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Credit 4 Everyone Built upon personal experience

You may find our website slightly different to others. This is because we hand built our website and all of it’s contents and based it purely upon our own personal experience.

We know first hand what a Bad Credit rating does, it stops you being able to apply for products and services you need.

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About Us

Credit 4 Everyone was born over 10 years ago with one aim, Simply to share the progress we made through the repairing of a Damaged credit rating. A bad credit rating isn’t something any of us plan and is usually the result of excruciating circumstances. This page will talk about our Journey and why we do what we do on a daily basis for people with a poor credit rating.
Following a period of Unemployment I lost my income and was unable to continue with my monthly repayments, this has a terrible affect on my credit rating and I ended up with 4 defaults, 2 county court judgements and nearly lost everything. The rebuilding process was long and hard and many sites ask for payments or other rubbish advice. Following Credit 4 Everyone own personal experience, I managed to get accepted for a catalogue and started to build back my credit rating. Today I enjoy a range of products all from the help this site offered me.

Matty from Brighton Sussex

Credit 4 Everyone - Helping your rebuild your credit rating one step at a time

Helping you rebuild your credit rating, one step at a time
Credit 4 Everyone