel anytime with your free trial. As long as you can prove your Identification online today, you can have instant access to your Credit Report.

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